Justin Bieber Gives his “Fisker Karma” Car to Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber has reportedly given his  $100,000 luxury Fisker Karma sports car to his buddy Sean Kingston in recognition of their long-standing friendship.

Justin had a run-in with authorities in July for reckless driving in the vehicle, and now he’s avoided further potential road woes by giving the car to Kingston, reports Eonline.com.

Sean tells Eonline outside BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Sunday night.:

“When you’re best friends with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, you get all kinds of gifts. This is one of them.”

You might remember that Justin received the flashy ride as a gift from his manager Scooter Braun as a surprise for his 18th birthday.

According to TMZ, Justin GAVE HIM his Fisker Karma simply because he got bored with it. And he will be getting the newest model of the Fisker Karma soon.

Justin Bieber DID NOT “gift” Sean his customized Fisker Karma. Sean was just joking.

Sources close to Justin tell TMZ — Kingston’s pants are COMPLETELY on fire — truth is, Sean asked Justin if he could BORROW the car to go to dinner since Justin is on tour … and Justin obliged. Now, the car is back in Justin’s garage.

Justin tweeted:

“i might let a friend drive my car but i didnt give him my car. #rumors #funnystuff”

Watch the video:

  • IL_Jelena

    wait… uhh i thought this was given to u on the Ellen show by scooter????!!



    but its nice. lol


    • liz;)


      • Rue b

        No it was a rumor look at the update

    • JaylaBieber


  • Selena Bieber

    2nd I love him follow me @JelenaMyWorld15 !!!!

  • Bieberlover6262

    What the heck? He got ‘bored’ with it? He didn’t even have it for a year. I love Justin, but that made him seem like a spoiled brat. I thought he loved that car. Oh well…at least he gave it to a friend.

    • LENA

      exactly was i was thinking because tmz was trying to make him loook like a bratt

    • bianca


  • Srij

    The car was amazzzing

  • kaylani

    the car looks amazing, he’s so nice to his best friend Sean,. Who I adore and love his music. I hope justin collobarates with Sean on his next album. It must be nice to have Celeb friends who you can borrow things from. I love how justin is very generous with his cars. Since Justin wants to keep alot of things private and wont’s share alot with the world. thats understandable for him to do that.

  • Jene bieb

    He was bored with it? And it was also a gift from scooter. Im not sure how i should feel about this. But i guess hes rich so of. Course hea gonna be a bit of a spoiled brat. But honestly i dont think he should give away aomething that was given to him as a gift. And he shouldnt waste money too much

    • LENA

      very true

    • Rue b

      Rumor ppl look at the update

  • Cristal

    Thats nice of him and everything…but why to a rich friend?…why not to one of his poor friends from the neighborhood ???…..Yes, he gave his best friend a Mustang for his birthday and all that….but why give an expensive vehicle to someone that already has money??? why not to one of your other poor friends??….Hell, maybe they can even sell the car and buy their mothers a nice house!…make their life much easier!….Like the saying goes ” The richer, gets richer and the poor, becomes poorer”.

    • kaymon$eys

      soo true he couldve sold the car to a car dealer and get money and give it to charity orr give it to chaz orr nolan i never see him with them much just ryan

  • Sandy Ragan

    love regifting , u go Justin :)

  • Fanny

    It’s rude to give away a gift

    • JessLovesBieber

      he didnt he just let him drive it -.-

  • Gabriella Bieber

    justin why did you give your amazing car to sean kingstion????? i really liked the car with you

  • maria

    a mi me parece mal.. es un regalo que le hizo scooter y que se lo regale a otro.. como que no esta bien lo que hizo… :(

  • Belieber 4 ever

    I think that was very thoughtful for Justin to give that to his friend, Sean Kingston.. But Scooter bought that car for Justin’s birthday in March and spent thousands on it. I’ll miss Justin driving that car and seeing it.. cause it has swag w/ the chrome and everything.. that cars perfect

  • #Believe In Biebah

    I’m disappointed. I love Justin, but that car was a gift from Scooter. It’s rude to give it away. I mean, yes it’s nice to give it to a friend, but it was a gift from Scooter. And how can you get bored with it? I just hope Justin told Scooter about this before he gave it away. I mean, I hope Scooter’s not hurt. :(

    • mrs.sawggiebieber

      ur totally right. u took the words outta my mouth. i stiil love him, but i gotta admit that wasnt cool. i like that he gave it to sean but ya gotta understand the feelings of others before u do that.

    • JessLovesBieber

      it was a rumor he didnt give him his car

    • Rue b

      Rumor look at the update

  • Erica

    Guys…. just think.. Justin is gonna be on tour for like 2 years straight. He really wont have time at all to drive it….

    • Alisha

      U r right, atleast he giving it to his best friend. By the way TMZ are biggest lier.

  • LENA

    JUSTIN BIEBER JUST TWEETED: i might let a friend drive my car but i didnt give him my car. #rumors #funnystuff

  • 2crazy4bieber

    Before you guys get your tits in a twist… Justin just tweeted he did NOT give him the car.. So don’t get all upset with Justin. IT’S NOT TRUE!! MTV lies about everything, you should know that by now.

    • JessLovesBieber

      right!! everyones having spazz attacks lol

  • MaliaBieber101

    What?! Aww:( Scotter and Ellen gave him that car for his 18th Bday:(

  • TrueBelieber56

    maybe he didnt want the car anymore.like it was his car,& Justin being super sweet,nice,& kind.he gave his car to sean.& now it’s his :) love you justin

    • JessLovesBieber

      it was a rumor!

  • JaylaBieber

    He’s sounded pretty spoiled. He gave his car away because he was “bored” with it?

    • Believe

      Sad ,you really believe tmz said ,how can they know Justin got bored with the car , tmz always try to make Justin look bad

      • JaylaBieber

        Sad you don’t believe in periods.

    • Rue b

      Sad tht u believe wat tmz says instead of finding the truth…. Look at the update instead of comin to conclusions of way a GOSSIP mag/website says

  • TrueBelieber56

    ooopps,actually Justin Tweeted he let Sean drive his car not HAVE it.he said it was a rumor.go on his twitter page if you dont believe me.

    • JaylaBieber

      Oh, just saw it. Thanks for letting people know.

      • MaliaBieber101

        Yeah I saw that too!

      • TrueBelieber56

        no promblem.

  • JBbelieber

    U guys justin just tweeted he didn’t give him his car he let him borrow it. If u don’t believe me go to my account JBbelieber24_7



  • The REAL khloe99

    He got “bored” with it? Ok Justin I love you to pieces but you kinda just sounded like a spoiled little brat and kind of a jerk but who cares I still love you. #BelieberForever :D :D :D

    • JessLovesBieber

      he didnt actually give it away he just let him drive it

  • The REAL khloe99

    Oh never mind I saw his tweet. God! The media these days will make up ANY thing!!!!!!!

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Actually never mind. Justin tweeted that he did NOT give Sean. I knew he wouldn`t do that. :) He`s not selfish. Love you Justin. xoxo <3

    • #Believe In Biebah

      *the car to Sean

  • bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbeeeeeerrrrrr

    WHY? bieber you got that from scooter a now your giving it away

  • JaylaBieber

    Why do you all keep telling us that he tweeted about not giving the car to Sean? WE KNOW. LATE.


    wow… cool car, i guess he just gave him his car to just drive around who knowz…

  • swag

    I don’t think he gave it away he wizard just borrowing it

  • swag

    I don’t think he gave it away he wuz just borrowing it