Stamped Investors: Justin Bieber, Ellen, Ryan Seacrest!

On Thursday, Stamped plans to announce a revamped version of its service, along with a roster of new celebrity investors (and users) that includes Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres.

Stamped is an app that lets you list all of your favorite things, from books, to movies, to songs and restaurants. You can follow others on Stamped, see what their favorite things are, and get recommendations for new places and experiences to try.

Robby Stein and his team haven’t slept in days working on Stamped app.

Robby Stein, the CEO and co-founder of Stamped tells Forbes:

“We went out and discussed Stamped with [investors] that ended up really sharing our vision.

“Obviously, people form a few different camps, and there’s kind of a celebrity camp. People constantly want to know what Justin’s into, for instance—what movies he’s into, what music he’s into. Because for a lot of people, that’s how they find new things.”

The company now has a staff of ten people, five of them former Google employees.

You can follow Justin’s Stamped on

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    Just got this app and I am somewhat lost on how to use this and can anybody follow me to get a jump start on Stamped. please???? @chelseachambers97

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