Justin Bieber and Jaxon Private Jet Flying Adventure!

Justin Bieber spending more quality time with his little bro, Jaxon. He made his way to Van Nuys Airport in California to board a private jet on Wednesday (August 1).

Justin looked casual in a white tee, jeans and sneakers as he toted Jaxon into the luxurious plane to prepare for their high flying adventure. 

  1. Omg I won a prize on meet that celeb in new zealand and I got to meet jb he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek sign my t-shirt and I slept in his pjs coz I spelt my dirk on myself hahaha lol (love my life)

  2. Selena and bieber why are u guys doing that stuff now u guys are only 18-19 that’s not being really good role models on us as young kids it’s a bad look

    • hey guys, there’s this rumor going around, that jaybee has cancer, or something like that, yeah srysly, people are talking about it everywhere, i know I dont believe it, but i just wanna make sure, ITS JUST TRASH!!!

      • stop that crap he’s so good and better than he was stop those stupid rumors i think he had enough

      • @ignore the haters isn’t lying…people have been talking about it…I don’t believe it…but…rumors such as this one have been going around….a couple of beliebers have already asked if its true. No its not…the idea of it terrifies me though…its just a rumor started by a hater…

      • yeah the diseace thing is like is ALL over twitter and stuff and im like scared and i dont know if i should believe it or not.but u still look SEXY justin :)

      • you know ppl will come up with anything its just a rumour but even if it is real 2 things would happen: 1 We’d have to keep our hopes up and have a positive attitude and 2 We,d all miss Justin’s beautiful luxirious hair

      • @CarlaBieber, ur such a poser!!! My friend “the real CarlaBieber” doesnt comment on here. If u ARE the real Carla, then how old are you? And wat’s ur college name? If you’re right about those 2 questions, then you’re the real Carlaa. =)

      • NO. You’re impersonating somebody nd I need answers nd dont change the subject… Oh wait. you’re only saying that cuz you have no answers cuz u know ur not the real CarlaBieber!!! LOL. XD. plus, who u callin a child?? Me and Carla are the same age. we’re not children. You little kid…

      • blah blah blah blah blah! you’re like a bee on honey that won’t go away. Think i care? nope. and by the way there are other people name Carla too twit.

      • Then why didn’t u comment BEFORE I told everybody Carla’s Twitter name?.. Twit. Besides, you KNOW you’re not the real CarlaBieber cuz ur refusing to answer my 2 simple questions!!! Everybody knows ur a fake nd if u werent a poser, you wouldve comment before I’ve told everyone about Carla!!! POSER.

    • @Mrs. Styles there is more than 1 Carla Bieber in the world and she’s not gonna answer your questions when they are personal an any1 on this website can see them, & we all no there r SSSOOOO…. Many bad people like stalkers & rapist, seriously y wood she answer??? Even if she is a fake what’s it 2 u, y do u care???

  3. Aww that’s sooo cute!! I love jaxon he is so cute!!! And so is Justin of course!! I think jaxon kinda looks like Justin a little. I think he is turning into a mini me justin!! Haha they’re do cute!!! The two j-men !!! Hahah funny!!! Live u jaxon!! Love u Justin!!

  4. hes so cute with him . They both are so adorable. his sister jaysme is very cute to. she looks just like her mom and dad. it would be nice if selena had a sister so she can spoil and play with when she’s not busy. but things happen. at least selena can play with justin’s sibling which are adorable cute and lovable. justin and selena are still a cute together .

  5. Jaaaaaxxxxxxxoooooonnnnnnn and juuuuuuusssssddtttttttttiiiiiiiinnnnnnn. ;)
    Follow me on twitter @imtoobeast le follows back :)


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