Justin Bieber Cries Thinking about Avalanna!

Justin Bieber was devastated this week when Avalanna Routh (known as “Mrs. Bieber”) passed away after a long battle with brain cancer.

Mom Pattie stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday, where she discussed Justin’s reaction to the tragic situation.

Check out what Pattie says on how Justin is handling the loss:

“It’s so sad. He was so fond of [Avalanna]. Every time he went to New York he was like, “I have to go visit her – I love her so much, Mom.”

Pattie said Avalanna’s death has been tough for her son to wrap his head around, especially since he had an enormous soft spot for the little girl.

According to Pattie, Justin’s desire to help Avalanna is just one example of his strong character.

“He would tear up thinking about her and show me videos and things like that.

“Of course I’m proud of his success and stuff, but as a mom, I’m most proud of his character and the kind of young man he’s grown to be. He’s always loved little kids and babies.”

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    owhhhh ……….<3 don't cry biebs

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      he is the BEST PERSON I ‘VE EVER KNOWN

      • lovejustin

        aww.. poor justin. Ik i started to tear up when I heard the news. but justin shes in a better place, shes put out of misery, and one day you will see her again. dont worry, and hopefully i will be able to see you one day when i die. xoxo

      • Belieber

        That is true :)

      • Carli Bieber forever

        Aww so sad stay strong

    • H

      Awwhhh pooor babies:'(

    • leslie

      Justin don’t cri I almost cried to but she is in better place and you will see her again some day. I know how much you avalanna ment to you.i know right know in heaven she’s looking down on you and saying your a great guy. I love you. PEACE <3

  • Victoria

    that is so sad

    • lovejustin

      i know i agree with you but shes in a better place forever.

      • belieber

        I know he has a soft spot for her and that is really sweet. And I also know that he grew fond of her to. EXCEPT my question is did he go to her funeral.And I know he was really hurt to here that Avanna had passed away. And also has Justin Bieber ever grew fond of any of his fans before? I bet she was very special to him to R.I.P Avanna u were really sweet to everyone even Justin Bieber.

    • Jessica Lima

      This is more than sad
      This is …
      No words can’t even explain this

  • Briana

    Aww I love her so much too and I love Justin :)

    • belieber

      I aalso love Justin very much cause I’m his number one fan.

  • BieberForeverFan

    Omg that’s so sad I love you Justin and avlanna

    • lovejustin

      i agree

      • Love_katie14

        I also agree We love you justin please stay strong. <3 We hurt when you hurt. :(

  • Ashley

    So sad. She is watching over everyone. She will be the one and only mrs.bieber. When I heard she died I was so upset. Don’t cry Justin. She was too young to die. I wish they found a cure. I my eyes just watered. I don’t understand why God would take away someone so young but there must be a reason why he did. R.I.P Avalanna. :(

    • lovejustin

      because God wanted her out of her misery. and shes in a better place forever.

      • Love_katie14

        Yup God needed another beautiful angel in heaven now she is in a better place. <3

  • Don H

    This is a very sad time in our area, we only live a few towns over from Avalanna and though I dont know her or her parents we all know about her due to justin and the news, it still feels like a loss when ever a child dies of sickness, its like its not fair , I have twin grandaughters coming next week and I worry about all the things that could happen, we need to just trust in the lord and pray for all the sick in the world.

  • Its pinche Rosalina

    Omg i actually cried reading this! Poor justin and avalanna! We will never forget you :(
    R.I.P avalanna :'(

    • Real Jsha bieber

      Yaa i agree with u rosie :'(

      • belieber

        So do I bye,bye Avalanna we love i and miss u

  • cutie B

    i want a guy who love kids the way he does. justin you’re a awesome person luv you!!

    • Real Jsha bieber


  • MaliaBieber101

    Breaks my heart to see him cry</3
    man, that will tear a Niqqa up..Lmao!(:

  • ???

    Stay strong Justin don’t cry I bet she is watching you from heaven right now praying for you!!

  • saida mahoney

    I was so heartbroken when I heard Avalanna died it made me so sad she was a adorable Angel she meant alot to me daily.
    #StayStrong Justin everything is going to be alright.

    • Real Jsha bieber

      she was so cute :'(

  • iyana luvs justin bieber


  • Mrs.Bieber

    aww justin were all with you



    • #Believe In Biebah

      So your happy about Avalanna’s death & Justin’s miserable emotions?! What kind of sick human are you?! Why don’t you take a seat at the Irrelevant Table, next to @Weeeeeeee & Mr. Bell. >:(

      • CATWOMAN

        Lol! I only put that there to c how would y’all react if I put a :D there. I was just joking around cuz I was bored. BTW in case you haven’t notice, I’m a TRUE Belieber and I respect Avalana!! & no I’m not happy that she dead! I’m upset about it. So, bye girl! B)

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Whatever, this isn’t time to fight. Just don’t do that okay, WOMAN?! >:(

      • CATWOMAN

        W E M L!

