1D Liam Payne “feels sorry” for Justin Bieber!

One Direction member Liam Payne has admitted that he “feels sorry” for Justin Bieber because he doesn’t have the support of a band the way he does.

Speaking to Now magazine, Liam said:

“Not in a patronising way, but I kind of feel sorry for him. I know he’s got friends around him and they go on tour with him. But they’re not going through the same situation as these boys are with me.

“If something bad happened to me tomorrow, Louis would be there for me 100 per cent. People sometimes ask if I want to be a solo artist, but it just wouldn’t be any fun being on your own.”

277 thoughts on “1D Liam Payne “feels sorry” for Justin Bieber!

    1. the real biebah

      he did that on on perpose to disterb him …100 PER CENT SURE!
      if u realize he is saying it wouldn’t be fun to be solo artist .
      laim ..u have to feel sorry for ur self ,cuz jealousy is controlling u bad.
      justin has the biggest support from god ,beliebers ,his family ,friendz.
      can’t u mind ur own biussnes .
      look at those two pictures on the top and compare thier faces .justin is cuter than him.
      and sum the barging directioners might say they r at the same level of fame ..but here is sumthin u might have missed out justin gets”honest support” from alot of other artists.
      sum ppl may love bringing justin down but tons of the ppl support him …so therefore laim is jealous from the support gotten to justin by other people.
      and tht thing oprah said bout interviewing justin was the biggest thing she did since micheal jackson.(thts gtta be huge).
      again I repeat laim feel srry for ur jealousy kay.


        agree, probably JEALOUSY is killing da so called liam :O badly, coz bieber is more better than those 1d..

      1. @Trin_IAm

        you should leave directioner. you must like justin becomes if you didn’t you wouldn’t know about this website

      2. 1Direction fan

        i luv liam but i love nial zayne louis harry and then liam the coolest song live wile we young
        whooooooooo i ganna marry him heheehehehhehehehhehehehhehehehehehehehheheh lol
        soon 2 b bf in your faces


        i understand what liam is saying, but u shouldnt feel ‘sorry’ for him, beacuse i think it’s more fun, and independent being a solo artist. and justin loves what he does, and thats the most important thing in your career.

      4. Mariah

        Yeah, Liam(:
        But I actually agree. Liam has his bandmates 24/7 pretty much.
        Yeah, Justin has friends and family and Selena (at least he DID…) but he doesn’t have anyone super close to him with him all the time like Liam has Harry, Niall, Louie, and Zayn(:

    2. sara

      I really don’t think justin bieber needs a band to be there for him, he has friends,family,his manager,girlfriend,i’m pretty sure they will all be there for him

      1. Belieber&Directioner

        I really don’t think Liam ment to say it like that you guys are just making it sound a lot worse. Liam is not trying to be another ‘Justin Bieber’ he’s being himself. Yeah ok Liam has Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn but so what. Liam REALLY didn’t want to hurt anyone. Yeah Justin’s famliy and friends will be there for him. Liam just saying that he doesn’t understand what close friends he has. GEEZZ people get a life if all your going to do is sit on here and bash and make a BIG DEAL out of what Liam said!

      2. the real biebah

        @belieber&directioner….well when headlines said that justin thought that laim is doing his same hair style ….directioners jumped on his and our face way worse than this and when I said he didn’t say anything bad they said we r defending our idols ..and now I get to say it to u we are defending our idol,
        and btw it’s 80% clear that he is trying to dash him and also clear that SUMTIMES he tryes to have justin’s style.

      3. Belieber&Directioner

        @the real biebah… Um i am not saying that oyu shouldn’t defend Justin, I LOVE JUSTIN A LOT. Both of these things are kind of rediculas to say. Liam is NOT trying to steal Justin’s style!! Yeah so what they had the same hairstyle. Oh NO. Do we live in the world of WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND?! If we do then WOW!!!

      4. the real biebah

        those directioners who keep on saying that he isn’t ofending justin,u are saying what u think is true…and we get it ,it’s ur point of view.
        and when justin said that they both have the same hair style…belieber/directioners never stood by justins side and now beliebers/directioners are standing by laims side .
        imagine how we beliebers feel about that!!! *angry face*
        all beliebers/directioners are gonna turn into directioners,and dont tell me we are driving u to! u dont expect us to be quite when laim tries to make justin feel bad,and dont tell me he was JUST FEELING BAD FOR HIM!he did mean sumthin and am 100 per cent sure that if justin did what liam did to him,u were gonna stand by liams side!

