Justin Bieber’s Album “Believe” Goes Platinum

Congratulations to Justin Bieber – his “Believe” album goes platinum! That means that Justin has sold over 1 million copies of the CD! Did YOU buy a copy of Justin’s album?

We can’t wait to see Justin perform all of his new music live on tour!

  • AshleeS

    Wohoo! Congrats! Love u

  • romy

    firstttt ♥

  • khloe99

    Well its about time that that finally happpened whooo! 1 million sold whooo!!!!! first comment

    • khloe99

      make that 3rd

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


    • david b conway

      im so happy just for justin bieber for his platium Album , i just can,t say the same thing for selena gomez , love david conway

      • iambieberpokemongirl1326

        blah blah blah

  • khloe99

    hey are any of you people here so far just a belieber or just a selenator or a jelenator hope I’m not starting a fight

    • Mckenna

      Congrats Justin! You totally deserved it.

  • Megan V.

    I think that I can speak for Bieblers everywhere when I say “WOW”….. I’m so proud of you Justin…. This is a very important part of you’re career and I’m just glad that you are allowing us (your fans) to be apart of it. I’ve always had faith in you and you’re song Believe is like our anthem…. You’re an amazing artist and I hope you go on to much bigger things like believe going gold or whatever else albums can go to LOL:) Thanks for just wrinting songs we can relate to. Your music has a way of captivating people…. Never say Never and Justin don’t listen to what people say, dew you and just keep KEEP LIVING YOUR DREAM AND NEVER WAKE UP I can honestly say that I am proud to call my a biebler!!!!!


    • Megan V.

      I mean’t to say myself a biebler HAHAHAHA silly me…….

      • khloe99

        actually its belieber

      • #Believe In Biebah

        You’re right! Believe is now our fanbase’s (Beliebers) National Anthem!!! Yay! WOO HOO! ALL THE WINDOWS DOWN! I mean, #BELIEVE. :D

    • khloe99

      AMEN Hallejuah sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man that felt good to say I mean type

  • Desss

    i bought two

  • BiebersGirl18

    CONGRATULATIONS JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!! On behalf of all Beliebers around the world, we are soooooooo proud of u and we are so proud to be apart of what you do<3LUV YOU SOOOOO MUCH JUSTIN!!!!!!! In so proud to call myself a BELIEBER!!!:)

  • Jessie

    OMG i luv ya Justin!!! congrats!!!! :) <3

  • lexy

    congradulation justin!!!!


      CONGRATULATIONS JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i am PROUD to be a belieber, even though i weren’t with u from the beginning, i will always be with you, FOREVER.

  • belieberforever

    Wooooooohhh!!! Go Justin!!!!!!!! I ♥ u!!

  • Alisha

    Congratulations justin!!! I’m so happy to know that and ‘believe’ is amazing. I luv you soooo much.

  • Dalila

    シ yay!

  • JaylaBieber

    Congrats to Justin! He deserved it.


      @Jaylabieber, hey youre back!, i havent seen u in a while.

  • savit muniez

    congrats JUSTIN belieber always loving you :)

  • ruthie cloud

    Congrats Justin! Big # 1 fan for 3 almost 4 years …. I’m so proud of u .that u made it this far….plz don’t stop making music …I love your music its awesome!!! Here Justin is my address so we can write cause I cant c u on tour I’m pretty hummed about that.. here’s my address for u Justin and only Justin ruthie cloud 5608 cloverland park drive brentwood, tn 37027. U can send me somethings if u want I’m the fan tut had 2 back surgeries, and 4 heart..and ceizers. I hope u write me …I lov ya, ruthie cloud #1 fan. Tums Justin!

  • Nicole

    Congratulation I am Sooo happy for you Justin!! keep it up Justin

  • chanez

    Im so happy for him :)

  • Allie

    Yay <3 That's good for him

  • KadrenBach

    I love Justin bieber so much I wish that I culls go to one of his concerts


    Justin , I wish congratulate you for winning Platinium ; when you and Selena will pay visit in Poland ?

  • 2crazy4bieber

    I DID!!! Wish I could go to the Believe Tour #HateThisLife

    • Kyndle Bieber

      I know right his tickets are so much money but it’s worth it. Too bad I couldn’t convince my parents that.

      • chrissssy

        i feel the same way my mom wont buy me tickits. so i cant go!!

  • #1bieberfan

    Wow he so cute lol

  • Leah

    Great jod I love you!!!!!!!!!

  • Belieber4ever

    Congratulation I knew that you could do it Justin!<3 <3 <3
    Love you!<3

  • poppy claxtonJB

    follow me on Twitter @poppy claxtonJB , i need the most support i can get as for i have been inspired by the ” one less lonley prom” story, i love justin bieber and im from a tiny village in england, Liecestershire and theres only like 70 people.. litterally :L but the reason is because im 15, i care for my mum, as for she has disability, not the most perfect life,, i get bullied at school, and im having a kidney transplant soon, but i can’t change who i am… all i want is to meet justin bieber.. just 5 minutes to him can mean a lifetime to me… im crazed about him, i cry to his songs because i relate to them so much, iv’e been counting down the days until his believe tour in england.. but my mum cant afford me to go :’(… please help me for justin to notice me,i ill be so greatful and i know how much he means to any bieber fan !! and i hope you all achieve your dreams someday as for i’m chasing mine xx thank you for reading <3

    • Kyndle Bieber

      Aww I am sooo sorry!!! Wish I could do something for you!! But when your getting bullied at school, just think this: am I gonna believe all those stupid things those fools say about me today? Trust me you might not think it now, but you are gonna do something big with your life and all those bullies are gonna be is bullies really. I hope your kidney transplant goes well. I am praying for you girl..

  • chrissssy

    congrats i bout 17 for my freinds!!

  • Kristen from lithuania

    I want to see this album in Lithuania shops :(

  • sabasss

    wow…thats incredible!!

  • An envious

    I am kind of jealous of Justine Biber