Justin Bieber Was Scared to Kiss Selena For the First Time!

Justin Bieber has confessed he was scared and nervous before kissing Selena Gomez for the first time, but he insists the KISS was the best of his life.

During an interview with We Love Pop magazine, Justin said:

“It was scary and spontaneous and it was just awesome. It was the best kiss of my life.”

Despite being in a committed relationship for almost two years, Justin claims he still doesn’t understand women. He spends a lot if his time trying to guess what Selena is thinking or what type of mood she is in. He said:

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning about girls. You never know whether they’re going to be happy or sad, do you? You kinda have to hope that they’re going to be in a good mood.”

  1. wooooooo hooooooooooooo justin bieber don,t want to kiss selena wow. i am your biggestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt fan of you . justin bieber i love you . i wanna meet you. plz plz plz plz plz come to U.A.E plz i wanna kiss you . i wanna hug you. i wanna touch you .please come in U.A.E plz .I LOVE YOU . JUSTIN BIEBER AND I AM NO ONE BELIEBER LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  2. i think that all the stuff about Justin Bieber and Selena is fake FYI i REALLY want to be KISSING Justin Bieber RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with u because Justin shouldn’t be kissing selena because selena been kissing another guy u can look at the pics and I’m 4real 1 day I saw a picture of selena kissing another guy and not her bf that is wrong selena

      • yeah it was for a movie you dumbass. And why would you not kiss someone who alrady has kissed someone else, grow up. We don’t live in an era where you get married to the person you have your first kiss with. oh boy

      • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , is that i have a short public statement to make tonight and that is , if i was a hater to selena gomez , why do you think i just added to my track list on you tube video channel , just before i go to demi lovato music , and now i do listen to the joans bothers right after demi lovato as well , and i do listen to the disney sound track to the camp rock 2 the final jam disney channel movie , and i do listen to the music sound track to sunny with the chance sound track , just from walt disney tv show sound track , love david b conway

  3. He was nervous he didn’t he didn’t want to kiss her. I’m sure a lot of people get nervous for their first kiss with a boyfriend/girlfriend

  4. Justin bieber said if my beliebers kiss her boyfriends he jealous and justinbieber kiss selena gomez we don’t get jealous
    Justinbieber i want to say that u luv selena gomez its alright but don’t be so with her kiss all day and making her laugh cuz u r wasting time with her and lots of money spending only for selena gomez…….thats not gud please gjustinbieber promise us u luv only us…..,,,

    • Ok that didnt make much sense, but if Justin wants to kiss on his girl friend he has the ultimate right to do so and how is he wasting his time bonding with her? And you want Justin to promise to love only us? That’s very selfish. Justin shouldn’t promise us anything like that, he has the right just like everyone else to fall in love with someone he’s happy with. How could you possibly think he’d actually love only us, he doesn’t revolve around us ya know, he has a girlfriend and a family and friends that he loves and wants to spend time with, just like everyone else

      • I agree with @Algebrasucks. He loves family, friends, and us, Beliebers. If Justin got nervous kissing Sel for the first time, imagine how he felt inside when he kissed her in public. (Me: :O) (Shocked) And imagine what he thought when he found out how some of his “Beliebers” sended hate to Sel. Justin: :( (Sad) Selena: >:O (Upset/Mad) Me: *O* (Screaming wtf)

      • @Raven I’m wrong????
        You’re saying that Justin doesn’t have the right to kiss his girlfriend and spend time with her, and he also doesn’t have the right to fall in love with someone he’s happy with, you’re kidding right? And nobody likes Selena but me, that’s really funny cause Justin likes Selena, her fans like Selena, selena’s family likes Selena. Sorry Raven but you sound very uneducated right now.

      • Algebra sucks u better watch out who u r tlking 2 bc u dnt know me like that who u funno try let’s have a battle who would like selena an Justin 2 go out or not go out and we gonna start 2day

      • Algebra sucks u dnt like selena at 1st but now u like selena u use 2 be a diva on this fansite but now u arnt and it stills act like u r a diva on this fansite 2day is not the day about algebra sucks everyday is about jb like 2day is about jb and yesterday was about jb and tomorrow is still about jb

      • I like Selena too and @Raven you need to shut your mouth and stop being mean just think if people talked about you the way people talk about Selena because she is dating someone she likes!!!

