Video Sneak Peek – Justin Bieber “As Long As You Love Me” Short Film

FULL VIDEO out this coming WEDNESDAY!

“I promised a 1 minute clip from the Music Short Film for “As Long As You Love Me” off the new album BELIEVE. and yes…it stars Michael Madsen. nice. Here it is…the rest of the video hits this coming WEDNESDAY…it is INSANE! Thanks for letting the music do the talking! #BELIEVE”

  1. O MU BIEBER!! Who knew that one minute could do soo much we need a time machine so we can go th Wednesday I need to see this full video great job!! Love u justin

  2. That was the best one minute preview of a music video I’ve ever seen in my entire life I love you Justin ! Totally worth to sit on the cold floor for my cousins I mean like just a sec ago I was like DAMN IT bcuz I was Sooo into the video( even though it was 1min) and I forgot that it was 1 minute that I expected to see all of it #loveJBforever

  3. I love her…..sure you do…..
    I know what kind of guy you are….
    You dont know us….i dont want to…..
    That was amazing…..!
    I love when justin slams the phone! :D

  4. omg that was awesome i cant wait for the full video of as long as you love me ahhhhhh i love you justin bieber

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