Justin Bieber Accused of Racist Comment on Indians “Get Free Gas”

Justin Bieber’s recent comments about his confusion over his heritage has angered an Aboriginal rights group, and they have hit out at Justin’s comments.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in July, Justin revealed that he was “Part Indian… I think Inuit or something?.. I’m enough per cent that in Canada I can get free gas.”

According to Sugarscape.com, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples have now issued a statement condemning Justin’s statements for spreading racial stereotypes among his millions of young fans. Dwight Dorey, the congress’s national vice-chief said:

“We have enough issues with racism and stereotyping.

“A young, high-profile entertainer like Justin has a huge following. He has a major impact on young people. That concerns me. 

“Given that Mr. Bieber is still a young man, and unaware of the facts here, I personally don’t think he should be beat up over this comment. We don’t think he was trying to be malicious, or making a joke of aboriginal issues.”

National Chief Betty Ann Lavallee added:

“These kinds of remarks are another example of what Aboriginal Peoples in Canada struggle with every day.

“It promotes the misconception that we are somehow getting a free ride. This simply is not the case and we are concerned that many people may believe what he said.”

Justin Bieber has yet to respond to these statements.

  • TrueBelieber56

    WTF!!!???!!!?? i dont think he tried to hurt anyone or offend he still kinda kid.but idagf i love my justin bieber and all ways will.love u babe. ;)

    • TrueBelieber56

      there just F^cking jealous cause he’s the justin bieber and he can get free gas to so they need to stfu cause they cant get freakin free gas.damn its just gas like wtf

      • Amber James

        Lol no they did not , who would say that when it is clearly not true FACT: your reserve determines how much $ you save , which could be as low as $3 to maybe 10 on gas …… Which most reserves do not have gas stations / store , which means only the ones in the city soooooo it is clearly a -Racist Remark

    • JaylaBieber

      Exactly. He wasn’t trying to offend anyone. All he said was that in Canada, he could get free gas. So the f*ck what?

    • madison

      why don’t you go back to school and learn proper grammer, us natives have no reason to be jealous of ‘ the justin bieber ‘.

      • nehaal vampire

        wtf wht the hell it is?? justin bieber is not a racist…. native folks r jealous of him.. this aint fair..

  • Alondra Bieber

    Justin didn’t say Indians get free gas he said he said he is enough percent to get gas. Btw First!!!

  • Dalila

    I something that’s racist but I understand why people are concerned….

    • Dalila

      I meant to say that i dont see how thats racist but i can understand why people would be concered.

  • 2crazy4bieber

    How is that racist?

    • ?

      ‘2crazy4bieber’ hahaa!

  • Seryna

    ???, don’t really understands!!!

    • Rachel

      Everybody SHUT UP and help me understand this! I don’t get it.. So in Canada you can get free gas if you are Indian..how the Hell is that fair..I’m so confused.. Now I feel dumb cause I don’t understand..I need therapy.. AHHHHHHH :( P.S whoever thinks this is racsis is to me immature because that is a differnt country and they have differnt laws.. P.P.S I’m still confused

      • Veronica

        how old are you? YOU DO NOT GET FREE GAS IN CANADA, you simply pay! omfg… NATIVE AMERICANS pay for their gas just like you do! & why would you be immature if you find it racist? loooollllll.

      • What ._.

        It’s becuase back then the natives made a settlement with the whites. They sold some of their land and had some trades and agreements. Same with the united states that belonged to the natives too. Anyways that’s why aboriginal people get these rights. I think it’s pretty fair. You should learn some native history. Maybe you’ll learn something. and no sweet why would they be jealous of Justin? Bc he’s famous and has money? Yeah he’s good looking but I bet he got an ugly personality behind closed doors. Money and fame prolly got the best of him. I’m not hating on him. I’m just being honest.

  • 2crazy4bieber

    So is he racist against himself????

    • believe

      yeah sounds that he against himself lol

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Wait how the fruck is that racist

  • mio

    i didnt understand it as racist, i underst he said he can get free stuff because he’s indian and indians will give him free stuff… and if he didnt, well, i dont think he meant wrong but it was ignorant

  • believe

    the music of African American singers always appear the lyric like niggas this nigga that.. why no one say they are spreading racial stereotypes

    • cutie B

      A black person calling another black person a nigga isn’t really raciss to the black person.we dont get offended cause there both niggas. but a white person calling a black person a nigga will be raciss, or a black person calling a white person a cracker is raciss. thats all i know lol.in my school we call each other nigga and no one gets offended.

      • hmmph

        well actually a well educated black person do not like the word nigga regardless of what race you are. It makes a “thug” wanna be black person sound stupid when they throw around the N word. Yes i am a black person attending college to get a Bachelor’s degree. It’s stupid for anyone to use the N word no matter what color you are it makes you sound un educated especially when you’re trying to throw a gansta front.

