Justin Bieber Pushes Paparazzi in London, UK

Justin Bieber in London (UK) today (September, 12).

Justin wasn’t too happy when he was surrounded by paparazzi. He ended up pushing and shoving a few photographers as he left his hotel and made his way to a waiting limousine, accompanied by bodyguards. Thankfully no one was hurt.

However, Justin looking all happy when taking pics with fans.

10+ pics inside

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline.comINF Daily

  1. serves those stupid pap’s right they need to leave justin alone im glad he pushed the deserve it LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok so we all know that when your a superstar that paps are gonna follow you around, Justin should know that to. But if they circle him what is he supposed to do just stand there and let them suffocate him. I don’t blame justin paps need to be nice and i bet that they would get alot more stories from jusitn if they was nice to him. LOVE U JUSTIN! <3

  3. He’s probably like “Move it! Out of my way! I need to breath!!!” Dumbass paps, like get another motherf*cking job. -_- Especially the old one in the second pic, lol.

  4. Did it not occur to those f*cktards that he may have had some sh!t to do?! I would’ve been pushing them too. And maybe he was trying to see his fans!

  5. love how justin can just push the stalkrazzi out of the way. they are like bees to honey without it they don’t eat. No wonder celebs can’t stand them they are so annoying and irrating. justin seems so down to earth and very loyal to his family. but his fans can go abit overboard. they can say some overtop things. Justin is very cute and very adorable.. i bet there are times that he wishes that he could be normal and it must be annoying to have screaming and crying girls in your ears all the time. but Justin and selena can still go strong and hopefully be solid for the coming holidays that are just around the corner.

  6. It would be SOOO awesome if the islamic terrorist killed each and every paparazzi. I am not a Justin B fan. But these pricks are annoying and if any of them got shot, a lot of people would be relieved and sleep better at night.

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