Justin Bieber Cries Thinking about Avalanna!

Justin Bieber was devastated this week when Avalanna Routh (known as “Mrs. Bieber”) passed away after a long battle with brain cancer.

Mom Pattie stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday, where she discussed Justin’s reaction to the tragic situation.

Check out what Pattie says on how Justin is handling the loss:

“It’s so sad. He was so fond of [Avalanna]. Every time he went to New York he was like, “I have to go visit her – I love her so much, Mom.”

Pattie said Avalanna’s death has been tough for her son to wrap his head around, especially since he had an enormous soft spot for the little girl.

According to Pattie, Justin’s desire to help Avalanna is just one example of his strong character.

“He would tear up thinking about her and show me videos and things like that.

“Of course I’m proud of his success and stuff, but as a mom, I’m most proud of his character and the kind of young man he’s grown to be. He’s always loved little kids and babies.”

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