Justin Bieber’s Gun Pose-Off Photo Controversy!

In a photo taken by an actor on the set of Selena Gomez’s upcoming movie “Feed the Dog”, Justin was snapped posing with a FAKE GUN and pointing it at the actor’s dad. Selena was right there for the photo op, smiling in the pic.

After the photos were posted to the Twitter, Justin received a slew of criticism for the gun pose-off, with writers around the web saying the snaps were “irresponsible” and “foolish”.

Checkout what they’re saying:

A writer at Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star:
“You shouldn’t really ever be pointing any kind of gun — fake or real — at anyone.”

A writer from Canada’s Globe and Mail:
“Guns are on everyone’s mind as a serious crisis in Canada and the United States. Everyone, that is, except maybe Justin Bieber.”

A writer at Hollywood Life:
“Justin, what is wrong with you? Not only does this new photo show bad taste, but you’re also pointing it at the other man in the photo.”

“Justin, whether you like it or not, you’re a role model. And millions of fans, 27 million on Twitter, are following your every move. You have power in this industry, and holding a gun in jest is just plain foolish.”

What do you think beliebers.. Is the photo inappropriate? Have your say below!!

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