Justin Bieber vs. One Direction Most Share-Worthy Video VMA Awards! Vote for Justin!!

A new category ‘Most Share-Worthy Video’ has been added to the MTV Video Music Awards for 2012.

The first nominations for the award are Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, One Direction with ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’, Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ and Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

One Direction is currently leading the vote tally with 8,036,811 total tweets. (Aug 26, 6pm EST).

Please spread the word and vote for JUSTIN!! click here.

  • Nelly

    I have Twitter-Limit -.-this sucks!
    I tweet 2.000 tweets for him :D

    • Love Katie 14


    • juliana

      HI my name is julianacross I love JUSTINBIEBER justin if you read this please email me at julianacross@ymail.com you are so HOT

  • jυśτiη βiεβεя łονεя

    Hi justin love u 4 ever i support u 100% go to the top :)

  • dodojustin belieberluv jelena4ever

    ahhhhh i hate ID i wish they were last but their not gonna be first.justin’s gonna won <3 love u justin

  • me and you

    they won cuz they are new but u are better then them they can’t even sing and the are losers BIG fat ONE… boyfriend was the best song ever<3<3:)

  • JaylaBieber

    We Beliebers got this.

    Happy b-day to the King of Pop!

    • tshering choden

      plz vote for justin now onward’s!justin i lov u always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    pls vote 4 justin PLS. GO BELIEBER. LET VOTE JUSTIN NOW


    1D sucks they are SOOOO ANOYING!!!! I❤U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!

    • JaylaBieber

      They don’t got sh!t on Justin.

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      YEP , 1D sucks , and with this way I hope some beliebers learn that we are not friend , look at now they wanna take JUSTİN’s award and what he deserves …. cmon HE is KİDRAUHL !! AND 1D İS NOTHİNG NEAR HİM !!

      • Belieber 4 ever

        Yeah, Justin totally deserves this award not 1D .. #votebieber .. We have to get Justin ahead of them .. plz.. He will appreciate his fans for doing it

    • Directioner

      I don’t know any of y’all but really? You’re gunna talk shit about One Direction? Go kill yourself!! You’re just another hater. I also support justin but I’m not voting for him. Justin always wins every time he’s a nominee. Can’t One Direction just win for once? I know, I have no buisness talking shit to you but its true.


    beliebers spread the word and vote for JUSTIN!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    come on vote be4 u comment!!!! i did!!

  • Miriam

    I created 3 Twitters accounts and I have tweet limit in all of them

  • Lexi

    I love Justin Bieber #1fan

  • Alyssa sweetieluvzjb

    Justin deserves it more than any1 else in my opinion. He is the hardest worker out of all of them 1d never worked as hard 2 be famous like Justin did.

  • Anna Paula

    Please tweet #votebieber until you get stock out of tweets 4 today thanks!! twitter didint let me send more than 130 tweets 4 today so please vote, justin needs to win!!

  • Anna Paula

    i hate twitter-limits please #votebieber till that happens to you too.

  • Jsha bieber

    I know everybody is belieber here so no need to say that ‘go vote 4 jb’ .

    • khloe99

      Exactly so there’s no real reason but still I am SO gonna vote for JB #BelieberForever

  • Belieber Till My Death


    • Kezza99


    • Belieber 4 ever

      Hell yeah

      • JBLOVER1111111

        I <3 JUSTIN!!!!!!!
        1D are just hopless girls!!

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Guys, we can do this we’re not that far behind!!! 1D really don’t deserve 1st place!!! Justin works real hard!!! Keep tweeting #VoteBieber!!! We need to show One Direction & their rude Directioners, that Justin Bieber & his Beliebers run this show!!! C’mon!!! If you have a tweet limit make another account!!! (LOL) We need to work together here!!! Spread the word now!!! There are 27+ Million of us & only 5+ Million of Directioners!!! We should be winning!!! Even if we beat those Directioners don’t stop!!! #VoteBieber

    • Meline

      Got tht right! We have to catch up! Everyone! Justin deserves this awards so we have to vote for him! COMON!!! Btw did anyone notice how beyonces votes spiked since Justin told everyone to vote for her lol! Anyone everyone keep voting we must win!!!M

  • TrueBelieber56

    lol 1D ya ok go bieber go.

  • diana♥jb

    no no no no no no!!!!! this is just not right. I FREAKIN LUV ONE DIRECTION AND JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! WHY CANT BOTH OF THEM WIN?!?!?!? I FREAKIN HATE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  • Kezza99


    • semi belieber

      We dont want any 1d fans to vote 4 beliber’s jb please u choose one!!

  • carolina

    I am sooooo pisseddd. This is so rigged!!NO matter how many times we vote the directioners are still on first and is impossible. And this is the proof! https://twitter.com/KiingBieber/status/240992885313515522/photo/1

    • mrs.bieber26

      u go justin get ur butt out therte and win. just letting u know u have a belieber that has ur back

  • Richard Eugen Baird

    hey Justin Bieber i have this great idea and i want to tell you and see what ya think of it i am 19 my name is Richard Baird and i want to be a even planner for a cebluaryed and you my friend is the one i want to work for its been my dream for years and i tell my self every day it well come soon but then something els tells me it well never happen! but i kinda iknore that one and go withthe one he will contacked me soon well i hope my dream comes true soon! well Justin Bieber hope to here from you soon and my email is brent_aird@yahoo.com or tweet me mu user name is @AirdBaird or facebook me and my user name is Richard Baird thanks hope to here from you soon!
    Thank Your Friend
    Richard Eugen Baird

  • Richard Eugen Baird

    and i live in a small town called Baker City OR and want to move out and do my dream job i hope you can help me

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    omg, I vote like 100 times in an half hour now, but we need help !!
    cmon BELİBERS !! GO !! GO !! GO!! his award is ours we are family so BELİEBERS ROCKS!!! JUSTİN is the BEST <3

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    and don’t forget that if it need US AGAİNST THE WORLD.CMONN!!!

  • love u biebs

    come belibers lets work hard and vote for justin . i already did so any one he did not pleaase vote for him. we beliebers got this one. all around the world there alot of bliebers so come on pleaAASE VOTE FOR JUUUUUSTIN. LOVEE U JUSTIN and his bliebers so much. xoxo vot for justin.

    • love u biebs

      oh sorry he or she that did not vote for justin plllllllllllllllleaaase vote . i loooooooove u justin

  • semi belieber

    Sorry biebs my moblie is not that much capable 4 voting but i really hope that u win . my best wishes is with u;-);-);-);-);-);-);-)

  • semi belieber

    And i hate one direction i really do

    • Briley

      Me too!!!!!!! OHMIGOD THEY SUCK!!!!! they have NO TALENT!!!! And they are SOOOOO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!! We HAVE TO WIN!!!

  • essie j

    we will beat them ;)

    • semi belieber

      I hope so!!!

  • Justingay

    Suck to all justin fan they r all dumbus & fool & dont try to fool ur self after commenting on my comment dommbos raskales justin gay

    • @cupcakeija

      Haterid, shut up! we dont want you here! we are trying to support @justinbieber! and not having fights with haters, and let me bet you are a 1D fan?!