Too Cute, Jazzy & Jaxon #TrueBieber

“My Lil bro is a true Bieber haha #youngplayer”

  1. # cutest siblings LOVE JAXO N JAZZY love u bth n LOVE JUSTIN 4eva three cutest siblings are non other than u three LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Thats not jazzy, her hair is shorter and darker than this little girl. That’s why he hash tagged “young player” SOOOO cute whoever she is, jaxon is a ladies man like his big broski!!!

  3. Don’t think that is Jazzie, her hair is to blond and Justin would not have called him a true Bieber if it was his sister. Look closer.

  4. They all got that hair. Its probably the dads gene cause patties hair is darker. Wait….but justins hair is darker than theirs. Hmmmm

    • Well if u looked ar justins old pictures u see that he was a dirty blonde then went to a brown color duh….and i think thts not jazzy or its either the camera flash tht made it so bright who knows

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