Pattie Mallette: “Proud Mom, Love Selena Gomez” Interview

Mom Pattie has plenty of words of wisdom for Justin. She opens up about her history of sexual abuse and her struggles as a teenage mom in her new memoir, Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom.

She tells US Weekly:

“I’ve been through so much pain in my life that I’ve just always taught him don’t learn the hard way. Learn from my mistakes.

“My parents split at an early age . . . then I started getting sexually abused starting at age 4. And there was some ongoing abuse up until I was about 10 years old.

“It really skewed my view of men, sex . . . everything pure.”

Pattie lost her virginity at age 15 and became pregnant with Justin at 17.

Watch the video interview:

  1. she is such an amazing women! but of course, the haters are gonna say she’s lying about Selena but what does it have to take? everytime her name comes up people say she is sweet and nice Justin and Pattie love her but you fin any reason to hate her and call her names she doesn’t deserve

  2. Pattie from coming from a bad bckround 2 here, you are awesome nd a role model to troubled teens and children may you be God be with you forever…..

    Pls follow me on twitter @LolsLollyPop with luv!!

  3. everything u went thru, just made u a stronger mom, and just all around a stronger woman..

    inside and out, u truly r a role model to many girls, and women..

    just stay awesome nd i’ll always b here 4 yu!! hehe


    • Stfu 8-) U selena lovers steels name and write comments like she is awesome but she ain’t. U selenators have to steel names to admire selena. S0

      • You must have a COMPLETELY different definition of pathetic in your mind to what it really is cos what’s really pathetic is the fact they people like you hate her without knowing her or giving her a chance! So look at yourself before hating on other. Ya get? K good.

  4. @fake jsha bieber N0o way i hate slutena . She is dumb ass, she is famewhore. She is the worst singer in the whole world , she looks like a gorilla,ugly . Truth believe it or not.

  5. again…you all sound like repulsive idiots! SHE HERSELF, PATTIE MALLETTE, SAID THAT LOVES SELENA AND SHE IS GREAT FOR JUSTIN. Now what would be her reason to lie about that?! Is Selena threatening her and telling her to say that?! NO! Pattie is full grown woman and her opinion on Selena says alot! So all you dumb asses saying Pattie is lying you wanna check yourself before you reck yourself. kthanks!! have a great day

  6. wow, she went thru soo much, and just the way she talks you can tell she is soo proud of justin, and even in never say never you cud tell that she is one of the proudest mom ever, lovve her soo much, she had a horrible past but i know justin will make sure she has the happiest future!

  7. and why did pattie support jelena and the publicy act may i ask just at the time of 2011 in the beinging , may i ask again , love david conway

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