Nick Demoura’s Choreography – Love Me Like You Do by Justin Bieber


if u missed it earlier my bros went in on this one – #BELIEVEtour on it’s way @nickdemoura


“I was really feeling this by Justin first time he played it for me so i had to choreograph to it!”

  1. Dalila
    • Dalila
  2. Honey
  3. Desss
  4. BiebersGirl18
  5. believe FOR EVER
  6. essie j
  7. Minnie Mouse Swag
    • Megan V.
  8. Mckenna
  9. BieberSwaggie
  10. Reshmi Bieber
  11. cΓ©lia
  12. iyana luvs justin bieber
  13. Justin's sexy new girlfriend Samantha