Video: GreenDay Trash Justin Bieber (&Guitars) At iHeartRadio Festival 2012

Green Day’s 45 minute set is cut to 30 minutes by iHeartRadio to make more room for Rihanna and Usher [Usher's set went 25 minutes longer than it was meant to] so Greenday’s Billie Joe armstrong stops halfway through Basket Case to play a new song only to realize that they have 1 minute left on the stage.

He gets angry and complains before smashing his guitar and flipping the camera off during Green Days set at iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas.

“I’m not fu–ing Justin Bieber, you mother—-ers. You’ve got to be fu-—ing joking. I got one minute. One minute left. Now I got nothing left.”

    • No, actually all it takes is one long ass statement, Usher was selfish, ran into there time, he was pissed, I would be to. Bieber was a reference, and believe me Armstrong has every right to be pissed.

  1. A lot of music celebrities are divas who are not really that nice or personable in real life although they produce good music. I am sure some of them don’t really like Justin becouse of the attention he gets and his enormous fanbase-it’s envy.

      • To wow, has it ever occurred to you that people can like 1D? Its not a crime to love them! If you can like artists who contrast so much (Green Day and Justin), why can’t you like Justin and 1D, who are both incredibly hot and talented? Just stop being horrible to 1D, just cuz you don’t like them, doesn’t mean you should be mean about them all the time. Give em a break, theyre just fulfilling their dream, like Justin is!

  2. hes not insluting hes saying hes not justin bieber who can get wat he wants dnt get me wrong im a beelieber till i die im saying green day was famous then now they suck and its biebers world bieber or die bitch

  3. Um….wow..that was rude. Why did they cut his time? Usher should have made his time shorter. It was rude to tell him at the last minute. Why did he mention justin though. I dont get that part.

  4. I do think it was rude for them to be cut short like that-they are among the top rock groups. Nevertheless, Justin should not have been mentioned like that-it sounded like a put down.

  5. Point Blank Period Green Days Sucks I do not care if anyone comments to me saying their awesome cause their not cause their B-A-D at music and should just stop ok? and dont tell me oh “your opinion does not matter” Well if it didnt matter? why would you comment? huh? no answer? k good also Justin’s name needs to stay out that old guys mouth plus i think he needs to apologize to justin so dont call me mean but this is what I THINK of the matter my opinion no one else’s k bye
    also the reason im saying all this is cause i LOVE Justin Bieber and a im belieber also green day? i have never been a fan and i will continue to do such that

  6. ooops i spelled it wrong. who gives a crap. anyways i think bj is just jealous that hes not young and his fans arent as deicated also justin maybe was the fridt person to come up in his tiny little brain i do think they could have bleeped him out though. i never liked green day anyway i always thought singers like that no offence were pscychos

  7. Green Day has some pretty good songs but they’re not that good. I don’t get why he felt the need to mention Justin in his rant but those producers in front of that sign were just smiling their asses off like that sh!t was so damn hilarious.

    • In all honesty, I’d be pretty f*cking pissed about that as well. I’m pretty sure the whole Justin Bieber comment was for Usher because it was his slow ass that ran over time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Usher, but I see where Green Day is coming from.

  8. Well damn, this guy has got some ANGER issues…i honsetly dont understand why he had to bring JB into it, if Usher was the one who wasted his time…cuss out usher…duhh?!

  9. I dont hate them for mention Justin Bieber, I hate them because he said F*ucking 100 times.. I have never liked green day, and I never will..

  10. the helll??? Y HE MENTIONED JUSTIN’S NAME??? there r many other people , why justin only?!?!? NO DOUBT HEZ JEALOUS OF HIS POPULARITY!!!..n greenday cannot be justin bieber even if he wanted…come on!! hez one in a million..

    • Your right hes better, I am sorry I am a metal head for life and yes this was wrong but think of all the music you guys put down as so called “fans” of Bieber he has actually bought numerous metal albums and you guys act like metal is satanic, well what if i told you most metal heads have respectable attitudes.

      • soo true, and its totally insane, lame n frustrating to hate a person just becuz the whole world adores him…dnt u think? and green day is no doubt fully mental!!! he used “f**k” word many time infront of public!..

  11. at and some other sites, some comments are praising what this guy did and trashing Usher and justin-the same guys as usual-we should concentrate on defending Justin at sites like these as well as u-tube instead of fighting among ourselves.

  12. I have to say something.. YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT to judge Billy Joe or judge at all .. I’m not here to insult Justin Bieber, I am not a fan but also I’m not a hater.
    1. HOW CAN YOU SAY that Billy Joe HAS NO TALEND ?? ARE U SERIOUS… OK mabey you don’t like that kind of music … I GET IT but please ?? DO you know how many awards he has ? I guess not.
    2. He had every right to insult everyone in there, why ? They cut a part of his preformance in last minute … why ? because usher couldn’t cut anything from his preformance. (sellfish)
    3. Also. OK i think he shouldn’t refer to Justin Bieber when he was angry… But Beliebers JUST CHILL OUT … I am sure he wanted to refer generally on Pop Singers but he said Justin Bieber because now he’s the most popular pop singer so it was kind of example.

    P.S.#1 Oh and for those who said that Green Day ARE JEALOUS of him …. ahhahahahahaa THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST JOKE I’VE EVER HEARD. Justin should be honored just because Billy Joe knows his existance. Not because he is not popular or talended but because they (Green Day) are a legend ..
    P.S.#2 Any Comment is Accepted

    • Most people here have the slightest idea of what music is. It’s really ridiculous why everyone on here is so angry about him mentioning Justin. It wasn’t even a real insult. Besides, why would Green Day be jealous of Justin anyway? They’re both great and they both have their own style of music.

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