Join Justin Bieber Believe Tour – Dance Auditions!

Want to dance for Justin Bieber?? Well, now you can have the chance to be a dancer on his Believe tour even if you can’t make it to the L.A. auditions!

Justin and his tour director Jon M. Chu have launched a campaign Friday; fans can upload videos of themselves dancing for a shot at getting an audition to be a part of Justin’s upcoming worldwide tour.

Jon tells E!news: “Justin also has such a huge online component, that’s where he was discovered. You can upload your own video and audition.”

Beginning today, Beliebers all over the globe can post clips can post clips of themselves busting their best moves at Chu’s DS2DIO.

From DS2DIO:

Want to dance for Justin Bieber and go on the worldwide BELIEVE Tour?!?! Here’s your chance!! Justin, Jon M. Chu and Nick DeMoura are looking for the best dancers out there. This isn’t a contest… it’s an opportunity for us to open up the audition process and give everyone around the world a chance to show us what you got.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Make a video of your dance. No rules, just show us your best moves in any style and why you’re passionate about dance.

2) Download the DS2DIO BELIEVE TOUR logo and put it in front of your video so we know to look out for it! Here’s the link:

3) Title your video with #BELIEVETOURAUDITIONS and upload as a video response to this video.

The DEADLINE to do your video response is AUGUST 17, 2012 by 9PM PST (U.S. time). But don’t wait, the earlier you upload your video for us, the better!!!! Leggo!!!!

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