      5. Jazmyn

        JUSTIN HAS MORE SUPPORT THEN LIAM HAS!!! Liam should feel sorry for himself, justin is the best!! JEALOUSY IS NOT GOOD!!
        And justin has hes fans, beliebers, family, friends, god and hes girlfriends support so GET LOST LIAM!! AND I DONT FEEL BAD, SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MY IDOL THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE, AND I WILL SHOW U MY BAD SIDE (B!TCH MODE ON)

      6. oxBelievexo

        @Sara, I agree.. he has his fans, family, God and friends all there for him no matter what. He has allot of support.

    3. kapua

      it must be very stressful and hard to rehearsal it does take a toll on your body. I think he means not having anyone going through the same situation that he goes through every day.

    4. oxBelievexo

      @Marlene, Dosen’t make since at all why Liam said that. Justin has millions of supporters around the world. There gonna be with him no matter what.. Liam sounds like he barely has nothing

      1. Mariah

        If Justin becomes not famous anymore who does he have? Friends and family.
        If Liam/1D becomes not famous anymore he has Louie, Harry, Niall and Zayn. They all have each other PLUS friends, family, and girlfriends.

    5. Beliber

      Okay. Ppl. Liam and Justin r ganna fight or do wut ever. But the both have equal fans. So, can we all just face tht fact and believe tht r idols r ganna fight. They may become friends in the future. But let’s forget the past and think bout the good thigs tht r ganna happen!!!!!!! I am deeply in love with Justin and Liam!! I look up to them

    1. the real biebah

      he wants to be like justin.
      didn’t u guys notice that when justin had the hair flip so did laim.
      and when justin did this hair ,laim did the same.
      laim doesn’t just want the support justin has.oh no! baby he wants the creatures (justin)look.

      1. oxBelievexo

        I agree @The real biebah, Liam is always trying to copy Justin all the time, his hairstyles and his swag, everything. It’s rediculous. Liam will never be as popular as Justin.

      1. Jazmyn

        Haha but i also think Liam WANTS TO BE LIKE JUSTIN OMG!!!! BUT NO ONE CAN TAKE JUSTINS PLACE!!! NO ONE!!! NO ONE!! NO ONE!!! And i can keep writing that

  1. essie j

    who the hell is liam payne to feel sorry 4 justin ;) thank god justin didn’t start with a band like 1D cuz they r GAY :D

  2. i am a proud belieber

    what the hell is liam talking about , i do not agree with him at all,stupid guy cuz if justin had somthing wrong beliebers would be there for him 100%

      1. Belieber&Directioner

        @Belieber and Directioner… i agree 100% people need to figure out that Liam most likely didn’t mean it like the way some people are taking it.

      2. Belieber&Directioner

        You can HATE all you want i just don’t care what you think! You keep on hating! I won’t make you like One Direction!

      1. Belieber and Directioner!

        You guys are being so stupid! Justin would be ashamed if he found out you guys were hating on some of his friends! It doesn’t make you any better of a belieber if you start hating on another artist in the music business!

      2. the real biebah

        @belieber&directioner Iam done! dont try to make us feel that directioners are ppliter than us #beliebers.I remember when paris jackson voted for justin @the vmas and gave her point of view that she feers that they were rigging it for 1d.directioners jusmped of the face of her fandom,and when bella throne said she liked harry styles and complemented him so much directioners started hating on her and u can check it on youtube.
        NEVER CALL US STUPID ,when we defended paris-j ,we never called u guys stupid .it wont make u a better directioner trying to make us beliebers feel stupid and waisting our time!

  3. the real biebah

    I mean seriously just get over it laim…he is being nice to u guys but u have ur twists(as they are trying to steal the spot light from him)
    u guys bot can have a spot light ,but different ones sharing is carring and u are scaring it .
    stop trying to do wat u wanna do ,and IF this has sumthing with justin commenting on ur hair and tht u have did the same hair,what he said was a fact!!!!!!!
    and what u said was a thing trying to piss him but dont worry he is wise and he wont fall for ur twists.

      1. Jazmyn

        So true! And i dont get it 1D started hting on Bella? Omg bad bad bad not good does that mean that u also hate ur fans from the inside? :O but i think this fight is ridicolous i cant see the point if u directioners stop hating on us beliebers then we would not even annoy u and stop it do ur thing fans….. Follow ur idol… Beliebers follow justin… Directionees follow 1D AND DIRECTIONEES STOP WRITING SOMETHING ANNOYING ABOUT JUSTIN GET A LIFE AND IF U DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY GET LOST!!!!

