Selena Gomez Not Ready to Marry Bieber, Dying to Work with Justin Timberlake!

In the September issue of Teen Vogue, Selena Gomez admits she’s in love with the music of Justin — just not Bieber! She told Teen Vogue:

“Who I would die to work with, but I don’t think he ever would — I don’t even think he’s doing music anymore — is Justin Timberlake,”

“Just ’cause I love his music sooo much.”

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On her relationship with Justin Bieber, she says:

“It’s really fun. I’m lucky.
“I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will come organically.”

In other words, just because her peer Miley Cyrus is engaged and shacking up doesn’t mean Selena is in a hurry to walk down the aisle. In fact, she’s still happily living at home.

“Marriage and all that other stuff I think will happen once I feel accomplished in every other aspect of my life.”

“I have a small condo on top of my parents’ house. I’m a little behind!”

    • Your totally right. Other stars don’t understand that. They get married without even thinking and soon they will split.

  1. Dude i hate selena. Justin timberlake is wayyy to good to work with some chick who sounds like shit! Bad talent and good talent dont go together! Well if they get married all hells gonna break loose.

  2. Wtf of course its obuse that now she is bore of her relation with jb as she always changes her boyfriend after spendin 2 or 3years with them n iam damn sure that she will leave my jb very soon .

    • when did she EVER say she was bored? she said shes very happy and lucky but from that nice sentence u get that she’s bored. you just find reasons in simple things to make her look bad and it makes no sense

  3. Justin timberlake is beyond selenas style of shity music! Jt is too good for slutena! She sucks at singing and jt is beast! Jt is a legend selena aint shit.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is asking them about marriage and stuff. especially justin, he just turned 18, if he was a normal kid he would of just graduated and be headed off to college this fall. In this day and age is marriage the first thing on your mind when you head off to college?

  5. God damn you Selena u dont even respect Justin music in public and in private you suck his Jerry. GOD DAMN YOU when its over with u its gonna be a blast for Justin….TRULY BELIEVERS now that

  6. In my opinion she doesnt care about Justin. When asked about her relationship with him she barely said anything. But she seems 2 care more about Justin when he spends money on her or something. Sorry but thats just my opinion

      • I understand its your opinion. But she doesnt say anything about their relationship because she likes to keep some things to herself. She says what she likes about him and the stuff hes done for her and that shes grateful. So i dont know what else she can say?

    • I agree Alyssa sweetieluvsjb.
      Her words were “It’s really fun.”
      I think they aren’t going to last a lot longer.
      To me, her side of the relationship seems like a publicity stunt.

      • Well with nick jonas there hole relationship was a secret i do think she would want to go through that again and come on its justin bieber i would shout it to the friggin world i love and respect both of them and i hope if it dont work out for them that they find someone just as great

    • i agree with Belieber. just admit it you all just jealous with dont know every detail about them so just stfu and stop blaming selena. if you belieber dont ask you guys to support them at list give respect to their relationship.

  7. like justin will propose to her poor slutena she’s 20 years old a woman & still thinks she’s 16 she should look or a husband now cuz justin is only 18 & he’s not gonna marry some slut old grandma ;) & justin timberlake will never ever sing with her :)
    P.S : grow up and act your damn age bitch

  8. @Jsha Bieber, she never said she was bored. She only said she ain’t ready to get married. Getting married is a huge resposibility. I wouldn’t want to get married at that age either. But that don’t mean I am bored.

    • Excuse me stupid girl i didn’t said that “she said that she was bore “. It was my opinion that she is bore with this relation so think before write .

  9. @essie j @A fun girl named brenda and everybody else who hates Selena, why is she a slut again? And what exactly did she do to u? No H8. Just asking. So comment back to me in a decent manner please.

    • Exactly! Why is she a Slut? Only coz she has a sexy Boyfriend? Wooow amazing reason to call her a slut. Just amazing :/ you all just say she wants his money.. Why would she? She was famous waaay before Justin started posting videos. So stfu.

    • @ missy bieber Shes a slut cuz she takes racy photos of herself nd thinks shes all hot but shes ugly as f**k!
      @belieber honey u stfu. Some of us are arent calling her slut cuz of that. I said the reason already. Bro shes irrivilent with out justin. So plz homie stfu.

      • Oh and where ate these racy pictures she’s taken of herself? I know for a fact that they’re non existent

  10. And a girl recently said to me she thinks Selena is a slut and that JB should break up with her so Beliebers can be happy for once. Same thing like some of the girls on here. So BELIEBERS can be happy. Well what about Justin’s happiness. If they break up he is going to be sad, sad, sad. Then next thing u know you guys are going to blame Selena for his sadness. PATHETIC! Look, I know Selena can be a bit annoying and she is a little for me, but I try to respect her so Justin can be happy. I like some of her music but I am not a fan. So if I can do it, why can’t u? Not saying u need to be a fan, just respect Selena’s space and stop trying to bring her down. Com’on, guys. DO IT FOR JUSTIN!

    • Hey all you “BELIEBERS” ever stop to think about the ALAYLM video as a metaphor for all the TRUE HATE that Biebs receives for his relationship w/Selena? Next time you wanna talk shit about them or her-like you even have a place to at all-why don’t you picture your “beloved” hero getting his ass kicked at the end of the video BY ALL OF YOU. He’s said it a million times, LOVE>HATE and he wants his BELIEBERS to live by that pilosophy too. How DARE you all sit here and talk such shit. You’re a bunch of bullies and YOU KNOW it hurts JUSTIN.

      • I agree. Justin has feelings too. We may not like there relationship, i don’t.
        I think Selena isn’t really in love with him. I still respect her though. Some Beliebers get a little too involved. Just because you aren’t a fan of something doesn’t mean you should imply hate on it. Put your self in the position if it was Justin people were saying these things about. Don’t you guys get after them, especially Drake Bell. I don’t think you guys are bullies, honestly. I just think you don’t want Justin to get hurt. We all don’t like to see him hurt.

    • which is so true. justin and selena are a perfect match for each other. They are so cute together. love seeing them together. hope JUSTIN and Selena end up together and they last a long time which i hope they will. i just can’t see them dating normal ppl or dating celebs. they compliment each other. hope justin doesn’t fall out of love with selena. love seeing them together holding hands and them going out to dinner with friends or just the two of them having a romantic dinner with there bodyguards and security waiting outside awhile they eat and just enjoy each other company.

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