Pattie Mallette: “Selena Gomez is So Sweet, She’s Good for Justin” Interview!

Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette told Ellen what it was like raising Justin as a single mom, her vow to remain chaste (not having sex) until she’s married, and how she feels about Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • jbsswaggyy

    Firssttt ii love jb he is the best

  • ms bieber


    • JB fan

      LOL Ms bieber you are a moron! you do not know Selena personally. Pattie DOES! so STFU. If Pattie says Selena is a sweetheart then she is a sweet heart. Live with it

    • ashley

      youre such a loser. you dont deserve to be with JB. your just jealous, you pathetic dweeb.

      • Justin Drew Bieber is my role model

        really “ms.bieber” ?
        you should STFU.
        selena and justin are perfect together.
        half of what you said doesn’t make sense.
        one word…

    • teekay

      You sound sick like someone u have eye problem, hearing impairment and speech disorder at the same time so pls be worried abt ur own situation b4 u worry abt Justin

  • @BiebahMustache

    I agree with Pattie Mallete :) Selena Gomez is so sweet and Good for Justin. Pattie and Beliebers just want the best for Justin Bieber :) I hope you all know that. Stop HATING and Start LOVING :) Thanks..

  • Chanel

    Aww, his mom seems so down to earth. His mom and Selena must have a pretty good relationship considering that she’s dating Justin and that they are so cute together. Hope they stay together for a long time. His mom pattie seems so young and very grounded to. His dad kinda looks like a bad boy but has his softer side to him. Justin and Selena are the most sweetest couple ever.

  • @BiebahMustache

    I agree with Mom Pattie Mallete. Selena Gomez are so sweet and Good for Justin. I’m not Selenator I just want to tell you to stop Hating. Mom Pattie and Beliebers just want the best for Justin Bieber And I hope Selena is the Best for Justin Bieber. I hope you all know that. Stop HATING and Start LOVING Thanks.. NO H8 please!

    • ashley


  • dina

    i love sel and justin and how long have they been dating now

    • Im A Boy Justins Cool

      they been together when he first got FAMOUS

      • The REAL khloe99

        No they started dating like in late 2010 or somewhere around there

  • ashley

    yeah its nice to see that not all girls hate selena gomez just cuz shes dating justin bieber. i mean, face it bieber fans, its NOT GONNA HAPPEN. i like justin bieber and im happy for him and selena, and i hate those loser girls who give selena death threats on twitter. who do they think they are? i mean, giving her death threats isnt gonna increase any chances of them getting with JB.

  • sastika bieber loves jelena

    aww! so sweet n cute selena… even Pattie agrees n she never wants something bad abt JB so #BELIEBERS ((who hate jelena or selena)) GROW UPP..LOVE JELENA N JB 4eva n sely too

  • semi belieber

    Pattie likes selena, selena likes justin ,justin likes beliebers thats why we(beliebers) love jelena that true beliebers!!!!


    Always support him..
    Selena is a cute girl ;)

    • chanel

      yeah she is, love how justin and selena are such a cute couple. they both compliment each other. hope selena gets to see justin perform on his tour.


    I’m very happy that Pattie Mallet changed her opinion of Selena Gomez .

    • The REAL khloe99

      What do you mean “CHANGED” her opinion of Sellena


        Pattie Mallet years ago was forbiding Justin meet with Selena , unless in her present ; then when she has said , that Selena is sweety therefore
        Pattie has changed her opinion for Selena Gomez .


        I’m sorry ! instead of FOR need be OF .

  • IL_Jelena

    u dnt have to be a ‘Selenator’ to b happy for Jelena.
    “TRUE BELIEBERS” would stand by justin and anything he wants to do.
    the girls who are “OBSESSED” with him, r the ones giving out death threats to selena.
    its wrong, and just childish…
    <3 u selly sel..
    <3 u jb


  • belieber1994

    i love pattie shes so awesome

  • Hailey

    when is this going to be on ellen?

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    awwww so sweet

  • ilovejb

    if she never had sex then how she had justin?

