Justin Bieber Reaches 26 Million Twitter Follower

Justin managed to break the 26 million follower marker on Saturday and now clocks in at 26,065,634* (and counting).

  • DJ Mike

    yeah man jus is awsome

  • Jessie

    2nd!!!!!!! Yay Justin your sooo awesome!!!!


    YES!!!! , Justin you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!. #PROUD BELIEBER.


    The belieber family gets BIGGER!!.:)

  • khloe99

    Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah 26 million followers

  • BiebersGirl18

    Yeeah man(usher voice) LOL:p congrats Justin!!!! Love u sooo much<3<3<3

  • khloe99

    Hey guys I know this has nothing to do with Justin but I just can’t get this stupid song out of my head Nelly Just a Dream you know, I’ve been thinking bout us thinking bout me thinking bout her who we gonna be open my eyes it was only just a dream Well my friend on YouTube came up with a new version : I’ve been thinking bout food thinking bout meat thinking bout us what we gonna eat open my eyes it was only KFC

    • dalila

      Thats funny!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


    • Viona

      was? ich kappiere es nicht!! :D

      • iambieberpokemongirl1326

        say what

  • Viona

    Alles zusammen zählen ist 26 206 371.


    • khloe99

      Say what now?!?!!!!????!!!

  • lexy

    Yayyyyy more believers!!!!!!

  • dalila


  • Seryna

    Awsome, would you pleaceeee fallos me on twitter
    I fallow back :)
    Beliebers forever!!!

  • poppy claxtonJB

    follow me on Twitter @poppy claxtonJB , i need the most support i can get as for i have been inspired by the ” one less lonley prom” story, i love justin bieber and im from a tiny village in england, Liecestershire and theres only like 70 people.. litterally :L but the reason is because im 15, i care for my mum, as for she has disability, not the most perfect life,, i get bullied at school, and im having a kidney transplant soon, but i can’t change who i am… all i want is to meet justin bieber.. just 5 minutes to him can mean a lifetime to me… im crazed about him, i cry to his songs because i relate to them so much, iv’e been counting down the days until his believe tour in england.. but my mum cant afford me to go :’(… please help me for justin to notice me,i ill be so greatful and i know how much he means to any bieber fan !! and i hope you all achieve your dreams someday as for i’m chasing mine xx thank you for reading <3

  • Alyssa sweetieluvzjb

    It seems that justins followings on twitter just seem 2 be growing. So 4 everyone who says he has not alot of fans or is most hated or has no staying power its like a big f#ck u in their faces. I hope Justin never lets any of those h8erz bring him down cause thingz r just getting better 4 him.

  • Mrs.Styles

    In all my life, I’ve never seen a famous person have more than 26 million followers. Way 2 go, Justin!!! Keep it comin, Beliebers!!!

  • Jsha bieber

    Wow congrats justin u r such a lucky n amazin guy . 26 million followers on twitter thats great . God bless u

  • Jsha bieber

    I proud on my self too bcuz iam the part of 26 million followers .

  • Jsha bieber

    If u r a belieber too than follow on twitter @jshabieber i’ll follow u back.

  • mansi

    congrast justin i wish u crost the 26million best of luck love u

  • Alisha

    Omb!! congrats justin. I’ve never seen 26 million followers of any celeb. Its great, luv ya.

    • nicole

      the only other celeb with more followers then justin is lady gaga

  • Starla Anderson

    if i can get twitter that would be 27 million

  • sastika belieber forever and ever

    I”M PROUD to be a #member of bieber family.YEAH! 26millions of us.love u JB

  • Dear Haters

    a TRUE BELIEBER respect all Justin’s decisions!!!!!!!! Selena makes him happy, end of the story. AMEN
    They would not be with each other if they were not in love right??? and Justin who have thousands of girls he can choose between, choose 2 stay with selena says alot..
    and common just admit it, you guys are all jealous, you want him 2 date a fan or his ex only because they aren’t famous, pretty, rich, and successfull, great actress like SELENA GOMEZ! FACE IT, just sayin:)

    • essie j

      this subject is not about selena so why you are saying her f**king name ;)

  • semi belieber

    I agree Dear Haters! love u jb may u have all the success in your life jb :-)

  • essie j

    i’m one of the followers ;) i luv u justin

  • Amanda Marie Rivera

    Congrats, Justin ! Wow, 26 million that’s a lot of followers.

  • Reshmi Bieber

    Im soo happy that Our family now has more than 26 million members ! :)

  • One Direction Sucks Ass

    I thought bieber was a good dancer haha just kidding I’ll try to do it

  • Susie

    YEAH! More then lady gaga! U go dude! Love u 2 pieces. <3

    • Belieber

      lady gaga has 28 million…

  • Rahmaa407

    Follow my twitter @rahmaa407