Justin Bieber Offered $25 Million to Be American Idol Judge

According to The National Enquirer, Justin Bieber was offered a massive $25 million to become an American Idol’s third judge. Wow.. Impressive!

However Beliebers.. don’t get too excited because Justin had to ‘say no because of upcoming commitments and touring.’

From The National Enquirer mag:

“They offered him many more millions than Mariah Carey —and double what [Jennifer Lopez] made to start”

“That’s because executive producer Nigel Lythgoe’s so hot on Bieber he approached him even before Steven Tyler announced he was quitting. Nigel was willing to make Justin the highest-paid judge ever! Why? Because he’s convinced he’d bring in a younger demographic and put the show back in the No. 1 position.”

Do you want to see Justin Bieber judge American Idol?

  1. I wouldn’t want Justin to be a judge. He knows that people would be crushed if THE justin bieber told them that they’re not good enough. Plus Justin wouldn’t do that to people. He’s too frickin sweet

  2. That’s kind of stupid. They just want him on the show, because his 27+ Million Beliebers would watch the show & the show would be #1. -_- Like, it said in the article. Using Justin for fame. (Famewhores, LOL) I’m glad Justin said no, because the Believe Tour is more important. Well, me & Justin think the Believe Tour is more important. ^.^

  3. As much as I love what he does, and I when looking up to him, I would not want thin to participate in American idol as a judge because to me that’s usually for people who’s career are over. Hes young and has a lot ahead of him. So he should continue going in big an not some offer that will not be with him forever.

  4. i think he should say yes because he have millions of fans and this year american idol is gonna be huge <3 <3

  5. I honestly think he shouldn’t, it’s like every celebrity is being a judge right now. Note the fact the he could be put under a lot of pressure being honest with contestants…

  6. I would love for Justin to be an American idol judge. Obviously the show would be put on top again because he is there at the panel bringing unbelievable swagger to the show which has been clearly sliding down the ratings list recently. However, it’s sad that the offer was even put out there and brought to our attention, because we’re all just going to be disappointed over it. Justin is so busy, and I don’t think he’s quite ready to handle a role like that, when even though he’s super beautiful/talented/charming/intelligent/mature/famous, he really has only been in the business for about four to five years. Well, that’s just my opinion. Much love to Justin!

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