    • believe

      Thank you guys reply,but I don’t know who is accurate,
      I agree with ‘hmmph’, this word is stupid and I don’t like it no matter what color person calling another or themselves nigga, that’s why I asked this question.
      But like I said before,You can see or hear such N- words often appear in the songs of so many famous rappers in the US, I’ve never seen that anyone questioning about that,why? seems no one gets offended and they love that kind of music. This situation just like ‘cutie B’ said

  • Sandy Ragan

    ….someone will always find something to pick apart !!!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • mansi

    i think justin u get a free gas from the indians

  • Numberonebelieber

    Justin is never mean to anyone on purpose

  • PBieber

    its native Americans not Indians !!! i thought he was being racist 2 Asian Indians then GOT SCARED ( im British Asian Indian)

    • StopHatin

      So am I! Nut I don’t think he’s being racist…just stating the facts…so manynppl have twisted his words though…it’s sad “BELIEBERS” do that…

      • shweta

        thanx !! now i got it , i was totally confused on that

  • Saphire

    How the hell is he being racist. He probobly didnt know! People can be so stupid. they will always find something to hurt people with. He probobly didnt know he couldnt get free gas!

  • Georgia

    im canadian, and i know wat just is tryin to say, but justin should know that he came from a german family, if ur 50% or 100% aboringal than u get free gas/ discounts on clothes and food etc… i just think that they took it the wrong way.

    • cutie B

      justin is german!?!?!!!

      • Georgia

        his grandparents r german but they came to canada…soo even though he is a canadian he still has a bit of german blood. Justin is NOT an aboringal unless is great anestors lived in canada in the 18000/1900’s.

      • Brittany Bieber

        this has nothing 2 do with anything but his blood type is AB+ LOL

    • Rachel

      WhAt the hell that’s not fair.. I honestly think that Justin should just take a test so we can all know what he is cause I’m confused I knew he was like German or something but I even think he is confused about what he really is..

      • Georgia

        lol im not talking about “Blood” like human blood, in this case “blood” means that his background is german

  • PBieber

    still dont get how he s racist

  • justin bieber the third

    i think justin is half racist well his half german and those a full racist so he’s a racist too and he’s white we are very racist just check this website when a story about selena comes along a lot a beliebers are racist like justin.

    • khloe99


      • StopHatin

        What the hell?!

    • Selena

      wow…you managed to write 3 lines that make absolutely no sense! That’s an achievement!

      • StopHatin

        Lol. Too true.

    • Rachel

      Excuse me while i RANT- Are you even a BELIEBER like if you really were you wouldnt say stuff like this.. If Justin was racsist he wouldn’t be dating a girl that is Mexican and plus his mom and dad will be too..it says clearly in his book that he grew up listening to micheal boys to men all that and there was even a video of him singing Abc or something with a little black boy..so I think that you need to really think about what you say and stop getting your information from the Internet because the only person being racsist here is you! :$

  • khloe99

    So basically he’s insulting himself…??!!!! Pff.. Morons You guys are just finding some lame excuse to get money off Justin and for publicity and I mean how is that racism?!?!?!!??!?!!! P.S. I bet he ( Justin ) or me or any of the other beliebers didn’t mean to offend you guys Sorry if it did by the way

  • Saphire

    He can get free gas right? Im sorry. I dont pay atention to people saying someones being racist when they arent.

  • khloe99

    Oh and by the way pretty please follow me on twitter @Shanaeluvsmusic

  • Mrs.Styles


  • Mrs.Styles


  • Blah

    I belive you’re all too young to really grasp the impact of what Justin said. That comment that he made was disrespectful, whether he meant it to be or not. I can see why they’re angry, it sounded like Justin had no respect for the native americans.
    And I’m from Canada, and the natives do not get free gas. Just saying.

    • belieber

      You’re right. Most kids on here are too young to understand that. They see Justin getting attacked (in whatever way) and try to defend him no matter what, without being objective. I think he should have thought twice before he made that statement. Those people are preoccupied because of the wrong stereotypes people get and Justin with his 26Mio followers is a danger when he spreads stereotypes since so many people read it and if they are uniformed about the subject they believe it and repeat it, which obviously would be a problem.

      • belieber

        and by preoccupied i meant worried. english is not my native language sorry :)




        OH sorry belieber ,
        I was talking to someone who called herself Blah ,not you

    • StopHatin

      We r young…? Ur name is “blah” I mean…isn’t that more immature than But I don’t see how he’s disrespecting natives… If that’s what he’s been told or taught, then it’s what he’s sharing.

