Justin Bieber will Get Naked on Stage for 25 Billion (BBC Radio 1 Interview)

Justin tells BBC Radio 1 Greg James how much he’d need to be paid to go on stage naked (skip to minute 10:00).

Greg: How much do I have to pay you to run on stage completely naked on stage?
Justin: there’s no money that can make me do that.
Greg: 50 million?
Justin: No!
Greg: 100 million?
Justin: No!
Greg: 1 billion?
Justin: No!
Greg: 25 billion?
Justin: 25 billion.. maybe yea..

Justin also talks about his Jerry. Plus Greg get him to rap, and find out who’s on his ‘allowed’ list. Listen his interview with BBC:

  1. Now ya’ll now good and well Justin isn’t going to go on stage naked….. now harry styles on the otha hand….. LOL:)

    • Love Justin and Selena together. They are amazing and have the most amazing chemistry. I bet Selena is very proud of her boyfriend. They are very much in love and are meant to be together. Hope they can last a long time. Justin and selena forever and always. They must have very intimate conversation between them and not have anyone listening to there convo

      • Um @Chanel, I don’t mean to sound rude, but why are you talking about Jelena when this post is about serious Jerry business? ;)

      • That’s because no one want to talk about his thing name Jerry, it’s abit awarkward talking about Jerry, when you really can talk about his passion for music and of course his family, album, what’s like to travel to different countries and eat there amazing cuisine. Of course it doesn’t hurt to talk about Selena which he’s very devoted to.

      • she is right “#believe in biebah” and Justin called the fans who talk about it and the ones who named it inappropriate and jelena is really cute i mean how would you feel if you were famous and your fans talk about you naked?!

    • Yea, and ur not the real CarlaBieber!! Pick another username!!! Poser… just answer ONE question. What college do u go to ? U were there today…. if u know it, then I’ll stop callin u a poser nd I’ll know ur the real Carla

  2. Lol haha I love him even more for saying he really wouldn’t do it cuz that’s not right but I still love him:)

  3. No Justin Bieber don’t do that? I love you ? Justin Bieber? I like you just the away you are? I don’t think that a good idea? You are a great singer? I am your biggest fan? I like your music? You are amazing? I like your new single? Believe I love you so much? You are the best? Write me back? Justin Bieber

  4. Justin don’t do it – you really don’t need the money – we love you just the way you are – sweet, loveable, cuddly, sexy, and so much more. This would do nothing to improve your image for the better instead it may do more harm than good.

  5. You know what would be great…….If Justin would like let all the fans sign up to be in his next music video and they like pull the name… ya’ll get what I’m saying like how they pick the lottery numbers….. and announce the winner on TV!!!!!!

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