Justin Bieber with Fans in LA

Justin and fans in Los Angeles, August 13.

6+ pics inside.

  1. Justin u look sooo freakin hot!!!!! and I wanna know what u promised that girl!!:/ haha and I live in la but I still have never seen him:/ but I WILL SOMEDAY:)<3

  2. Justin looks so sweet with his fans. Love how Justin very passionate with his music. But sometimes his fans can be very pushy with him and sometimes with Selena. Hope Justin and selena never break up. But if Justin meets another girl. They started dating. What to say that his fans won’t say anything about her. What’s she’s wearing and such hateful things about her either.

  3. that black girl with him is sooo pretty. I really like the fact how he’s so faithful to Selena (even though I don’t like Jelena) when there’s so much more pretty girls around :)

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