Video! Ariana Grande Covers Justin Bieber’s “Die In Your Arms”

The ‘Victorious’ star Ariana Grande has just released a cover of one of our favorite songs right now: “Die In Your Arms” by Justin Bieber.

Not satisfied with simply putting out a video of herself singing, however, Ariana released a full on music video, and we’re absolutely in love! You can check out the video above to see it for yourself.

Here’s the note Justin sent to Ariana:

“WOW..u killed it @arianagrande Ur voice sounds amazing. #dieinyourarms
Wow! Congratulations Ariana! “

Here’s what Ariana Tweeted back to JB:

“@justinbieber yay!! I’m so happy you heard it and liked it. Thank you so much!! That means the world to me.. I love #Believe.. #RealMusic ❤”

Do you think Justin and Ariana will team up for a duet?

  • Blah

    I love Ariana Grande :D Her voice is awesome and she’s a pretty good actress too.

    • BieberDreaming

      Beautiful.. Guys check out this amazing story o Youtube :Jazmyns babysitter xx

      • Alexis_Morgan

        i read that check out my assitant jariana it is amazing

  • katiebieber

    2nd! and wow! i love this video! :)

  • jb1directioner

    i love Ariana Grande shes such a good singer

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Semi lovable bieliber

    Good but not best like jb

    • JaylaBieber

      She’s a girl. He’s a guy. They can’t be the same.

  • Mrs.Styles

    Ariana Grande is soo pretty! Plus, her voice is just beautiful. And she has the same name as me!!! :P

  • Dalila

    Its sad how she barely sings in that show. She is really talented! She looks nice in red hair too! :D

  • LEla

    In my opinion i feel that she is much more talented than the biebs
    and i luv them both to death

  • Jeliah

    AMAZING! I love her! She is so talented!<3
    Follow me on Twitter @jeliahlogan

  • Lala

    Amazing!!! Just like Justin sings it!!

  • Alexis_Morgan

    she sounds amazing….did anybody hear her cover in take care ft leon thopmson

  • LENA


  • Starla Loves Bieber ❤

    That was really good good job Ariana :)))))))))) and love you Justin

  • JaylaBieber

    I was waiting for someone to post this on here. It’s about time. Anyway, she did an awesome job!

    • Starla Loves Bieber ❤


      • LENA

        this came came out two days ago

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    If i hear or see ariana grande my body lights up i luv her and she’s good at covering songs i also luv her character kat on victorious she is totoally positivly AWESOME!! <3

  • LENA


    • Alexis_Morgan

      nope it wuld Jariana

  • Desss

    her voice is sooo amazing if they dated i’d ship them and that show she’s on she shoulda been the lead role cause she sings WAY better than victoria justice

    • khloe99

      Desss I do agree that Ariana sings WAY better than Victoria but I think they chose Ariana to play cat because of her sweet innocent look and her high pitch choice just fits that character I mean can you imagine Tori with read hair and playing the role of cat?! Ugly right? I mean tori as cat! That is just wrong!!!

      • khloe99

        Sorry meant to say voice not choice and red not read

      • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE


  • khloe99

    Ariana I love you that was absolutey amazing and considering that you have a high pitch voice you make it look so easy to hit high notes and for some reason I don’t know why but this song reminds me of Michael Jackson anyways really fantastic job oh and LENA I totally think that they would look cute I’ve seen them Stand beside each other. So Adorable!!!

  • Belieber

    She has an amazing voice!!!!:D
    Great job:**

  • Jennifer

    I loved it she sounded so awesome it was a good cover love it!!!!!!! :) :) Luv u to Justin lol but I do love you!!!!!!!!!

  • JenniferLuvs u Harry styles!!!

    Loved it!!!!!:) xD

    • Mrs.Styles

      Since wen do u have that kind of username?? U trying to copy me??? Huh,?

      • Mrs.Styles

        Besides that is a dumb name… i like “Jennifer” better.

  • emma bieber

    she has an amazing voice:)

  • emma bieber

    i love her! she is so talented and a great singer:) follow me on twitter @emmabieber112

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    uhh mrs. styles, i like ur new username its nice username. i think iambieberpokemongirl1326 is awkward cuz it call pokemon.

    • Mrs.Styles

      Haha Lol, thanks.

      • iambieberpokemongirl1326

        ur welcome. u think iambieberpokemongirl1326 is awkward username

      • Mrs.Styles

        No.. Kinda.

  • Dimitra

    I love her…she is very cute and sweet! :)

  • Mrs.Styles

    Why is everyone mixing Ariana with Justin and combining their names?? They’re not even dating.. and they never will cuz Ariana said, “I don’t think Justin Bieber would be my type.” K? Im so sickk of hearing her and justins name being mixed.

    • TrueBelieber56

      IKR its gets really FUÇKING ANNOYING.and not to be mean & tbh i think they will make a ugly couple cause a red head with a blonde.no way.but anyway arianas voice really pretty & she sings this song amazingly but the justin sings this 100× better than her.LOVE u justin :)

    • iambieberpokemongirl1326

      i argee

    • Mrs.Styles

      thanx. ??

      • TrueBelieber56

        sorry if im wierding u out.

      • Mrs.Styles

        Ur nott.

  • j

    whoever said jb is better than slash on fb…. no one likes you just get off of this earth slash is way better than jb and jb is the gayest guy ever

    • Mrs.Styles

      @j, we could obviously see ur a hater. Why do we have to get off of here wen this is a Justin Bieber fansite? U should get off cuz ur a jelous hater nd have no life but to come on here nd start hating on someone. so i have a question. if justin is gay then why does he have all the girls, fame,fortune,money nd a girlfriend? tell me. answer me. we wont get off of here cuz this is where we belong u dont. get it now dude? or woman? lol. hahahaa

      • Mrs.Styles

        plus this has nothing to do with ariana grande covering justin’s songg. is this all u do? hate on a person u dont even know all day? haha. PaThEtIc.

    • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE


  • TrueBelieber56

    please dont start with the shipping or ‘OMFG a jarianna moment’ i’ve been hearing that all day yesterday on twitter so please dont start even if u like jariana or watever.& tbh i dont think they make a cute couple cause a red with a blonde :/ IJDK or c it.but thats yall & trust me guys it will never happen & if it does then….DAMN.lol and sorry if this comment ofends u :)

    • Anti Selena Zone

      tbh tht would be cute actually…..and last time i check his hair is brownish…

      • TrueBelieber56

        k that’s ur opinion :) and r u saying that because u DONT LIKE jelena?& natural blonde or dyed brown hair i still dont think there cute together.i just guess there faces dont go together u know what i mean? idk but hey its just my opinion tho so. :/

  • Nicole

    Ariana you did a Good job and i love it and you have amazing voice :)
    But I still love Justin’s more
    love you Justin <3

  • sastika belieber forever and ever

    ya good cover. bt you know Justin is best and far better. bt I liked the way you sang. and u know I loved the way and will be loving Justin singing and every thing he does. Love u JB.