TV Presenter Serenaded by Justin Bieber in Australia!

Lauren Blackwell won week 3’s celebrity interview challenge, and as a result — won a working trip to Australia to meet and interview Justin Bieber!

Watch Lauren’s once-in-a-lifetime interview with Justin Bieber! During the interview, she is serenaded by the Biebs. Checkout the video:

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326



      IDGAF you didnt win anything you bitch

      • iambieberpokemongirl1326

        shut ur stupid mouth up. i dont care! u r low life loser



  • khloe99


  • Seryna


  • Seryna



    Ok im gonna say this once and one yime only NO ONE GIVES A Fk ICYOUR FIRST SECOND or THIRD its not lile you won an emmy award so shut the fk up and die with justin bobler him and his beliebers just need to DIE!!!!! he means nothing to me and im pretty sure everyone exluding me wants to mArry him because of his money and fame he is a low life jerk nuff said BITCHES!!!!!!!

    • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

      Apparently he means SOMETHING to you if you spent your time going on this fan website. People can have their opinions… I hope you can find something better to do than try to change peoples minds.

      • Mrs. Bieber

        i am the real Mrs. Bieber. i am a good singer and rapper. SO, BACK OFF!!!

    • BieberBieber

      you haters make me more and more love Justin Bieber, I only loved his song before ,the haters make me understand that how amazing and how strong Justin is . thanks

    • JaylaBieber

      Right here we have an individual from the common group of species named the “Basement Dweller” within it’s natural environment which is usually a basement or a bedroom. Maybe one day, this failing species will eventually become extinct.

    • I love JB

      Well I never!:0

    • lol WHAT??

      i don’t know if you know this or not, but 10% of the beliebers DON’T wanna marry him, and im one of them. im one of his biggest fan but that doesn’t mean that i wanna marry him. and meeting isn’t ganna be good enough to be even his girlfriend. there is ALOT of beliebers that did get the chance to meet him and ARE THE EVEN DATING HIM NOW?? and if you notice the way he looks at us and the way he used to look at selena BEFORE dating, when she was just another girl to him, is not the same. we love him, and he love us too but not in the same way :(

  • dalila

    Wow….he sings so….great!

  • Numberonebelieber

    He’s so cute!!!

  • am fan of justin bieber

    i l9ove so much jb and i love so much the music and i have the music in my compirer and i here all day and i like the song so much i love you justin bieber and i want the you are my boy friend cause you are sosososo hot and nice to all people i <3 you jb

  • beliber 4 life

    i love u so much justin i am ur biggest fan i never been to one of ur concerts and i love soo much i hope i can meet u one day

    come to pa

  • JaylaBieber

    That was fantastic! ♥


      Right here we have a common species the “Bobler”. This species is known for being an idiot. He wants to marry Justin someday. The reason I only say he is because there are no females just males. He is known for being gay like the gay popstar Justin Beeber. Justin’s “girlfriend” is a 50 year old man in disguise.

      • JaylaBieber

        Creative. Did you come up with all of that all on your own? =)

      • dalila

        @weeeeee wow…i guess your one of those anti gay people that disturb me so much…. :(

      • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

        What is your goal here? To make people not like Justin Bieber? Well, if you are, then you are in the wrong place because this in a base for people that believe in Justin and honestly love him for who he is. Nobody here is going to stop liking the boy who is only 18, and with is born talent, worked hard to get where he is now with the help of the people he loves and we have grown to love and appreciate. The boy who has 26 MILLION twitter followers. That means 26 MILLION people only on Twitter think his voice is amazing and he has a true talent. And if Selena Gomez is a 50 year old man in disguise, then that must be some darn good makeup… Or maybe, it’s just a beautiful girl who loves Justin and Justin loves her. Now which seems more practical. Would Disney hire a 50 year old in disguise, or a beautiful girl with talent and acting skills? So if you dissagree with my opinions, that is totally fine. But I am begging you PLEASE find something better to do, for your sake, and to save us time rather than reading comments about how you DON’T like Justin on a website specifically FOR beliebers.

  • Zeynep

    I love juzzy <3 Please come to TURKEY :) :P

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      or cyprus :)

  • Desss

    i would faint if he sang that to me he just has that effect on me lol

  • Jessie

    thats so cute!!!!! and what an amazing song to sing!!!! he is so talented!!! <3 :) ;D

  • Alisha

    Wow!! I wanna meet u, justin. U r amazing singer, i luv u and ur singing, u r so cute, i luv everything about u.

  • TrueBelieber56

    love u justin bieber :)

  • Jsha bieber

    Omb he is lookin damn hot . Lou u biebs

  • Jsha bieber

    Follow me on twitter @jsha bieber for a follow back.


      No you bitch because no gives a fk

  • Mrs.Bieber


  • H

    Well that was really serenadin d presenter begged for it lol. But newais hes such an inspiration i love him, but fyi haters, doesnt mean i want to marry him! Hes gt his own life wit selena, im happy for em bth. X

    • H

      I mean that ‘wasnt’ really serenadin

  • BieberGal


  • lol

    look at justin eyes if they but the ca.. in his face look how he look at her

  • Biebz4ever!

    his voice is soooo amazing!! I love u Justin xxx

  • Biebz4ever!

    and he is soooo cute :)

  • essie j

    wow he’s so amazing :) i luv u justin

  • OMB!

    I was blushing LOL XD !! ;)


    To all the people who say he can’t sing… watch this!! haha!! I replayed this like 20 times just the end!! :D :D :D

  • Desss

    lucky…I NEED to meet him i just want to sooo baad idc if i die right after at least ill die happy lol

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Haters are our motivaters. lol

  • Mrs. Bieber

    i am the good singer and rapper. dont run away from the truth cause i love justin bieber girls. so, justin bieber is my faveotie movie and my faveotie boyfriend. justin bieber you mine. selena gomez said i can date you. selena gomez is cerating on you. he kissing other guy. i love justin bieber. you knew my name. dont run away from me. i am your girl. i am a awesome rapper and singer and kisser. so, date me please. i can sing you as long as you love me and all around the world.

    love you!!!!!!

  • justin biebers girlfriend!!

    my name is Amber Angwin. my nickname is Mrs. Bieber. i am a awesome singer and rapper and kisser. i can sing rap, justin bieber style!!!! justin bieber is my boyfriend. Usher, keep justin bieber keep singing love songs for me. so, all around the world and as long as you love me is good songs. i can rap for Usher and hot justin bieber.

    love you baby!!!!! kiss kiss.