Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Matching Hearts Tops at Sky High Sports, CA

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez struck a similar fashion note in L.A. on Thursday, when they wore each wore edgy tops adorned with HEARTs.

Justin wore a bleeding-heart tee — bearing the slightly-dark message “I love drop dead” — with a black beanie, low-slung beige sweats and red sneakers. While Selena topped her black wax-coated pants and chunky buckle boots with a loose-fitting, lightly-torn heart-patterned sweater. See more pics!

Though they arrived separately, Justin and Selena showed their love through similar HEART-adorned tops at Sky High Sports trampoline park in Woodland Hills, CA.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
73 comments on “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Matching Hearts Tops at Sky High Sports, CA
    • ILoveBands♡ on said:

      Shut the fuckk up! Everybody is saying ‘Selena should Drop Dead’ or ‘Justin is Drop Dead hawwt!’ No, bitch!
      You are all to stupiid to realize that ‘I Love Drop Dead’ shirt he is wearing is owned by Oliver Sykes.
      He is the lead vocalist of a Metal/Deathcore Band.
      The bands name is Bring Me The Horizon.
      Get your shiit straight

  1. Lokani on said:

    I know right, so cute, they are so adorable and very cute together. Justin’s pants looks so odd. But there adorable.

    • BrittneyBieber on said:

      Sara not trying to be mean but of course they gone wear it on the day that’s the point the match but i agree with you they’re adorable!!!

  2. TrueBelieber56 on said:

    that’s cute how they wanted to dress as a couple together.hope they had fun on there date.love you Justin.

  3. The Real Jsha bieber on said:

    JUST Look at selena’s face,Why this dumb a¤¤ always puts so stupid n big glasses ön her face? 0_*

  4. Saphire on said:

    Doesn’t Bieber hate uggs? Yea right? Than why is she wearing it. The rest of her outfit is fin except her stupid ass sun glasses. Those things need to drop dead.

  5. Its pinche Rosalina on said:

    I wish selena can just drop dead already. I hate her. Her outfit is sooooo stupid like her! Shes annoying! I bet the owners of this site are jelenators and post random meaningless jelena shit they can find! Like this! Wow big f**king deal a fake couple wearing shirts with hearts dude nobody gives a f**k so drop it and let it go!! They just post this shit cuz they are celebs and expect us to give a f**k and some of us do but when it comes to ppl who are not famous they dont care! Its just like articles saying “Omg Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Mall!” but when it comes to not famous ppl nobody gaf. -.-

      • Its pinche Rosalina on said:

        Uhhh…this is a jb site. Me rude?! Haha lmfao trust me u dont want to see my rude side. I got two sides i can be the nicest person ever or the rudest bitch ever! Pick one!
        You stfu dont talk shit if you cant do shit.

      • Belieber94 on said:

        @ Rose. It’s rude to say that you hate Selena, and think that’s she’s a slut., Just saying. If you liked Justin you should respect he’s Gf

      • Its pinche Rosalina on said:

        @belieber94 ok first of all i dont have respect for whores! Theres nothin rude bout saying ur opinion or your feelings!
        @claire oh stfu i can click on whatever i please and i can get off when i want to!

      • Its pinche Rosalina on said:

        Ok u dont think shes a whore kew i respect that but i still think shes a whore. Kkay watever u say is ur biz and watever i say is my biz so leave me alone kkay or we can start a riot.

      • Supercalafragalisticexpialidociuos on said:

        @rose just answer me this one question…how is selena a whore!? please do share!!

    • cassidy on said:

      when are you gonna stop hating on selena? i mean i know you dislike her, but is this really nessecary? im not disrespecting you or anything, but the things you say are just hurtful, and rude. we all have our opinions but theirs certain boundaries and lines not to cross. you think her outfit is stupid? cool. thats your opinion. but why cant you keep all these negative comments to yourself? you wish selena can just drop dead already? if you love justin why not let him be happy? it makes no sense.

      • Its pinche Rosalina on said:

        Yea justin looked sooo happy wrn he was at the mall with her. That is scarcasm my friend. He barley smiles wen hes wit her. Uhhh….. I will stop hating selena when she stops being a whore witch is prob never but we’ll see. Ummm why i dont keep my comments to myself? Cuz
        1. I dont have to.
        2. I dont want to.
        3. I express wat i feel wen i want too.
        4. Its funny to see jelenators and selenators go apeshit.
        5. Idgaf
        Yea i want her to drop dead.

  6. BIEBER'S SHAWTY on said:

    ma baby <3 looks sooooooo cute.. :D love his shirt.. oh wait, i can see Selena is wearing a ripped jumper.. mmm, or is dat her style or wat? but she lookz cool :)

  7. essie j on said:

    only justin is so gorgeous and he rocked his clothes ;) and his t_shirt says ““I love drop dead” not “i love slutena” so they are not showing their love through HEART-adorned tops ;)

  8. THE REAL Saphire on said:

    Selena is nice and so is Justin. They are an amazing couple. Although they probobly will break up. Doubt it though.

    • The REAL khloe99 on said:

      I thought you hated Selena well at first I thought you liked her but then you hated her and now you like her again

    • Lokani on said:

      I agree, they are amazing couple. I hope they don’t break up, such a cute couple. Selena is so good for him. Even his mom says so.

  9. cutei pie on said:

    wow i know that he lovessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss oat meal cookiesss an i do to so if u dont like them then get out his life look it up on ELLEN SHOW .MEAN PEOLE

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