Justin Bieber Visits Selena on Set of New Movie!

Justin Bieber visits girlfriend Selena Gomez while on the set of her upcoming movie, Feed The Dog, in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (August 29). The two were spotted grabbing a cool drink and couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they walked around base camp near the set.

    • SELENA if you are reading this ..then this is what I say.
      I know that you love guys who are tall and with lots of musles and that justin is not your type .I don’t know if you are useing him or if you have true feelings for him …if YOU ARE USING HIM FOR FAME..I wont call you names ,I won’t hate on you..but let me tell you , I was your biggest fan ever.so if you don’t realy love him, don’t use him and then hurt him like you did to all the big stars you dated.peace out!

      • u guys are not true beliebers if u were true beliebers u respect selena because justin is in love with her..if u guys write slutena justin would be so sad because he think that he put more hates on selena.guys just think they are in love… <3 pls deal with it.everytime justin watch this hate comments he would be so sad because he dont want people hate his girlfriend <3 come on guys hes in love even if they broke up its their choice not us

      • justin knows that we hate her that’s why he doesn’t alk about her in his interviews and again n again WE DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE THAT PIG FACE TO BE TRUE BELIEBERS i guess i’m not speaking chinese u can understand me :)

      • Hey Guys..
        Stop Fighting…
        its an Fan Page..
        Everyone has Right to show his opinion …
        So all of you stop commenting on Each other opinion…
        JB is happy with selena and we do not need anything i guess..
        all we want is to see JB happy..
        Just it..
        Love ya JB..
        and Take care Sel

      • and Miss essie J..
        Please stop commenting on everyone’s comment…
        Nobody is asking for your goddamn Comment

      • Ur not a true Belieber.. Just stfu! You should respect Selena cause she’s involved with Justin and apart of his life

      • @biebah i agree with you i dont hate Selena i really dont like her but she should stop using him! im a true belieber and i dont think Justin’s truly happy. i would love to see him with someone that makes him truly happy..


      • LOL. I bet Justin doesn’t care about what you so callled ‘Beliebers’ think of his girlfriend. He loves her, she loves him and that’s then end. if you don’t like it get over it. By now you should realize that your rude comments dont hurt them! Wasting your time!

      • @#1bieberfan i do respect all his choices but i don’t have to like slutena whoremez to be a true belieber ;) n next time don’t replay 2 me cuz i don’t give a damn about u or slutena fans :D cheerio douchebag

      • wht my mom said is true..she said tht we bought thousands of justin’s thing but he uses the money to buy his girlfriend stuff and treat her..omg i feel stupid…

      • noooooooooooooo .selena is a big part of justin.if we r true beliebers we have to talk about them and we have to respect them

    • excuse me u idiot semi. what do u think ur self that u r a true belieber bcuz u love jelena, then u r compeletly wrong . a true belieber is that, who loves justin ,believe in jb,who can do anything for justin not those who those loves jelena and 1 more thing as my friend @essiej said that U DONT HAVE TO LOVE JELENA TO BE A TRUE BELIEBER _________ JUST LOVE JB.

    • yes,shes so mean and rude and justin dont like mean and rude girls ur out essie j she think shes jessie j :)) hahahhahahahaha in ur dreams

      • @dodojustin bieberluv jelena4ever what the fu*k r u talking about if i want to put my name jessie j i would put it beside essie j is my nickname so don’t stick your noise in my shit ;) and yes i’m mean go n sing 2 me mean by taylor swift :D

      • @essie j do u have parents i don’t think so,cuz if u have ur parents wouldn’t let u talk like that…..and i don’t wanna fight u make all of us mad because u write bad words.all the kids come on this page and then u write stick ur noise in my shit??or fu*k?first go and learn how to talk and then come and add comments…or you can go to hell

    • No!!! That’s not true we dont have to be a true belieber to like Selena don’t you know the meaning of this site “Made my beliebers for beliebers I didnt see anything about her so you have no right to tell us if we are true beliebers or not

      • ,Me? Yeah I had no problem with her in 2007 or 2008 but when we were in 2009 I just wasn’t really a fan anymore besides by then I completely forgot about her but I’m not a hater I just plain’ old don’t like her

      • Agreed. He loves us. BELIEVE that. Believe in him. Love him back. You don’t have to love her. Let him love who he wants. I still think she isn’t. True to him. He loves her. But I don’t see her love for him. I mean if she loved him. Like true love.. I would support jelena. But I honestly cant because I cant see her there. I wanna make sure Justin gets what he deserves. He deserves true; passionate love. That is all I can say.
        ur fellow Belieber.

