Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will EVENTUALLY Get Married?

Jelena’s marriage rumors circulating again. Celebuzz.com reports that Selena was seen carrying the book “The 5 Languages of Love: The Secret to Love That Lasts” with her as she exited a salon on Tuesday night.

The Amazon description of the book, by best-selling author Gary Chapman, says it’s aimed at married couples and claims couples who read it can “build a lasting, loving marriage together.”

Title: The 5 Languages of Love: The Secret to Love That Lasts
Author: Gary D. Chapman
Release Date: December 17, 2009

Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

By learning the five love languages, you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical steps in truly loving each other.

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Justin and Selena have been together for almost two years, but despite persistent rumors, they have always been quick to deny an engagement.

When asked about proposing to Selena on April 2012, Justin told French newspaper Le Parisien:

“No, I am too young.

“One day, I will get engaged, when I have found the right person in five or 10 years. It doesn’t mean that Selena is not the right person though, she is going to kill me if I say that!”

DO you think JELENA will eventually get married?

    • Me to, they are amazing together.they are meant for each other. Justin and Selena are the most cutest couple ever. They belong together. Can’t imagine the more deserving couple who have been through trials and truibulation. Justin and Selena are very sweet together. Hope they never break up.

      • Escuse me why u always say that justin bieber and selena gomez are best couple justin bieber is cute not selena gomez

      • Thats cause they are. they are the cutest couple ever. Selena is one of the hottest actress out there. love her sense of style and she’s very poise.

      • chanel being hot and selena !?!? cmooon she is not hot anymore ….. she is good but not hot . BEYONCE is hot or SHAKİRA but not SELENA

    • same here. i don’t know why people don’t like selena she seems very sweet and very grounded person who at times is a dork but she adores and loves justin very much. You know what they say don’t hate the player hate the game. i swear half of justin’s fans are such BULLIES. wait i thought justin was against bulling.

  1. I hope they’ll never break.bt marriage I dnt knw bt I will be really very happy for them cuz I LOVE THEM though more to Jb bt wen he’s happy I’m happytoo n sely, I LOVE U TOO.bt;)( ………….yeah LOVE HOPE THEY LAST 4eva

    • me. to. but know they are way to young. hopefully down the road when they both are ready and able to committee to each other for a long time but they both have accomplish what they have set what they wanted to do. justin and selena are the cutest couple that belong together.

      • i watned them to be happy but the question for me is that i do,nt think so with selena gomez i thought she said that she doesn,t what to get so together just in that persomal manor of that , love david conway

  2. I’m a BIG fan of @justinbieber and I dream to marry him. That sounds crazy, but YES, he is the man i wanna be with someday. :D well, I used to hate @selenagomez and eventually she gained my respect and it’s all because of Bieber. I’m not in the position to tell what @justinbieber’s feel but he maybe happy with her that’s why their relationship is more stronger now. anyway, @selenagomez is not the right woman for @justinbieber but again I’m not in the position to command Bieber. Let’s just respect what relationship they have right now. :) when Bieber is happy, i will be too.

  3. Right now they dont take anything to seriously. Their young and in love. I think Justin will eventually grow up and marry someone off the grid. Who knows, selena and him may not last through his Believe tour

  4. what if this just means they’re having relationship problems? or she just wants to be ready when the times comes.

    i think, that jelena is fake. i don’t think they’ll get married. even selena’s really sweet girl, i think they’ll break up later this year or next year.

  5. i know fans have there opinion unfortunatley in this website its mosly hate and not opinions but i think if he ask her and they wait untill he’s 19 or 20 and they are ready i think they should get married if he behaves like a good person with her. and she’s patient with him. but at the end guys its there decision. but unfortunately some beliebers would stir up unnecessary drama.

  6. looool if they get married the ceremony would be at chucky cheese looool and he’s register at gamestop if you want to send gifts looooool. guy justin is gay selena is his beard is like when tom cruise was married justin is in the closet he’s a homo in other words.

  7. just because she was photographed with a book about relationships it dosen’t mean anything. she just was reading that book in a beauty salon.

    • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that , i do what them to be happy together , and all but the only question i have just about selena gomez , why did she say that about she what,s to solow down her personal relationship now with justin bieber and not to be close suoresy may i ask , love david conway

  8. i hate @selena ogmez so much she cant not marrie justin bieber cause he have a gilr friend name cynthia ahe is a fan of @justinbieber and she what to marri3 @justinbieber so one day she whyll marrie @justinbieber i dont like so much selena gomez cause she is not sweet with here fans so dont like selena gomez plaes cause she shos what to chous justin bieber cause one day i see selena gomez and she kiss a other boy he is not justin bieber so dont like selena gomez ok am a fan of justin bieber i love u justin bieber so much and i what to marrie you and when you came to miami florida a whyll kiss you and if selena gomez see you kiss a fan of you chas kiss me justin bieber

    • why that ?? Selena is SOO sweet she is perfect & she has a really lovely and wonderful heart I love them together soo much and I really love Selena she is my idol of every thing & I love Justin too soo much but I hope that the get married they perfect to each other I hope the best for them JELENA FOR EVER

    • i know right, justin and selena are so meant for each other. can’t wait for them to get engaged. they are so cute together. they belong together. hope there engagement last a long time. they are so made for each other. can’t imagine them ever breaking up. let alone them ever arguing about little things. hope they get to spend the upcoming holidays together like they did last year. hope they at least get to see a movie together before he leaves for tour.

