Twitter Employees Flash Mob: “BABY” by Justin Bieber. Video!

Employees at Twitter headquarters have come down with Bieber Fever.

And on July 12, workers at the San Francisco office did their absolute best to get it out of their systems by participating in a lunchtime flash mob set to Justin Bieber’s hit “Baby.”

  1. I had participated so many times in ‘baby’ flash mob in my school, and that was fun. Everybody in my class r fan of justin’s song. And we luv to do that.

      • Lmfao first of all she didn’t ask u to tell that u like it or not so shut up u dirty mouth . Second of all she is not talking to u she is sharing that all with JBZ . Every belieber can share their happy moments bout jb . Go to the hell .

    • I only wish everyone in my class were Justin fans. In my second period class, only me and a few people start singing random JB songs. Lmao.

      @Jsha bieber
      That’s a little harsh to tell her to go to hell. You don’t have to act like a complete asshole all because she said she doesn’t need to know what goes on in Alisha’s life.

      • Thank you, JaylaBieber. :)
        @Jsha Bieber, yeah, that was harsh to tell me to go to hell.
        I just told her nicely that I don’t need to know what happens in her life! I don’t need to get into people’s business! So cool ur mouth,child!!
        That’s the most immaturest thing you’ve ever told me. I don’t like the way you talk to me here. K? And last, I don’t care if she’s telling to JBZ. I don’t think anybody cares about wat she does in her life!!! K? Immature child!

    • I had too, so many times in my class room even some times the other classes comes to join ‘baby’ flash mob .

  2. I hate when people talk about their lives on here!! I’m here to read about Justin or Selena! Not some random Belieber who talks about what they did @t home or school or wat they made in art class!!! I don’t want to get into other peoples’ lives!!!!

    • - Haha, okay girl calm down. I mean, if they want to say what goes on in their lives, just let them. You don’t have to be mean about it, if you don’t care, that’s fine. But you don’t have to be s harsh. Just chill and relax, do you and let people do them. Just saying. And I know you were also, so don’t start gettin’ mad or anything cause I don’t want drama and shit, I gotta’ betta’ stuff to do if you gone do that.

      • Actually, thnx for not being mean, But I could have my own opinion! I don’t need to have some random Belieber say, “So today I went to school then, kissed my crush and then, I made my teacher expell me.” I don’t need to know that!! I’m here to read about Justin, not something different!!! And if you got something better do do, then do something better!!!

  3. This made me want to go outside and start a flash mob of my own. Too bad there’s an annoying ass 7yr old next door to me and every time I go outside my house, he wants to get all in my yard and driveway…

  4. @ninja girl If u said that all in a nice way then iam really sorry acctually u should write there u r saying that in nice i thought u wanna start fight without any topic as u always does . Iam really sorry .

    • It’s okay. Apology Accepted. :)
      But next time u screw me over, it’s going to be apology NOT accepted.
      Follow me on Twitter, @arijanacarijana.

    • Thanx, jsha bieber. It seems like, @ninja girl is always ready to fight at simple comments . When i read this news i remind that i also did the same many times so i shared that with JBZ n shared that cuz it was related to jb.

    • Thanx, jsha bieber. It seems like, @ninja girl is always ready to fight at simple comments . When i read this news i remind that i also did the same many times so i shared that with JBZ n shared that cuz it was related to jb also.

      • You’re so dumb! You don’t have to write that twice! You think I was born yesterday?! Plus, I don’t just “wanna” fight with everyone that writes something like, “So today I went to school,kissed my crush, then had my teacher expell me and I also danced with my friend in the hallway.” I don’t have to know that!!! All I would say is, “I don’t need to know that.” Then, you come along and tell me that I wanna fight! I don’t want to! All I say is my honest opinion! Who would wanna read about someone else’s life?!?!

    • Your right @Susie! Justin should see this! Every Belieber that has a twitter, should tweet this video to him! :)
      Also, I wish this could happen at my school’s cafeteria. But, it wouldn’t, because there are dumba** non Beliebers in my class. Lolz. But I’m done with Elementary school so yeah. Hope there’s more Beliebers in my new school :)

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