      • Mrs.Styles

        Okay,let’s see here. Do you read our birth certificate? How do u know some of us are kids. And if he was racist, he’d be racist to himself. Why u act like a know-it-all? Like u think ur Justin’s consionce.

      • paku

        well I think Mrs. Styles you need to read the facts again. We talk about the danger of stereotypes and how they hurt our society or certain groups of people, obviously. I’m not hating but you problably need some more years of life experience to fully understand the problem and impact of these. Don’t take it too seriously.

      • Mrs.Styles

        LIFE EXPRIENCE?!?!?! STFU know-it-all!!! I dont need more life experience cuz Im not 14,15,or 16!!! Not even older than that!!! Stfu cuz what hurts our societies?!?! Oh yeah, your smartness!! “Oh look, Im @paku, and Im a know it all, I get smart things off the internet and use it here to prove myself smarter than all you dumb asses! Even though Im like 8 years old!!!!!! LOL.” That is you smart one!!!

      • Blah

        First, I’ve named myself Blah because I honestly don’t place enough importance on this site to give myself a proper name.
        Second, belieber is right, you all just defend Justin no matter what he does. There could be an article saying ‘Justin killed a puppy’ and you’d all defend him, probably saying the puppy was being mean to Justin or something.
        And third, I am not a ‘fake belieber. In all honesty, I’m not a belieber, but I am not a hater either. I just state my opinion on topics and if you don’t like it, that’s fine.

      • a fan

        just tell you I wouldn’t defend Justin if he killed a puppy,bye blah

      • hmmph

        @Mrstyles, i don’t know why you take offense when someone has more life experience than you?. Really. You when you done with school the real world won’t be like what you expected. Learn from the people that do have more experience in life than you do.

        I agree with what the above posters have said.

      • Mrs.Styles

        @hmmph, oh suck it up! You dont even know this himph!! He has no life experience wat so ever!!! He fails in school cuz my friend Carla goes to his school and her teacher gave her his grades for some reason. Dont know why. But yea, and this has nothing to do with you so stfu too!!! Ima be what I set out to be, without a doubt whether you like it or not. Ima do whatever I want so back off,know-it-all. Plus, stop writing ‘sophisticated’ things cuz this is a fansite about Justin not a site about life experience and all that bull!!!

      • hmmph

        @mrs. Styles i pity you. Really?. Wow.

      • Mrs.Styles

        Idc if you pity me

      • paku

        what? Believe me, Mrs. Styles – you don’t know me. I’m from a foreign country, so go on and say that I get bad grades in school and that I’m 8 yeras old. You obviously need help :) And about that life experience thing… you’ll understand when you’re old enough! :)

  • StopHatin

    Hes not being racist!! If he was it would be to HIMSELF! Is that what u guys all think he’s doing? Dissing himself? All he said was he has some Indian in him. He said he can get free gas in Canada…he didn’t say anything harmful to Indian culture! I’m Indian and I take no offence so I don’t see why a whole load of ppl who have no Indian in them at all are! Like wtf?! Do you people TRY to twist everything he says innocently in to a bomb? Cos this thing is exploding as if he said he doesn’t like Indians or some bull like that. All he did was mention he has some Indian background n stated a simple fact! Dont you want to know more about Justin? You say you know him so well n love him but jump to conclusions at the slightest thing he says! I’m not accusing ppl on this sight but talking about so-called “beliebers” in general! I just don’t understand how u can call ur self a BELIEBER saying u wil always support him them go n hate on the things he does n decisions he makes! Ish!

  • StopHatin

    And he wasn’t saying ONLY Indians get free gas….just natives in general! Ok? Gd. Now all of you hatin read my name n SHUT. UP.

  • StopHatin

    He’s just telling us what he knows. If us “beliebers” keep picking up something negative from everything he says…Justin will stop talking to us freely. It will all be practiced n rehearsed. He won’t feel safe speaking his mind if we keep judging. Just think about it before assuming. We say we know him so we know he would never say something like this in a way that is racist…

    • Allie

      Except you don’t know him that way… And If he were to say he hated Indians we wouldn’t be able to judge him at all so he can speak freely? Correct me of I’m wrong!

  • gabby

    i see why they think that because i am part indian but idc it’s not offensive and they take everything he says WAY to seriously because he is so famous

  • #Believe In Biebah

    This comment IS disrespectful. But, I don’t think he said it on purpose. I’m Indian, and he wouldn’t be that stupid to insult himself. I don’t know is this is racism/sterotyping, but I’m sure he didn’t mean to be disrespectful. He loves Indian food, why would he go against Indians and himself? This is just Bull S. Therefore, I’m not trying to defend him but it’s disrespectful.

  • MaliaBieber101

    Wtf?! Can someone please tell me how he was being racist? People just wanna start unwanted garbage 2 make him look bad, I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone…-_-