Jeremy Bieber Cheated on Pattie with Babysitter!

Few scans from Pattie’s new book “No Where But Up.”

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More scans:
Pattie and Jeremy had a brutal and bloody fight before the breakup. very sad!


  • Kaylani

    Aww, that’s sad that Jeremy would do that to pattie, it seems like there life was a roller coaster that had gone through trials and trublations. It must have. Been very hard for parttie to do that with a baby and of course cheating husband.

    • Alisha

      U r right.

    • IL_Jelena

      yea… </3

  • semi belieber

    The parents of jb have many differences in their life:’-C

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE


  • Nicole

    Awwww :( poor pattie. I’m sad :(

  • Nathan Scott

    kinda sad!

  • The REAL khloe99

    Awwwww poor Pattie can’t believe he did that :( Well what’s in the past was in the past but it’s still sad I mean a babysitter! Why not someone else

  • Mizziz.bieber

    That sad but at least u had him for sometimes day choes druges and getting hiii overe me that is relly sad just know that if u have a dauter or son stay with that child don’t. Let him/her feel the pain u did and again love you much <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • TrueBelieber56

    damn,he cheated TWICE.glad she told him to get the hell out tbh.but i do respect him,but not for what he did.she just doesnt that stuff hapenning to you momma Pattie :)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    i wanna read the rest of that book just that part made me emotional

  • IL_Jelena

    i have nothing to say to mr.bieber but this,
    u messsed up.. </3


    mama bieber, u r just………………wow….. :p
    one of the strongest woman i have seen, is no doubt u…
    ur an amazing mom, nd just an amazing woman..
    u will always have respect from me, and the rest of the beliebers… <3

    stay strong and sweet.. !! :) :)

    p.s. i will get ur book too!!

  • Its pinche Rosalina

    Poor pattie :(
    Why would he do that to her?! Thts wrong and poor pattie had to suffer. Im proud that she still stood strong.

  • keaira rainey

    I feel so sorry for justin

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    poor pattie

  • J.B belieber

    wow if i found my boyfriend was cheating i would freaking out tooo i would kick him out! But im glad she forgived him!

  • JaylaBieber

    Not only did he cheat on her twice but he cheated on her with one of her friends AND in her bed! That’s it. I’m buying this book as of now.

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Oh My God, Jeremy. Just, OMG. Her bed?! Are you fricken’ serious?! Your very, very, very, I repeat VERY lucky that you have a caring, mature son like Justin. Again, OMG. *O*

  • Bieberfan234

    Ouch!!! that must’ve been horrible for you sorry that happened to you

  • dakota belive

    i am so sorry mrs.pattie that you had to go throw that with jeremy i hope you ARE ok and i will keep you and your family in my prayers

  • diana♥jb&1d

    woowww i realllyyy wanna buy this book now!!!!!!!!

  • Saphire

    how did she get a book? Oh and poor pattie. :,( I really feel bad for her

  • jessica

    me lo podeis traducir ?¿ pliss

  • sastika bieber loves jelena

    LOVE U PATTIE STAY STRONG respect for u

  • AndresaStewart

    Its really bad that everyone was blaming jeremy for cheating her, evryone is just thinking that how he cheated on her twice but at whats age, 18/19, its not like they are in their mid 30s. Well , yeah, he cheated her, twice, but he is only 18 years old for god’s sake, nobody is so much responsible at that age and, he is a great father now, even she said that, and well he always loves Justin also Jazzy and Jaxon, so you can’t say he is bad cause he make some mistakes at when he was young. Many people in world don’t care about their kids who had a life like his was but he was and still is a great father and even a very good person. He cares about his kids loves them and in his 30s now, he respects pattie as well, and even pattie can kick him out when he first cheated on her, but its good she was behaving mature, but still, they were only 18 years old, they both were not so mature. so you can’t just sya he is bad. Look at him now he is a great man and is as well as a loving, caring and great father. There is nobody wrong, its just their age which was not right at that time.

  • steph

    how could Justin want him in his life. that’s disgusting

  • graciela mata

    i love you justin

  • Justin Mallette

    Poor Pattie. I just hope that Justin will always remember the sacrifices she’s been through.
    Btw, it doesn’t matter whether you are 18, 20 or 50. Cheating is absolutely unacceptable in the relationship no matter how old you are. if he could pregnated a girl, why can’t be a man enough?
    That’s disgusting to know Jeremy cheated on Pattie with a babysitter.
    Now that Justin has money and fame, of course Jeremy is good to both Justin and Pattie. Have you ever imagined if Justin is not this famous?
    Justin – a real dad won’t do what Jeremy had done!!!!

  • ariel

    a riding a book a bowt j.b

  • Susie

    Guys…read what she said at the back of the book.Yes, what he did was wrong,but she also did many wrong things too.She cheated on him too,read the book.Anyway,all that is in the past.God has forgiven them both because they asked.NOTHING you could ever do wrong will make God not love you and want you.He will ALWAYS forgive, all you have to do is ask.You could have raped or murdered someone and he still wants you.Jesus loves YOU reading this, I just want you to know that.