    • Lesli

      So, you’re upset that Avalanna is dead, but you think it’s a good time to play jokes? You don’t see the flaw in your reasoning? Get lost. You could at least play stupid jokes on a different article.

    • Lesli

      So, you’re upset that Avalanna is dead, but you think it’s a good time to play jokes? You don’t see the flaw in your reasoning? Get lost. You could at least play stupid jokes on a different article.

    • Lesli

      So, you’re upset that Avalanna is dead, but you think it’s a good time to play jokes? You don’t see the flaw in your reasoning? Get lost. You could at least play stupid jokes on a different article.

    • Lesli

      So, you’re upset that Avalanna is dead, but you think it’s a good time to play jokes? You don’t see the flaw in your reasoning? Get lost. You could at least play stupid jokes on a different article.

  • Alisha

    Aww! Thats really sad, be stronge justin.

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Oh. My. God. I wish I can comfort Justin right now. :( He needs us. We need to tweet something that will make him smile. We all miss Avalanna. This is a very hard stage Justin’s going through, so we should show support. “Everything’s gonna be alright.” – Justin Bieber

  • nathaliabieber

    Because good people always die that I would not be able to go back and have been me who died instead of her

  • Rudy

    don’t make me cry either JB. i lost my Dad and it took some time to get it over with and he died the day in the ICU November 3rd before my 35th birthday and it was a terrible loss and i wanted him to forgive me for everything i put him into a lot of pain. i missed the fun i had with him. into 2 months to go and Nov.4th i turn 36 and the 3rd i will be not in a good mood like u. but i learned that he is up there i heaven and yes i think about him some times when its time for me sleep it will come up to my head when i play a song on my iPod like PURPLE RAIN. the rain is pouring on him and some day when i will be next i’m with him and i would be happy with him again. my dad is like a friend to me as he said. he was right when he dies i’m gonna be worrying that i don’t have a father to help and/or have fun out with him. u r in my prayers and my condolences to u and avalanna and her parents. some day we, all of us will be up there u will be there with her and u will be happy. i would be happy with my father. there r tough times with my mom right now when we argue but we separate and give ourselves space and we have a nice talk. the song u put on ur acoustic album: pray, i believe in the beiber because i am also a beiber believer. how about this song u could sing to avalanna, hush little baby don’t say a word, mother’s gonna give u mocking bird. u know the rest of it if u do. i jus 4got.

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Wow. I pray for you @Rudy. Hope your life is full of nice surprises. And I hope you meet Justin one day. xoxo #Beliebers

  • 2crazy4bieber

    It sucked to hear she died. I couldn’t help but cry, I can’t even imagine being Justin and hearing that… She was so special to him…… to ALL of us.

    • #Believe In Biebah

      It hurts to see the fact that Justin is all happy & excited for the Believe Tour, and a few days before the tour Avalanna leaves. Justin’s heartbroken. Why?! Avalanna didn’t deserve this!!! Dear God, give us Avalanna Routh, and we’ll give you Drake Bell and Mariah Yeater. Their presence is useless, anyways. :(

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    nawww babyyyy…

    U’ll b alrght babee!!! We r all here 4 u and we will help u get through this!!! Rememba avalanna is always by yr side justin.. she is neva truly gonee!!!!! we love u so much and wil get through this togetha <3333

  • sastika bieber

    yeah I agree wid u biebah. god’s done mistake plz send her back she really deserves to be here plz do listen our prayer .dont cry JB WE LOVE U ANYWAY

    • Amy

      She is gone and won’t ever come back

      • Belieber

        Well, maybe you could see her in heaven someday when you die. always believe :)

      • belieber

        Well ur being really negative plz think positive at least for Justin.WHAT KIND OF PERSON R U SOME KIND OF NEGITIVE PERSON?

  • emma bieber

    aww dont cry bieber she is in a better place now

  • OMB!

    aww don’t cry Justin cause she’s in a better place than she was!!
    Thats life.. you know… Our angel will find new friends there! :)

  • Lbielieber

    When I heard she died I was devastated.. I feel for her family!! @LolsLollyPop on twitter

  • bieber fever swag

    yap she will find new friends there and justin plz don,t cry my baby plz don,t cry your beliebers are with you 4 ever ok now stop crying plz i love you justin i am your biggest fan

  • Amy

    I’m so sorry Justin. But she is in a better place now. She is put out of her misery. Maby one day you will see her again one day.


    love avalanna R.I.P



    • Lokani

      aww poor justin, he’s so heartbroken over the little girl. His mom seems so young and vibant. she loves and adores justin hope things will get better.

    • Jessica Bieber

      Everyone has and always will love avalanna.
      Those who don’t, gave no heart

      • Jessica Bieber

        HAVE no heart I ment

      • Justin Bieber


  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    poor justin nd avalanna. :(

  • Melissa

    Justin bieber is such in amazing guy it going to be ok she is your garden angel watching down for u keep your head up and be strang love u Justin!!!!