Justin Bieber’s Gun Pose-Off Photo Controversy!

In a photo taken by an actor on the set of Selena Gomez’s upcoming movie “Feed the Dog”, Justin was snapped posing with a FAKE GUN and pointing it at the actor’s dad. Selena was right there for the photo op, smiling in the pic.

After the photos were posted to the Twitter, Justin received a slew of criticism for the gun pose-off, with writers around the web saying the snaps were “irresponsible” and “foolish”.

Checkout what they’re saying:

A writer at Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star:
“You shouldn’t really ever be pointing any kind of gun — fake or real — at anyone.”

A writer from Canada’s Globe and Mail:
“Guns are on everyone’s mind as a serious crisis in Canada and the United States. Everyone, that is, except maybe Justin Bieber.”

A writer at Hollywood Life:
“Justin, what is wrong with you? Not only does this new photo show bad taste, but you’re also pointing it at the other man in the photo.”

“Justin, whether you like it or not, you’re a role model. And millions of fans, 27 million on Twitter, are following your every move. You have power in this industry, and holding a gun in jest is just plain foolish.”

What do you think beliebers.. Is the photo inappropriate? Have your say below!!

  1. People went a little far, and need to understand that is was just suppost to be a silly picture and nothing more. I know he’s a role model and has a responsibility to be a good one but being silly and trinf to entertain your fans is never a bad thing.. Keep believing no matter what!(:

    • He was gooffiing off. I would play around if I had a fake gun. Why would Justin actually point a real gun at someone. Even toddlers know not to do that.

    • This is sooo stupid!!!!! He was just messing around! Selena can go to a shooting range and its cute but Justin posses with a FAKE gun and gets hate for it!! What the heck!!

  2. People should really chill ouut. Lol this boy can’t even play with a fake gun without people telling how he should act. However I do understand where the people are coming from because half of his fans are 8 nd younger little girls. But this is the life he wanted so he’s just gonna have to thug it out.

  3. um, well its kind of bad but like its like a fake gun, but like its kind of sending out the wrong message like, pointing a real or fake gun is just showing that like you can just point a gun at anyone, real or fake and like get away with it, but who am i to be saying anything about this? eh.

  4. It’s not a big deal. The gun was fake and if it were real there might be a problem. Anyways… It doesn’t really concern me. I love JB!

  5. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s fake, he’s not really going to hurt someone. Let him have his fun. Why is Selena is looking like she’s in an advertisement for Crest dental strips or some sh!t? Lmao.

    • @JaylaBieber, ROTFL! I love her, but she’s like, “CHECK OUT MY TEETH!!! HAVE TEETH LIKE ME SO YOU CAN SMILE!!!” And her eyes = Creepy light up cherries

    • she is smiling so hard bc she knows this pic is gonna make justin look bad…she doesnt reall like justin at all duh. shes only all over this dude when the cameras r around like seriously she is soo fake and ugly

  6. oh my god…. c’mon! it’s just a photo! he’s having fun with fake gun!! we’ve all done that when we were young!! what’s the big deal?!?

  7. OMFG, you people need attention don’t ya? And y’all know where you can get it from, THE Justin Bieber. -_- These tweets are kind of forcing Justin to act like what THEY want him to act like. Especially that tweet from: Hollywood Life. Like, b*tch you ain’t Pattie! He’s 18; Fake gun; Trying to be silly. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like it’s real. Overreact all you want, it’s not like he did a crime. And he doesn’t need to apologize either. :P People these days. Next thing you know, they’re going overreact when they see him holding a blow up knife. Just watch. -_-

  8. NO! its not! its completely perfect!! he is a 18 year old kid who is good at heart! how is he gonna hurt some1 (besides paparazzi :p cuz they deserve it) i thing people are just going too far for hate. at least Canadians should not post shit like that….

  9. oH! Its not a big deal ppl r so much disgusting especially when it comes JUSTIN BIEBER. we knw hes a prankster NO BIG DEAL LOVE BIEBS 4EVA. or maybe that guy in the pic told JB to do so. what kinda sh**t is the ppl think on jb?

  10. people are just using the littlest thing to bash on jus10. LOL THEY MUST BE REALLY FUN AT PARTIES THOUGH ONCE YOU THINK ABOUT IT.

  11. After reading this post:
    Fans: “I agree, Justin has changed. Irresponsible & Immature.”
    Beliebers: “No big deal. He has a life, let him live it. He’s only trying to be silly. You b*tches need attention.”
    Fans: “Stop cussing! Immature!”
    Beliebers: “Grow up, please. Or join the irreverent corner with Drake Bell, Mariah Yeater, Jinishu, etc. etc.”
    Other People: “This fanbase, omg like a #1 movie.”
    Justin: “#VoteBeyonce.”

    • lol…I adore justin. I think ppl are being compeletely harsh on him first
      1) vma’s rigging with one direction and backing him offf!
      2) this gun pic was just for fun.
      you guys I have lots of proof that 1d is being rigged by mtv or bing.
      1)justin has way more followers
      2)when ever I go to #onedirection fandom there will be like 12 new tweets…and at #votebieber fandom there will be like 238 new tweets.
      3)even some directioners are confessing it ..1 of them said”there are more #votebieber than #voteonedirection yet one direction is winning,woohoo.
      4) when justin said #votebeyonce she skiped 80k tweets and when he said then #votebieber nothing happened .
      5) paris jackson (king of pop daughter)said that mtv is riggig it with 1D.
      think about it…

  12. Wtf! All these writters r the most irritating n stupid persons, i think they want some dollars from my sweet justin. Its make no sense, he had a fake gun just for fun………… Its not a big deal. Justin don’t pay attention to them. We luvs u, always.

  13. justin ur so hot <3 selena you look so cute and sweet <3 love u both <3 justin sorry but i love u most <3 <3

  14. Everybody knows that it was not a real gun, n if some1 thought that it was real one then whats the problem with it cuz he was just holdin it not shootin any1 .

  15. I think its funny how people make it bad.. liads of peopld carry real guns.. that ones fake he looks fine and its a bit of fun loads of people take pictures like this your not hating them

  16. listen people{like the paps} neeed to low him he’s jsut having fun man leave him he’s 18 he not always gonna be that age YOLO!!!!!!! things like this get me me MAD cos i hate it when paps always make him look bad its just a fake gun! paps need to get over them self he’s perfect role model and he isnt doing any harm harm to anyone people like like over reacting dont understand! i love you justin drew bieber no matter what anyone says love u soooooo much #proud belieber and always will be :) you are amazing i love u forever&always xxxxxxxxxxx #londonbelieber

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