Justin Bieber “As Long As You Love Me” Official Music Video

The wait is over. Justin Bieber has released his new music video for “As Long As You Love Me” on Wednesday, Aug 1. The song features rapper Big Sean and the video guest-stars actor Michael Madsen, who starred in “Reservoir Dogs” two years before Justin was even born. ALAYLM lyrics.

Watch the video below!

The story:
Michael Madsen plays the intimidating father of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. Though most teenage girls would love to be dating Justin, it seems the disapproving dad does not have “Bieber fever.”

“She needs to be with a man, not a boy,” Madsen tells Bieber. “I don’t want to know you. You need get in your car and leave and don’t come back ’cause if you do, it’s not gonna be good for you.”

Of course, Justin ignores the warning and gets a bloody beatdown from the gritty “Kill Bill” actor. Will he still get the girl in the end? Watch the video above to find out.

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