Inside Auditions for the “Believe” Tour

E!news. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes-look at Justin Bieber’s new “BELIEVE” concert tour. Plus, see the backup dancers’ grueling auditions for the Biebs!

  • Jsha bieber

    Lookin so cool.

  • Jsha bieber

    Justin if u r readin my comment then plz follow me twitter @jshabieber.

    • Belieber#1

      he doesnt read our comments… ever. He doesnt get time!! :(:(:(

    • Jsha bieber

      Yup i know but i just hope. :-D

  • Alisha

    So cool and moves were great. Justin, i luv u.

  • mansi

    looking so cool justin love u

  • essie j

    its seems like they all can dance ….i still wish i was there with them ;)

  • Belieber#1

    He looks so hot there! :D

  • Srihari

    Your are unbelievable person.I presented my MUSIC SOUL to acttrated a person in a day.plz follow me @sriharijustin1. Any fans follow me to know about india & me.i am a huge fan of jb but in before u I am tiny…

  • dalila

    Wow….it takes a lot of courage to audition for something like that…..

  • Desss

    look how cute he looks @ 0:15-0:18 and im pretty sure theyre not gona pick 14 yr olds..:/ theyre most definitley going to choose like 16, 17,18 year olds etc but im still posting a video idc ima take this chance!

  • lathania

    hi i am your fan i wish some day could meet

  • Marina

    Hello for everyone,Justin will read us,WE LOVE YOU,don’t forget it,we are whatever with you


    omg he looks so cute

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Megan V.

    This tour is going to be EPIC….. I really wish I could see it but, the tickets were alot of money…….

  • Georgia

    Cant dance AT ALL

  • veronica D’souza

    justin looks skinny……….

  • veronica D’souza

    justin is amazing…..

  • karine reganyan


  • Why Am I Ugly

    Sorry But I Am Not Doing This Ok Even If You Were Ganna Do A Video And Send It To Him He Would’nt Care

  • I just farted yep

    Omg I love him so much ahaha not lol

  • I’m JustinBieber 1# Fan

    Omg love him omg I’m so ganna do this kisses love it

  • belieberr


  • JBlover :)

    I want to go to the audition!!!!!!!!! JB u rock foreva!!!!!!!