Biebers and Brauns Family at Disneyland

Justin Bieber and family at Disneyland.

“Great day at Disneyland with the family. Biebers and Brauns = #BEASTS”

  • Biebers Girlfriend♥

    First!♥ ^-^

  • Alyssa sweetieluvzjb

    2 cute luv.justin biebs <3 <3 <3 mwah!!!!

  • jazmyne


  • BiebersGirl18

    I wish I were there with him!:P love u Justin<3

    • Reshmi Bieber

      i was thinking the same …lol !! :D

  • chanel

    so cute that justin gets to hang out with scooter braun and his family. he’s very cute with his sibling.

    • I love JB

      Yeah soo cute:)

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Jelena power

    i saw that on twitter!

  • TrueBelieber56


  • Seryna

    Disneyland :D

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    I so wish i was there! I wouldve had a great time :-)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    to to cute

  • Jessie

    I wish I was there!! :( oh well..

  • mansi

    so cute

  • monica

    justin bieber spending time with famliy cut!:)

  • One Direction Sucks Ass

    Lol his at Disney lol I’m on my way to Disneyland

    • Mrs.Styles

      What kind of a username is that?!?! 1D are better than you, hater. They have more manners, phoquin u

  • I’m pakey

    JB Is Awesome!!!!

  • One direction sucks ass

    Ur pakey haha

  • I’m pakey

    Yeah y

  • I’m pakey

    Just sayin come down

  • One direction sucks ass


  • I’m pakey


  • ?

    who’s Brauns?

    • ?

      nevermind lol

  • Mrs.Styles

    Good thing Selena wasn’t there. Cuz she always wit Justin when it comes to disney Land

    • chanel

      hey don’t hate appreciate. oh what goes around comes around.

  • mikayla

    hey justin i will send you a letter love your fan

  • mikayla

    can i be your girlfriend

    • Mrs.Styles

      He’ll probably say no cuz he already has a girlfriend. What kind of a question is that and why would any of us ask it?

  • sparkaiii

    That seems soo funn! And I’m so glad that Selena ain’t there :P

    • *Kelly*

      Frankly my dear…I agree with you…but in a few years he’ll probably visit Disneyland with Selena and his children…Let’s hope that won’t happen…haha

      • chanel

        hopefully justin and selena get married in the future. they stay together forever. hope they have kids of there own when both of them are finally settled and there careers have taken off. oh so they also enjoy being newlyweds couple. then hopefully justin and selena are together for a long time.

  • alexia

    I wish i was at disney world i havent been there in ages!!!! i wish i was i there!!

  • ayan

    justin bieber my love you so marst my love as longg as you love me tis my feberet song

  • kelsea

    Your not very nice one direction sucks *** ! You need to back off the haterade!! Too cute Justin(;

  • Neonpurple

    Cars Land! :) I want to go there so badly