Finally, We Met Justin Bieber – Minneapolis Minnesota

So first of all id like to let you know that i NEVER in a million years thought this would be happening. Me sitting here writing my very own bieber experience? well i guess it really started a while ago when me and my neighbor were watching the All Around The World TV special when they showed a video of Justin almost break down crying in an elevator trying to talk about Avalanna. Me sitting there all teary eyed i looked at my friend (also teary) and said “i wanna help.” so we made the twitter @teamluvavalanna to raise more awareness of ATRT cancer and what we were doing to help. We really couldn’t have done it without the support. All these girls/guys telling you that you can do something is really good motivation. So on October 29th and 30th we had a garage sale to raise money for ATRT cancer research. we got over 10 dollars in donations and $200 all together. Then we panicked. we has to get the 200 dollars we raised to ATRT but we had no clue how. Then we thought well we should give it to Justin at his concert. well we had under a month left and no backstage passes. We tweeted Justins whole team asking them if we could meet up with them somehow at the concert and get them the money. no luck.

On October 5th i saw on they were having a contest where you would send in a picture to get a chance to meet Justin backstage and the concert you are attending. well i thought “hey i do have alot of Justin bieber stuff, there’s not a chance IM gonna win but whatever.” so i sent in my picture. On October 8th i was listening to my local radio station and they said to call in if you wanted to meet the biebs (so i did) i was the 10th caller. they got me going for a while telling me that i won and it was going to be so perfect. then the guy i was talking to said NO HANGUP YOUR PHONE. it was a joke. well did i actually think i was going to win? how would I even win? no luck.

The night of the concert my best friend and my two cousins slept over. At 1:00 am October 20th i got an email. the email topic was BEST COLLECTION. well, me being curious i clicked on it. It said CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL YOU’VE WON MEET AND GREETS TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER. I said “I WON!!” my best friend and my two cousins looked at me confused and said “what?” before they could get an answer i had stumbled across my two cousins lying on the floor and up to my moms room yelling “MOM I WON!! IM GOING TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER!!” well then the email told me i could bring A guest. A guest ? ONE guest? I have THREE crying girls DYING to meet Justin bieber and YOU want ME to pick ONE? oh . great . well four years ago my cousin Courtney and i were chilling in her room and we promised each other that if we met Justin bieber we were going to meet him TOGETHER. so i picked her. Now i felt bad. i had to at least try and get the other two backstage.

we went to the 7 o’clock concert at 1:00 PM and stood outside for 4 hours trying to get Justin to come out and at least say hello. no luck. so at 4:30 me and my ONE cousin went to the meet and greet. I walked in first. Justin looked at me and said “hello sweetheart” i said “hello” holding up the envelope of money “this…is…uhh..for Avalanna.” he paused. looked at the envelope and then back at me and took a deep breath and said “thank you honey” and he handed the envelope to Ryan. i stood right next to him (on the left next to my friend Phaylen) he had his arm around me so i decided to put my arm around him too. well, in the process i managed to touch his butt. i was hoping he wouldn’t notice. well i think he did because he giggled. after the picture was taken i turned to him and hugged him goodbye. After the meet and greet we went outside to meet our moms, my best friend and other cousin. We went out to eat and then off to the concert. it was truly the best night of my entire life. the concert was great and Justin was such a sweetheart(:

By: Rachel

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