Justin Bieber Gives his “Fisker Karma” Car to Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber has reportedly given his  $100,000 luxury Fisker Karma sports car to his buddy Sean Kingston in recognition of their long-standing friendship.

Justin had a run-in with authorities in July for reckless driving in the vehicle, and now he’s avoided further potential road woes by giving the car to Kingston, reports Eonline.com.

Sean tells Eonline outside BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Sunday night.:

“When you’re best friends with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, you get all kinds of gifts. This is one of them.”

You might remember that Justin received the flashy ride as a gift from his manager Scooter Braun as a surprise for his 18th birthday.

According to TMZ, Justin GAVE HIM his Fisker Karma simply because he got bored with it. And he will be getting the newest model of the Fisker Karma soon.

Justin Bieber DID NOT “gift” Sean his customized Fisker Karma. Sean was just joking.

Sources close to Justin tell TMZ — Kingston’s pants are COMPLETELY on fire — truth is, Sean asked Justin if he could BORROW the car to go to dinner since Justin is on tour … and Justin obliged. Now, the car is back in Justin’s garage.

Justin tweeted:

“i might let a friend drive my car but i didnt give him my car. #rumors #funnystuff”

Watch the video:

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