Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea Time with Justin Bieber! Ellen Show!

Justin Bieber comes to Sophia Grace & Rosie’ tea party on Ellen Show! See what these precocious girls had to say to the biggest pop star on the planet!

  • Bieber’s Bitch

    First!! and omfg this is so cute!!!

    • iyana luvs justin bieber

      Wow dude your username! Whatever thats adorable

  • belieberforever


  • Alisha

    Aww! so sweet

  • Ash

    - LLS. They are so adorable and very confident. Sophia is always hyper! ^_^ I love the way Rosie said “Justin Beebah” at the end. Love their accent! <333

  • Jsha bieber

    This is adorable :)

  • Chanel

    They are so cu

  • OMB!

    Aww so cute! :)


    this kids r soooooo amazing,to watch.. sophia N grace wow, adorable,, :)


      ooopz itz actually sophia grace n Rosie

  • Monica

    He’s going to be a the best DADDy in the world he has patience towards kids. If he like this with other kids and babies imagine how he’ll be to his own kiddies LOL

  • Desss

    omg him with little kids is just tooo much it’s soooooo cute aha he’s gona be a great father some day<3

  • jb fan

    this too cute awww!!!!!

  • diana castillo

    Justin bieber gonna be be a good father. I’m crying

    • samara

      Ikr! Lol

  • Nicole

    Awww :) CUTE :D awww

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    so cute

  • Blieber4ever

    OMG it’s sooo wonderful justin bieber is soooo cute <3

  • belieber 4 ever

    This is so cute <3 .. Justin's so polite…

  • mrs. bieber

    sooooooooooooooooo cute thats adorable whish i was them