  • righthere

    no offense but of course pattie HAS to say that because if she didn’t she’s gonna get hate and pattie isn’t mean like that to say something mean. If pattie really likes selena, wouldn’t she hang with her because pattie still hangs with caitlin, she tweeted happy birthday to caitlin even when she could’ve called caitlin . So don’t say pattie didn’t say happy birthday to selena on twitter because she called her….Weird because pattie took a pic with caitlin on her b-day. She tweeted miley, miley called her “mom”. Face it Pattie only really excepted Caitlin for Justin, She was just being a good person because i would’ve said the same thing

    • JB

      you’re right

    • The REAL khloe99

      You completely took the words out of my mouth I mean Pattie is just too nice of a person to say “No I don’t like her she’s very mean” or some other crap like that

    • gabby

      everytime there is a good thing about Selena you like have to put it down. if pattie didn’t like he she could’ve said ‘yeah she’s nice.’ and how do you know they hang out? you analyze every little thing they do just leave the girl alone pattie said she likes her so take it. and they do talk on their verified person twitter accounts. Selena is super busy so that’s why she won’t be in a camera with pattie so she can prove stuff to you. she may want to keep it private.damn.

    • bella bieber

      your 1000000000% right

  • LOVE


    • JB


    • TrueBelieber56

      you know little kids are on there right?so i dont think they can remeber that.but idk thats you.

  • niloojb

    I heat selena gomez oh my god

    • Saphire

      You heat her? lol

      • trent

        feeel the heat!!!!

  • TrueBelieber56

    well even Pattie said it herself.she’s sweet & kind.but i bet that wont matter cause some of y’all are gonna say some negative stupid comments just to look right.like damn can y’all just be happy for him,or is that to much/hard?all we want is respect.but i guess not??? :/ anyway LOVE you Pattie & Justin :)

  • Its pinche Rosalina

    Still hate slutena! :D

    • TrueBelieber56

      ok :/ do you want 10,000 trophies or what? like hate her all you want it’s your time in life,not mine.

      • essie j

        we all hate her cuz she is fake she always play the nice girl role but she’s a snake ;)

      • Its pinche Rosalina

        Why do i need 10,000 trophies for??? I dont need em so yea why do i want tht?

    • teekay

      Not surprised u don’t even love urself. U can’t give what u lack

  • gabby

    Even when the women who birthed justin says something kind about Selena she still gets hate it really makes me sick. pattie said it so take her word for it and leave Selena alone even when she says stuff you still have bad things to say about her what more does she have to prove to you people?

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Pattie knows what she’s talkin about so if she likes Selena she likes Selena I think she really meant that 2

  • MaliaBieber101

    She looks like she was lying about everything she called Selena…

    • bella bieber

      yeah she was…of course

  • samara

    Im not a selenator but obviously im a belieber. But yeah I agree selena is such a sweet girl and shes good for justin. I hope nothing stupid breaks them up. Pattie is such a beautiful woman she will find her Mr Right someday lol. I <3 u Justin!!


    selena is sweet, but im not a selenator but i respect her,, mm she makes ma baby happy.. so Jelena 4ever <3

  • Labdub

    Cmon guys.. Lets just accept the fact that justin is selena gomez’s boyfriend.. We should support them.. If selena makes justin happy, than we should be happy for them too.. And moms knows what’s best for their children so if pattie likes selena for justin, then we souldnt argue about that.. :)

    • TrueBelieber56

      no we dont have to support their relationship.just respect it

  • essie j

    justin deservse much more cuz he is so nice and gorgeous ;)

    • Algebra sucks

      If Selena isn’t deserving of Justin then he’ll find the right person eventually, but so far she has been making him happy and I respect her for that

  • Julie

    I don’t like Selena, because Justin gives her a lot of expensive gifts and what she gives him? Her open legs? And why she always date boys on they most glorious days and then dump them? Ex.: Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner. I think if Justin become less famous, she going dump him too. And yes, I’m jealous , like everyone of you, but I don’t hate her because I’m jealous, but because all things that I said and because I think she is a maneater.

  • Leslie

    Justin seems like a very nice person, but Selena is dating him for his fame. Just like Nick Jonas, and Taylor Lautner.