    • I think selena is a pretty and sweet girl but Justin is not gonna marry with her thay are just dating ………. they are both too young and Justin is too bussy . he has a BELİEVE TOUR soon !! I just wanna think bout BELİVE TOUR and I won’t make myself sad for fake rumors ….just BELİEVE #

  9. #NOrush

    there’s no rush in their relationship.. with the tabloids bringing this up over and over again its probably annoying to them.. lol

    maybe they have plans in the ‘FUTURE’ to wed… but for now..
    they r just happy as bf & gf…
    nd i think we all just need to b happy for where they r at ‘right’ now.

    not where they r going to be.. ukno??

    <3 u selly sel and jb..

    p.s. follow me… :) @iitz_ALYSSA

  10. OMG I really hope that it’s true PLZ get married you are perfect for each other but I want to know what Justin mean about the right person that he mean she’s Sel or what PLZ I want know I love them together soo much

  11. They are really cute but the believe-tour starts and selena has to work on her movies!! i don’t think they gonna married soon…Maybe later :)

  12. I don’t understan you support JELENA but you dreams about Justin as your boyxfriend.. I just don’t understand it.. #WantThatOldJustin

  13. I knew they were weren’t gonna married cuz he’s too young and she’s too old. Selena go out with someone who’s ur age
    I luv u Justin

  14. NO NO NO NO !!! Don’t do that Justin you ARE soooo young just don’t do that you have a loooooong life and there is lots of things to do with beliebers … don’t leave us babyyy :(((( ıtts too early if he does I’ll kill myself I SWEAR …………!!!!

  15. tbh they shouldnt get married now there WAY too young.like maybe in the future if there still together the can get married but just not now.but either way it goes its there life & they want listen to us,there just in love.so just let them be.Love you justin ;)

  16. you guys are a bunch of selfish people. you think on your selves instead of thinking of the guys feelings. who cares if he’s young who cares.its he’s personal life not yours if he wants to marry selena or anybody its he’s choice not the choice of little girls who don’t know about life itself. the guys is going to be 19 soon he’s an adult capable of his own decisions. so if he wants to marry selena he’s got that god damn right.

    • No one is trying to be selfish here, even if it seems like it. If you don’t care that he’s too young to get married that doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow in your footsteps. People at 19 are going to college, having fun while their young, not re-arranging wedding plans…

    • girl shut-up you just sound stupid
      if you want to get married at 18 years old and be tied down away from being an 18 year old you do that but i know justins smart enough to not listen to you
      nd who you callin a little girl im sure ur not even pass the age of 15

  17. I really think this is a rumour Justin’s all busy with tour while Selenas doing movies and both of them said they weren’t ready for marriage besides Selena said she isn’t even ready to move in with him so why the hell in Neptune’s ocean would they get married now?!

  18. noooooooooooooo i will be so sad i will like omg i dont know what i will do this better be a rumor if i see a ring on selenas left ring-finger i will be so pissed off
    i will cry cuz shes not givin anyone else a chance to date justin ):

    • um who names themselves Mrs Bieber or Alexis Bieber no offense. but who does that. I’m sure if justin and selena do get married. hopefully its for the right reason and hopefully they are settle in there careers that there enagagement is a long one and they really do love each other.

    • Try to think about Justin this time, maybe he really loves Selena, maybe Selena really is the girl for him, i know you have your list of reasons why you don’t like Selena but at the end of the day it is absolutely none of your concern. Be logical, Justin will probably never be with you (i’m not trying to offend you or anything) so what does it matter, Justin has found someone he’s happy with and he loves her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her (i don’t know for sure just assuming) why can’t you just be happy for him and get over yourself, it’s not your decision, it’s not your business, and it’s not your problem. Of course you could be a little upset but it’s really nothing to cry over, you don’t make Justin’s decisions, if it turns out Justin DOESNT want to be with whoever you WANT him to be with then don’t throw a fit. It wasn’t your decision in the first place, and it will never be your decision. If justin wants to marry (again just an assumption) Selena he will, it’s not about what YOU are happy with, it’s about who HE is happy with, so don’t get all upset if you don’t get what YOU want cause it’s not about you and it never was, it’s about JUSTIN and the question SHOULD be , Is justin happy? NOT, am I happy. I think if you really CARED about justin, you’d care about his happiness too. Even though you might not be 100% satisfied but you should care enough to put aside all of your negativity and rejoice in Justin’s happiness.

      • I do agree, Justin abd Selena are the cutest couple. They belong together and most sweetest couple ever. I do agree it has be Justin’s decision on who he dates and no one elses and not haters tell him who to dates. Justin and Selena should decided if they belong together and not some stupid idiotic fans to tell him to dump Selena. No one has that right but him to decided who to date.

      • @Algebra Sucks i agree with u, itz none of our business to make his decision to whoever he gets married to or date.. we just have to be happy.. as long as he is..

      • @algebrasucks after reading all you had to say i totally agree with you i know justin doesnt look to us and ask us who he should marry
        but dont get me wrong i am a total jelena fan

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