Two Paparazzi Crashed into Each Other while Chasing Justin Bieber

Two members of the paparazzi crashed into each other while chasing Justin Bieber’s car in Los Angeles on Friday, August 31.

According to TMZ, Justin was in his luxury vehicle Fisker Karma in LA when a police officer pulled him over after noticing a Nissan driving ”aggressively close behind” him. 

As Justin and the driver of the Nissan explained to the policeman that the car was part of his security detail, several paparazzi arrived on the scene where two of them lost control of their cars and crashed into each other.

No one was hurt and no arrests were made.

  • I love Justin Drew Bieber

    FIRST!!!!!! wow I’m soo glad Justin wasn’t hurt

  • Lizberh Serrano

    That’s what happens to paparazzi when they mess with the biebz!!!! Let him live his life with peace YOLO!!!!!!!

  • @jeanet08

    JUSTIN, are u okay ?

  • cutie B

    haha thats what happened when you mess with bieber

  • Chanel

    Good for them. They deserve it for chasing Justin. I’m glad that Justin had nothing to do with it. The Stalkrazzi are so annoying asking personal questions to celebs. I think I see Alfredo in the car with Justin. Hope Justin tells his problems to alfredo about Selena. They are friends. Hope Alfredo can tell Justin to rekindle his love with Selena and that passion that they had when they first fell in love and doesn’t get a big head. But stays humble and have that respect towards Selena.

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    tht what happend when u mess with justin. annyoing paparazzi

  • alison

    idiots one of these days they are going to have an accident and innocent people are going to get hurt. ass holes.

  • JaylaBieber

    Totally not surprised. That was bound to happen eventually.Paps need to chill the f*ck out before innocent people start getting hurt. Is all of this sh!t really worth getting ONE damn picture?

    • Caitlin

      That one picture can earn them thousands, but they really do need to chill out before people get hurt

    • khloe99

      Exactly @JaylaBieber took the words right out of my mouth

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Ladies & Gentleman, meet these two idiots chasing a fricken’ HUMAN just to get a damn PICTURE. This is what I like to call, “immature.” Have a nice day! :)

  • Numberonebelieber

    Idiot paparazzi. Serves them right

  • hey guys

    no i think the paparazzi are just doing their jobs if there not paparazzi we will not now that happen but not like that just saying

  • Marlene

    haha that’s what the papz get for messing around with Justin :D

  • #Believe In Biebah

    LOL, after reading all the comments, I’ve realized we all sound vicious. I like it. xD LOL.
    People might say we’re immature, but this is what I say, #We’reAwesomeLikeThat!

  • mariabelieber


  • sastika belieber forever and ever

    U(paparazzi) better not mess wid justin.. thats happen when u do bt JBieb’s so kind. hope no one’s hurt.love bieber

  • Dont mind

    hahahaha, stupid papz.. datz wat they deserve when thy try to mess up with biebz.. gud for them.

    hope ma bieber <3 is ok..

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    don’t mess with our BİEBER!! I’m so glad that JUSTİN wasn’t hurt

  • Alisha

    Thank god, justin is alright. I think, there should be some rules about their (papz) work but they deserve this.

  • dodojustin belieberluv jelena4ever

    oh thanks god justin is feeling great.so never hurt justin or anything cause if u do that you idiot paparazzi’s I’m gonna purple ninja on all of you idiot out side (the people who call him gay or other bad things or make him sad)

  • #1bieberfan

    I no its not funny but i had to laugh

  • PurpleNinjaSwag

    As long as Justin is okay everythings fine!<3 (:

  • semi belieber

    Paparaz get out of bieber & bilebers life

  • Mrs.Bieber

    thats wat them paparazii get

  • dalila


  • khloe99

    Mess with the biebz ( In Alvin from the chipmunks voice) “I go loca on you!” lol

  • Sarah

    i hope justin is okay………i am worried about him because what if he get car accident like princess diana in alma tunnel,france when they paps chasing him like they did to princess diana…….princess diana and justin bieber are the bestest person in the WORLD!

  • tsitsi

    i hope justin is ok. so its good car. :) lol

  • SenAbigail

    i pray he’s okay

  • SenAbigail

    Don’t worry guyz justin will be perfectly fine.

  • #1bieberfan

    Whos looking forward to bacl to school i no im not