I Never Want her to feel I’m Ashamed

“Sometimes we gotta take the back exits but I never separate from her because I never want her to feel I’m ashamed of her because most guys in the business don’t want to be seen with the girl and make them ride in separate cars and all that get away stuff…If we’re getting away, we’re getting away together.”


  • A

    Really trash? U never want.

  • JelenaFan

    they are saying he posted a pic saying single are they broken up? but i dnt get it he just said all of these sweet thinqs about her then post it wtf? is it true?

    • Jsha bieber

      May be.

  • @ElizabethBieber

    i don’t understand what he means…

    • Belibah till forevs :-D

      My name is Elizabeth to …. YAY !!! Oh and I loooooooovvvvve justin Bieber sooooo much lol ….. TTYL

    • Kaylani

      I think what he means is a lot of guys take separate cars and there not really seen with there girlfriends. He seems really into Selena and Adore her very much.

  • always belieber

    always selena gomez i hate her really she is too much sometimes i wanna killed her….

    • JB lover

      If u r a Belieber I don’t think u wanna kill his girlfriend n make him heartbroken cuz that would break ur heart too. I luv him n I like Selena too n even if I had hate Selena I wouldn’t say anything cuz it would hurt Justin. I am a true and forever true Belieber. <3

      • josilyn

        u said it i always try to defend them from haters i love them so much they are my idol
        lots of love, hope, and faith <3

      • Belibah till forevs :-D

        Yah yah shut up

      • Belibah till forevs :-D

        I ment to day shut up to u not her sorry v

    • vita

      yeah meeeee to i hate hate hate hate hate her

    • jane

      i feelthat way too. not that i want to kill her bt i just dont like her. yeah im jealous but i just dislike her with justin. they aint right for each otha… and ses like 2 years older than him so yahh..

      • Carmel

        Age shouldn’t matter especially if its only by two years

    • Belibah till forevs :-D

      That is soooooooooo true
      High five girl

      • Yoon Leဲt Paing

        i hate SELENA cuz she was dating with many famous younger singers like jonas brothers & so onnnnnnn

  • JelenaFan

    are too much headlines saying there done or there togther i dnt know wat to belive hollywood Life started it all after they posted there fine now they are saying they split like wtf

  • Alisha

    Yeah! Its every where on internet, so may be they broken up. He posted a pic of his on instagram, in which he was looking sad and after some hours he delete that pic. And He said all these things, in interview with oprah.

    • oxBelievexo

      Idk It’s kinda confusing. You just got to see when Oprah final chapter with Justin Bieber airs November 26th i believe to hear the full story.

  • JelenaFan

    its true or wat they broke up?

  • Keaira Rainey

    Wait they broke up????

    • JelenaFan

      here’s the thinq he posted a pic under tha pic he put single but backforth.. but other headlines saying its false or wat we dnt know if they did split or wat but a close friend to them did say they are just fine and happy but i dnt knw…both of them havent said anythinq soo i dnt knw

      • josilyn

        maybe he just wanted to post that pic for alvalnna i miss her

    • Lokani

      No, they didn’t break up.

  • gabby

    Lets see what haters have to say? he loves and cares about her but haters obviously don’t care if he’s happy.

  • luvjb

    I wish they broke up… she is a bitch she is with him because of his money….. oh and one more thing she is the worst singer

    • jb4ever

      she has money she doesnt need his money if you really lovE JB you would be happy for him you dont have to like selena just respect her and by you saying “i wish they broke up” instead of “i wish they break up” i can tell you’re an 11 year old jelous little girl

      • iyana luvs justin bieber

        Watch your mouth @jb4ever because not all 11 year olds think that way

    • Carmel

      She don’t gotta be with him for money she got her own.. She was with him cause she love/loved him.. That’s why there was a whole bunch of back and forth because she couldn’t stay away

  • Confused ? >.

    I’m kinda of confused ? I really don’t know what to believe anymore ?? , All i’m going to say is when Justin is happy i’m happy . Whether he’s with her or not , we should be happy for him , but if they did break up we should be sad with him . Beliebers not everything is about us .

  • JelenaFan

    Nope ILovee them Together Super Cute… Just Much Of Haterz

  • oxBelievexo

    I’m confused. I don’t know if they broken up or not. It’s hard when one sourse says they’re still togather but others say they broke up. I wish someone would make it clear..

    • JelenaFan

      for reals right I wish Ppl were would just Stop with this rumor…

    • josilyn

      if justin and selena said in person they broke up or satyed togther then beilive them not no one else cause some ppl want them to break up and some ppl want thme to stay together

  • @JarielizBieber

    yeah i read this on HIS NEW BOOK !