  4. Alisha

    Wtf! This is non-sense. He has so many friends, so many fans to suppopt him and his family too. I am feeling sorry for u, now. Its jealousy

    1. Marley

      I think he means support by a friend who is in the music industry. Friends and fans don’t count. They aren’t the ones who are famous, and there not the ones handling all the fame and negativity Justin has to go through. You guys are taking this way out of context lol.

      1. the real biebah

        no we are not!fine lets count friendz and us dont count and he doesn’t have a person handeling the fame he is handeling but look at the part when he says :I feel bad for him and it would’nt be fun being solo!
        admit that he means something ofensive and its clear .
        how come when justin says sumthing simple to 1d and the directioners and haterz of justin come together and litterly jump on his face!
        NO FAIR!!! when we beliebers defend justin u guys call us stupid.
        I think that u are the ppl who should get a life!

      2. Jazmyn

        What mean he doesnt have support from the industry?? Come on so u mean selena is just going around doing nothing and alfredo flores is not at all with justin at the believe tour and supporting, and carly shes just wasting her time, and scooter his manager and usher they are nothing i mean seriously think about what u r writing!!!


    bieber has more supporters than them, n now they r opening their mouth, saying dat bieber doezn’t hv any support, . . liam i think u were blind or stupid to say dat.. feel sorry 4 urself not Bieber.. :P

  6. alex redil

    wow….look who’s jealousing the jealousness..I realized he is realy jealous of justin geting more support than them.

    1. Belieber&Directioner

      Just F.Y.I Liam doesn’t choose what pose and what he does in photo shoots, the Photographer does. HUMMM….

      1. the real biebah

        we are not talking about the photo pose we are talking about the creation of the face.
        and if we beliebers think that justin is cuter ,then we mean justin is cuter and I didn’t call liam ugly.am just sayin justin looks better kay!

      2. Jazmyn

        He is trying to play justin! But he will never get his place i mean look at the pic, im not saying that liam is ugly but the point is I MEAN THAT JUSTIN IS ALOT MORE HOTTER,SEXY, AMAZING, CUTE, KIND, UNDESCRIBLE ON A GOOD WAY

  7. Jsha bieber

    He is tryin to say that justin don’t have so much fun as 1d has cuz he’s solo artist. The truth is that 1d band is totaly burning in jealousy.

  8. Jsha bieber

    Liam i hate you and your band from the begining,u guys r ugly,non-talented,stupid,gay band and iam not feelin sorry to say this bcuz you guys really deserves this Hate.

      1. Jsha bieber

        Yes they deserves hate bcuz its not a good thing to say sometin bad indirectly and if u can’t understands indirect means then Baby you really need to grow up not me. Dumb fatty @$$!!!

      1. ihate1D

        liam can just STFU because justin has the most supportive fans in the world. I HATE 1D THEY CAN ALL DIE IN A WHOLE!

    1. Belieber&Directioner

      NO ONE DESERVES HATE!!!!! I don’t care who you are nobody does!! You guys are all just immature!! Would you say this to there faces? Come on you guys, did you guys know that Justin is good friends with One Direction, Liam didn’t mean it like that!!!!

      1. Belieber&Directioner

        @Jsha bieber… She needs to grow up? Umm.. how about the girl that just said the she is a dumb fatty @$$? Just think about that for a while and when you have answer tell me cause i really want to know!

      2. the real biebah

        jsha doesn’t have an answer but I do…you let ur directioners call justin names and sumtimes help them (not to u in the face just generly)
        I admit that sum beliebers can be immature in thier answers but o do directioners,

      3. Jsha bieber

        @belieber & directioner here is my answer- U phaggot can’t u see that full stop dot after ‘not me.’ I said dumb fatty ass to @just me.

  9. goldeneda-beliber x3

    this is the PROOF that 1D are JEALOUS bout JUSTİN !!!!!!!!!!!! THİS İS their real face ….!!
    Justin got so many BELİEBERS that can do anything for him whenever he need !! cuz we are real FAMİLY ……..SO I’m sad for liam that he couldn’t understand that

      1. belieber jenne

        yeah faith full beliebers know our spot and those recycled beliebers (half the directioners)are to be recycled any time soon.
        I totaly agree with ya.