      • ?????do u know how to talk?first go and learn and then add comments u guys don’t know how to talk..ur just like @essie j putting bad comments on other comments.what do u guys win??if justin see this bad comments he would be so angry because u guys say bad things..and pls don’t say bad words because little girls come to this page

      • @jsha bieber sorry I’m saying this i don’t wanna say but can you shut ur mouth were having a conversation and if u wanna say that we talk alot no one ask u

    • n im so touched dodojustin belieberluv jelena4ever ;( not becoz of the kiss but its because of u..u support them..i mean selena but do u think she’ll support u for the comments u wrote?? she dont even know if ure exist in this world idiot..n try to think of selena’s relationship be4, smart ass:)

      • I’m little confused do first you were nice and then u say to me smart ass???ok i don’t care they know that i exist or anything i love them for who they are and they love us <3 pls think

      • @jsha bieber sorry I’m saying this i don’t wanna say but can you shut ur mouth were having a conversation and if u wanna say that we talk alot no one ask u

      • okay sorry for all of my rude comments…i don’t want to fight actually..but it’s ur life…so i’m gonna deal with it…but i still don’t like jelena…i prefer jaitlin..miss caitlin so much..<3

  1. Justin and Selena are so cute together. They are meant for each other. They both are very adorable together. Love how Justin visit Selena on set. Selena is very sweet to Justin. Love how Justin is very genuine to Selena. Hope they last forever. Hope Justin still has that passion for Selena when they first met and fell in love. Hope they have that intimate time together.

  2. if justin lost to one direction I will drawn my house with my tears and I will through a chair at mtv and SELENA why do u always have to egnore justin

  3. They are so romantic. I’m starting to really like jelena, and I came along way cause I used to hate it, but I have no regrets.

  4. Put some clothes on slut!
    Drinking alcohol, no clothes, nd a slut sounds just like selena! Stupid whore! Like wats up u cant afford clothes?! Put some clothes on ok nobody wants to see ur non existant ass and boobs honey.

    • oohh Shut up…
      If you Would know that Justin Likes to see Girls in Shorts…
      So he loves to see selena like it…
      She is Good but you are not..
      when you cant respect of a Girl..
      You would not have respect too

    • You are so rude!! maybe it was hot in the USA that day! Its not aloud to have shorts?!? do u never have shorts on or what?are you stupid ?! she wears what she wants! you dont have anything with what she is wearing!!! they are a verry cute cuple!<3 And what do you know if justin is not happy?! have u guys asked him!?!?!? essie j you are soooo rude to selena! i love selena gomez!<3 and Justin bieber!<3 she deserve him,and he deserve here!i cant understand that you can write that ! think a littlebit !if u have a brain!i dont think Justin is feeling so happy about this !do you really think he is happy to se u writting like that about selena!If u r a true Beliber so like selena !<3 becuase he love here and she loves him!!!<33 respect them!?<3 why do u hate selana !u are so jelaus!<3 If u dont think he deserve here so shut up and dont say or write something here!it hurts Jelena!i am a true beliver becuase i respect them and i dont think shit obout here or hem!!!this picture is sooo cute and i love them they are a cute cuple!<333 i hope the will be together 4 ever!<3 selena,dont break up with Justin,you deserve him,he deserve you ! Jelena 4ever !<33

  5. @jshabieber so true, these jelena lovers always says to us, that u guys r not true beliebers and u all should respect her……. i don’t wanna give respect to this sult, she is the most fakest person.

  6. Do not buy anything from this website. It is a scam. They take your money under a different company and break little girls hearts!!

  7. Jsha and essie u both have no idea how justin hurts when he reads ur comments about his girlfrnd selena they both r in real Love and known to be the best couple .U both dont like selena just bcoz she the one who is chosen by jb atleast respect jelena dont hate it i request u bilebers. Always bileber forever a jelena;-)

  8. Some of u bilebers r so rude towards selena why guys she is the most cutest and sweetest girl on earth !!! bilebers its my request not to write anything bad atleast if it is not good about jelena please it hurts to jb and also to me and ofcourse to selena:-*

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