Cody Simpson Joins the Believe Tour in Las Vegas (Sept 30)

Aussie singer Cody Simpson (15) is preparing to hit the road with Justin Bieber! Cody told MTV news that he’s joining the “Believe” tour which kicks off on September 29 in Glendale, Arizona. He said:

“Bieber actually asked me to join him for the first week of his tour.

“So I’m going to start in Vegas (Sept 30) with him and do a couple of shows on the West coast around the time of my album.”

Similar to Justin, Cody was discovered on YouTube back in 2009 and is also signed with JB’s manager, Scooter Braun. Now, even though their musical style has been compared from time to time, Cody reveals there is no competition!!

“He’s a good mate of mine, we’ve been in the studio a couple of times together. 

“He hits me up from time to time like, ‘I got an idea for you, come in we’ll write a song and stuff.’ It’s just good to have musical relationships with people like that. It’s good to learn from artists like that who are in similar positions as you are, but have been doing it for a little longer.”

Do you want to see Justin & Cody perform together on stage?

  1. No, I don’t wanna see Cody on stage with Justin. He’ll ruin Justin’s performance! Ah! xP At least he won’t be with Justin everywhere. :) I’m only excited for everything in The Believe Tour except Cody Simpson. I don’t like Cody Simpson. And never will. He’s lips are so fat. Like they got stung by 30 bees. xD But, this my opinion so if your a crazy obsessived Cody Simpson fan don’t fight with me. I’m just saying my opinion.

    • Homie i can fite u rite now! I love cody so much and as if cody even even gives a shit bout wat u said! Bout 3 million girls want him. He gets more ppl hitting on him then u can in a yr. Ur face prob looks like it got stung my 8883388276626156171 bees! Toodle doo mate :)

      • Gosh, never wanted to fight. Wasn’t my goal, just saying my opinion. Sorry? It’s great that you love him and he has 3 million fans. I feel happy for him & you. :) And uh no, my face didn’t get stung by 8883388276626156171 bees. :( Once again, never wanted to fight. Just saying my opinion, as “Freedom of Speech.” I didn’t mean to offend you? Sorry? :/ (@ItspincheRosalina)

      • lol isn’t so fun when people insult the people YOU like eh? :p

        Now you know how the selena fans feel c:

      • Aye! She has her own opinion you know.. Not everybodys gonna have the same choice as you.. So dont be yellin at us

    • why do you need to me to Cody Simpson he didn’t do Anything to you and by the way so what if he has a big lips……

    • I aggreee! Cody is a phaggot with fat lips and nose. He looks like a fuking duck!. Justin is more popular so he’s trying to use Justin for fame. Cody needs to go on his own tour!. #myopinion.

      • @swag stfu u dumb phaggot! Justin ASKED him wat u blind?! Read the goddamn article! Stupid fàg

      • Cody is sexy.
        Justin is sexy.
        Austin mahone is sexy.
        You all some jealous lil douche bags! We dont need jealous lil kids! U mad cuz he got more money than u. Haha xD
        Oh and dont bring slutena into dis. Cool story mate nobody gaf

      • Jealous? LMFAO how is someone jealous for not liking Cody? No one has to like hims so whatever you say it isn’t going to make people like Cody. Who gives a F*ck? the guy is ugly and can’t sing and he is a phaggot fat lipped duck face!.

    • and Cody Copies Justin! go to youtube and type in Proof that Cody Simpson Copies Justin Bieber!!

      So Cody will never be a Justin Bieber!!!

      • Stop comparing them! Cody has diffrent music and his diff thing they even their own fans! Stop comparing them! They have their own thing! So pathetic -.-

      • Ikr? Cody is just trying to gain fame by Justin Bieber .. cause everyone loves him and he’s got about 28 million fans on Twitter and all that stuff. Cody’s never gonna reach all the fame Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez or any other one’s have

    • How is he using him for fame? He has his own fans. Besides, Justin asked HIM to join the tour. It’s not like he just invited himself on the tour so he can “gain” more fans.

