Justin Bieber got an iPhone 5

Justin took pics of himself, wearing a bandana!

“Took this on my Iphone 5 the front camera is definitely clearer.”

@justinbieber: Justin ew why are you wearing a bandana” Me : “don’t ask questions”

More of Justin’s instagram pic!

  • belieberforever


  • RealBelieber

    eres tan presumido Bieber pero te amo!

  • Lloyd


  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    hes just soo hawwttttt <3333

  • MaliaBieber101

    <3 HOT!!!

  • Khadbieber

    Justin is soooo sweet.

  • Mbieber

    Nyc pic justin

  • mariabelieber

    i love iphone 5 and more justin bieber lol !!!!!!!! xxxxx;]

  • essie j

    swag ;)

  • TRI

    Aww :*

  • Laurenbieber:* ilyjb

    I want that phone so much :) he is soooooooooooo hoooooooooot. :)

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Mrs.Bieber

    to cute
    the iphone 5 is just bigger than the iphone 4 nd has a little bit more features

  • grace bieber

    y he has 2 b so cute ? :(

  • JaylaBieber

    You wanna give your old iPhone 4s? I’ll take it! I wouldn’t care if you gave me the first iPhone!

    • paige norton

      hey what’s up Justin bieber this is your girlfriend and here is my number for my iphone 4 6043091118 and you can also text me or you can call me

  • Bieberfan234

    Kool he’s got the iphone 5 already good for him i bet it cost a lot of money, hav fun with ur new phone justin
    I luv u Justin

    I’M A BELIEBER!!!!!

  • Dakota13

    i love justin bieber so much<3

  • Dakota13

    <3,,,,,,,,,,3<3<3 bieber fan forreal thats is me

  • Dakota13

    love ur pics justin<3

  • The REAL khloe99

    Lucky him I’m stuck with the stupid first iPhone even the iPhone 4 would be evencbetter than this


    niceeeeeeeeee, love ur eyez Justin.. :D

  • britishbelieber1998

    Sooooo lucky, and The REAL khloe99, ur lucky to have an iPhone, I haven’t even got a touchscreen, stuck with a tiny flippy phone!
    Luv u Justin!

  • diana♥jb&1d


  • Megan V

    Why he gotta be so cute?!?!?!?! (IT’S JUST NOT FAIR)!!!!!!

  • Carli Bieber forever

    Love you justin

  • ?

    the badanna looks stupid !

  • belieber

    OMG i can’t even say thats cute that is HOT! i love u justin

  • belieber


  • shreyasi saha

    The badanna looks stupid but i like his eyes. He is toooooooooo sexy
    Luv u