Justin Bieber to Get More Tattoos, Not Too “Crazy” Like Chris Brown!

During an interview with The Metro newspaper, Justin referenced Chris Brown’ latest tattoo design (a beaten Rihanna face on his neck), insisting he would never do anything that wild.

When asked if he planned to get any more designs, Justin said:

“I definitely see myself getting more [tattoos] in the future but slowly but surely.

“I’m not going to go too crazy right away and get something on my neck or anything like that!”

In the same interview, Justin also revealed that he’s hired magician David Blaine to give him a helping hand on his upcoming Believe tour. He explained:

“I’m looking forward to my tour, it’s going to be really crazy. We have David Blaine working on it.

“My choreographer is inventive and really creative. It’s cool I get to work with these people. I’ve been in the dance studio literally every day getting ready.”

It is currently unknown what part Blaine will play during the shows – which kick off in the US later this month.

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