    • Bitch stfu justin ASKED him read the damn article!! He has his own fans!! Bitch u ugly as a mofo so dont be bashing on beautiful ppl cuz u ugly!

      • SHut up ho! i have my own opinion just as you have your own when you don’t like Selena! no need to be a hipocrite and i don’t have to like Cody he is UGLY and that is my opinion and a fame hour so suck d.ick you f*cking ass whipe w.hore.

      • Oh stfu u smelly ass hoe! He still has more money than u! Selena is worse than him! He aint ugly bout 3 million girls want him wat u mad bitch? Stfu selena is untalented and ugly just like u! So stfu and my imaginary 90 ft d**k u stank!

      • Selly is still ugly as a mofo!!
        A piece of codys hair is more valuble than you and ur life combined!! So stfu u ghetto ass basterd! Cmon bitch u just fu*ked around with a simpsonizer! Bring it old hag!

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    • Rosalina you’re dumb as f.uck! no one has to like Cody, this is the free country. and for your information i have straight hair. You think you’re all tough on the computer? i bet i can rip your wet back inside out and ship you off to Mexico on a boat!.

      Cody is UGLY and that is final, my opinion so either you shut up or keep whining like a 2 year old wet back bitch like you are you yappy chihuaua freak.

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        Cody is better looking than you! If a lesbo had to pick between u nd cody she would deff pick cody! Cody happends to have more money than u! Im sick of jealous bitches going ape shit! Stfu and get a life! Excuse me nigga i got a life to live.

      • I am just saying to shut up already if you guys want to fight take it off somewhere else ya’ll are being IMMATURE grow the fuk up!

  2. Yyyaayyyy!! Omfg i am 7373737737377262662626266272772765515161677171716 more exited now!! I even heard carly rea jepsen will join too. I love cody so much!!!! :D

  3. Yayy im not really into cody simpson, but it will be great seeing himm too. That’s the concert im going to, so i cant wait!! <3 Justinn is 100 times better!

  4. Y’all bitches need to take a chill pill i dont no wat u problem is but y’all need to cool you fire before someone else does ok n dont go hatein cody for no reason he ain’t done nothing to u now has he

    • If that was for me, let me tell you something…
      If it wasn’t for me then it’s cool. :)

      • Is there a difference not liking someone n hating someone is the same thing just different words. U need to go to english class more ok

    • @#1bieberfan, you’re so funny! Actually, sorry to burst your bubble but no. Look it up. It’s kinda like the difference between “you’re” & “your” if you know what I mean. Seriously, hating is one thing disliking is another. -_-

  5. I’m not a huge fan of Cody Simpson, but I would like to see him in concert. I like a couple of his songs, and I could say “Hey, I saw Cody Simpson in concert.” Because I live in Arkansas, I’m lucky that Justin is coming. Most of the big and small acts don’t come to Arkansas. But I’m just sayin I want to see Cody Simpson open for Justin. That would be cool. See you in January Justin !!!!!! :P

  6. yo guys dont be getting mad cause we dont like cody like that or love’s just our OPINION like with selena and other chicks and sh! just calm the f*ck down yo lol.its not like were gonna go to his house and murder cody damn.

  7. I love Cody! He’s so talented & cute! Too bad he won’t be there when I’m going instead I have to see Carly Rae Jepson sing her two songs. One of which js the nations most over exposed songs :/

  8. good to see them MAYBE… cuz I don’t get chance to see them nor any of Justin’s live concert cuz I”M from too far county.. the country of MT. still NEVER SAY NEVER n love JUSTIN 4eva

  9. honestly I don’t love cody simpson but he is good and I like him a little bit but if some ones hate him we can’t judge them because here is justin’s webside …………….. just sayin :)

  10. you guys know that my life is soooooooooooo bad , and no one cares about me except JUSTİN .Only JUSTİN cares about me (beliebers) not my DAD or MOM or my FAMİLY so justin is my EVERYTHİNG my LİFE and my HEART . I only SMİLE when he SMİLE.


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