  10. jelena

    1D just jealous with justin…event they are 5 people in the group not enough to let justin down…justin have the most fan in the world…just think,now there are 5 if they separate comform 1D will not go far…


    I love you Liam but I’m starting to think that you wanna be like Justin Bieber and dress like him and u probably want his life I’m not trying to be mean or anything

      1. BethanyBieber

        i hope you know that nobody here cares what you are saying because this is a JUSTIN BIEBER fansite so 99.9% of the people here are BELIEBERS and will defend JUSTIN they arent recycled unfaithful Beliebers so if you wanna defend LIAM not JUSTIN and say random stuff about LIAM go on a stupid 1D fansite cause .1% are directioners so the 99.9% of people here DISAGREE with what you are saying

    1. xoBelieberxo

      Exactly. He’s not even famous, he shouldn’t even try bcz he’s not going to succeed.. just sayin’ #NoHate #MyOppinon

  12. AlwaysABelieberxoxo

    Excuse me? Justin Bieber has more fans! It recently reported that the Justin is set to perform six dates in England this upcoming February and March and it seems there’s a HIGHER demand for his tickets than there was for One Direction’s tour!

    Pfft. The cheek! He tried to patronize him. This is why I WAS a Directioner AND a Belieber, but 1D are getting big headed now.

    Belieber all the way! Who does Liam think he is? My God.

    By the way I love you Justin:’)<3

  13. goldeneda-beliber x3

    and Justin has a strong character he don’t need anyone around him ( he has beliebers) he is strong like super heros , he fight a lot for his dreams and he is fight for everything that he has ….this is why we called him our hero ………. this is his difference …. so sad for u liam

  14. JUST ME

    You people. stop calling Liam jealous and stop comparing their faces. seriously. and some of you literally need to learn how to spell. Yes Justin has friends and support with him but I don’t think Liam was trying to say he was lonely or anything, I think he was saying being in a band is more fun than being a solo artist because you can do everything with your friends whilst Justin can’t always take his best mates with him EVERYWHERE he goes whereas Liam has no choice, and if something went wrong in his career it would affect the whole band, whereas with Justin it would solely affect him. I say this because I’m a directioner and a belieber (YES THEY EXIST) and I can see this with an unbiased p.o.v.

    1. the real biebah

      well @just me I only agree on 1 thing witch is if justin did something wrong it would affect him solely.but I so do not agree with u saying that he didn’t mean anything bad…well it’s obvious that he is trying to dis him and saying I feel sorry for justin really means dissing!
      I get it that u being a belieber and a directioner kinda disterbes u when we do such things.
      we are just defending our idol ,it might get tough but this is what we do.

      1. Belieber&Directioner

        Does Liam have to think about what ever he says. NO he shouldn’t have too there should be SOME mature people out here and @the real biebah um have you seen new pictures of Liam he shaved his hair off for cancer.

      2. the real biebah

        may god bless liam for his shaving.
        *back to my point*I was talking about this witch happend about a month ago.not NOW!!!

    1. the real biebah

      it’s funny how ppl get board and decide to come to this website cuz it’s just fun knowing bout justin.

  15. swagy belieber

    what all of u doing here.i am agree with all of fans of my justin . all of u fan of one direction .stupid go to their fan site ok
    this is justin bieber beliebers fan site ok and by love u justin

      1. the real biebah

        you stay on this site you stay on justins side.
        not defending 1d bout sumthing they did wrong.

  16. Mikeley

    WTF justin dose have support how come there are more BELIEBER than directoners i love Justin all the way i dont have anny suport to 1D. I am here with JUSTIN BIEBER ALL THE WAY LOVE YOU JUSTIN @justinbieber

  17. 2crazy4bieber

    HEY! Don’t bash Liam…. Liam, baby, you don’t know what your talking about. Yes you have Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn but Justin has Scooter, Kenny, Moshe, Selena, Dan, Pattie, Jeremy, BELIEBERS! Scrappy and everyone else to help him. He even has you guys.

  18. #1 BELIEBER

    WTF!!!! STFU liam!!!! youre just jealous of Justin cuz he has more support than u alright u only got support from your gay band but Justin has support from BELIEBERS,god,family,mom,friends,manager and everyone else so dont be jealous of Justin its not his fault that your band is so gay so back off before BELIEBERS get your gay ass!!!!!! >:(


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