      • Yes, she is To be dating Justin. They are made for each other. Hope one day they can get engaged. There engagement Is a long one. They are meant for each other. Can’t imagine them dating other people. They are the sweetest couple ever can’t believe Justin was scared to kiss Selena for the first time. Very sweet but scary to. I adore there chemistry and adore how they live each other very much. Hope they never ever break up.

    • I think so to. I love your name Sabrina, Justin and Selena are the cutest couple ever. They are so adorable together, love seeing them together. Very sweet together.

  5. I know that the some of you are young on here.. But if you honestly don’t know what the hell is going on and you only go by what magazines and other pages like this say you don’t know a thing! RUMORS RUMORS RUMORS! how can you hate on Selena, she’s the one that makes Justin happy! His believe album is all about her! He loves his beliebers more then anything but it’s two different types of love and feelings. Don’t hate on Selena. She’s done nothing wrong. Imagine if something would happen to Selena do you think Justin would be happy then…? No, because his heart would be broken. Don’t argue about it, you can’t change it. He loves who he loves and that’s Miss Selena Gomez herself! :) <3 #muchlove

      • The song believe its self is about the fans. But most of the other songs are about Selena. If you don’t believe that then you don’t know their relationship. Actually listen to the songs and read the lyrics. And you’re right you can like Justin but not his relationships. But you can’t change it, and if you don’t support it then that’s just a part of Justin you don’t deserve to know anyways. Gotta love him for who he is, who he loves, what he does, when he does it. It won’t change who he is if you don’t like it or not.

    • THANK YOU. i TOTS agree. i do think justin and selena belong together. i don’t think anyone has the right to tell anyone who justin should fall in love with.

  6. Nope, don’t think that at all. Just voicing my opinion! There’s nothing wrong with it! I can write a long paragraph, a long page or whatever I like. You’re the one that has to come back with a comment like that by “insulting” someone on their opinion. I wrote the comment, you replied to it. If you didn’t like it then don’t hit the reply button. Simple as that honey! :) <3

      • Nope not a know it all either. Just more mature then you obviously. You don’t know who i am, so don’t be to quick to judge. Don’t sit and say you deal with people “like me” on the regular…? How about you grow up, learn how to talk like a normal person instead of the slang/gangster style you have going on. AND if you deal with “know it all’s” on the “regular” then you would think you would know to just to leave it alone and quit replying. I’m sorry but you seem to be the “know it all” and that’s why this is the last comment from me. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :) <3

  7. Selena is very sweet and very adorable person. Justin and Selena totally meant for each other. They both are made for each other. Love how Justin and Selena are very supprtive of each other’s careers. Hope they never ever break up.

  8. Hey I know Justin’s Aunt and this is totally true!!! She did say if you guys ever wanted to give him some encouragement this is his actual American cell phone: 847-347-6099. I trust the fans on this site so DO NOT give this away or make this PUBLIC!

  9. selena is such a stupid bitch i hate her so much i hope that fat slut dies seriously has anyone noticed she got fat? STAY AWAY FROM JUSTIN BITCH I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DONT

    • Jez your so tough behind a screen. Oh and you said it and it looks like they are still together! Jealousy and hate are a bitch aren’t they?

    • Haha it’s easy to say you will kill Selena over the internet but if you ever saw here in person you won’t do nothing and you ain’t the only one that has said that but Selena doesn’t care cause she’s still with Justin doing what she wants to do with him…

      Aww I find it soo adorable that JuJu got nervous since he’s one of the most confident stars :-)

    • Omg what is in your soul half the devil this is so rude and u haters need to grow up and stop the swearing she is so nice and sweet and she is totally not fat!!!

  10. Guys, I will support justin in pretty much every decision he makes, but i sometimes feel like selena is just leading him along for fame sometimes. Like i said i will support justin because its his life but im not the biggest fan of selena. He even said before he wasnt really into flashy brands and now he said SELENA has gotten him more into high tail brands. I honestly think she’s bringing him down. But I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!

    • I totally agree with u. I mean I love Justin but I think its time for selena to find someone that is more mature and little bit older for her age. Everytime I look at a picture of these two it looks like selena has out grown Justin. My opinion please respect it:)

  11. yes yes yes.
    i agree.
    justin has the right to love whoever he wants, wenever he wants.
    if u ddnt already realize, justins fans r his life.
    ok..? he loves us too.
    geez he can love a girl.

    just b happy for him. is that so much to ask for?
    he was scared to kiss her, becuz he rlly liked her nd he prolly ddnt want to mess up.. :p
    they r adorable…


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