    • JelenaFan

      read wat in his new Book?

  • JelenaFan

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been plagued by breakup rumors nearly as long as they have been together. It is wishful thinking on the part of some Beliebers. Selena and Justin are young, but so far, they have withstood the pressure of Hollywood and made their relationship work.

    Recently, the breakup rumors have been in overdrive and were heightened after Justin tweeted a picture of himself with an anagram that many assumed meant single. He quickly deleted the picture, which incited further gossip. So what does it all mean?

    According to an insider, “She’s with him all the time, and they are happy. They’re kids having fun.” All those nasty separation rumors are chalked up to idle gossip. “People just like to make up drama about them to stir up trouble because it makes a good story,” says the source.

    There have been plenty of reports the star couple break up and get back together all the time. Quite frankly, they sound like a normal young couple. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are going to have problems. It is a part of life. Unlike some couples, Justin and Selena are willing to work through those problems.

    • Lokani

      Awe, such Amazing boyfriend who loves and adores her very much. That’s sweet of Him to say about her. I love seeing them together. Such a cute together. I dont why anyone doesn’t like her. Shes very grounded And very sweet And is very proud of her boyfriend who everyone loves and adores.

    • Belibah till forevs :-D

      U realize people never read Long comments everyone just skips it and reads the short ones when I saw ur comment my eyes opened so …………… CHILL …..and…. I hope ur fingers r ok
      Ps I loooove Justin Bieber !!!!!!!!:-)

  • TrueBelieber56

    this is true,what he said.but it was with a interview w/ oprah.but it doesnt air till November something.& idk about the rumors :/

  • alexis

    i think its a rumor that they broke up. but who knows the gossip media is full of crap these days. just becasue she’s in la filming a movie and justin is on tour dosen’t mean a lot. but in my view if they broke up its there problem not his fans or her fans and hope that they can be nice to each other. that would be the mature thing.

    • JelenaFan

      im sure if they did Break Up with would be On E news and EverlyWhere.. But I dnt think So..

  • essie j

    justin is a gentleman and an amazing boyfriend i love him :D

  • Ashleydoyon

    IS this Rumor True OR Not wat is the Story Behide THe Pic wen He Post it As he sayin SINGLE????

    • alexis

      i think that pic is from some photoshoot or something but he never at least of my knowledge that he post anything selena related on twitter or any other of his websites besides instagram. maybe it wasen’t selena related because if they broke up entertainment shows would have reported it. and so far nothing and they check with justin’s rep or managers.

  • Heys guys

    I donot now guys what is going on but if I was Justin I will tweeted and say the true and donot make it a mystery (just saying)

  • khloe99

    this couple is so frickin confusing

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    I think that they’re still together, but they just don’t see each other alot

  • @Trin_IAm

    For girls who don’t know Justin tweeted “Lingse”(something like that) unscambled it says “Single”. Beliebers don’t know if they’ve broken up yet, but they have before so it can happen. I just want Justin to be happy so if he breaks up with her so be it. Congrats to the lucky girl he might #Fall in love with next. Love Selena but I don’t want Justin’s heart broken.

  • Semi belieber

    That s my boy feel so proud

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE


  • JB lover

    He loves her a lot. Awwwwwee that is really cute. <3

  • Yvette

    Oh My Gosh Justin That’s SO Sweet <3 I'm tearing up :') SoProud of you Kidrauhl <3

  • IL_Jelena

    rumors. gossip. lies. truth.

    dnt rlly kno wat goes on wit them no more.. lol its prety confusing..


    i love justin.. soo very much.. lol nd i love selena.. to me theey r one of the best cuples.. but that doesnt always last…


    i wish no harm on anyone.. thats just ‘EVIL’ nd ‘RUDE’ nd just all around ‘HATEFUL’ nd ‘MESSED-UP’….. if justin is happy wit her, b happy for justin.. if justin isnt happy wit her, then yu can hate or watever it is yu do.. i dnt carry hate in my heart.. i dnt kno her.. she did nuthn to me.. so y wud i hate? yeah she goes out wit a star i admire alot but that doesnt give me or anyone else the right to hate just cuz we feel like it.. lol



  • sastika belieber

    I love them n dont wanna them to be apart JUSTIN LOVES SELENA n so does she.means they care for each other support n respect..so why not we show some respect towards their relationships..means justin’s happy wid her n if JB IS WE SURE DO> I LOVE SELENA nt only becuz of justin bt she’s got something that inspires me N I LOVE JUSTIN which I needn’t explain cuz he’s moreover my life n life is unexplained………… justin means everything to me I LOVE THEM thats ol

  • Original justin bieber

    I love my sweety sg i love her face sweety

    • KAILUA