Justin Bieber at the Tattoo Parlor in St.Louis

The night when Justin getting his OWL tattoo at the tattoo parlor in St.Louis, last Saturday night.

  • Desss

    i really dont like like his tatto but its skin he can do whatever he wants we cant control EVERYTHING i still love you Justy<3

    • Desss


    • sara

      I think justin’s tattoo isn’t soo awesome….but please,please don’t make it up too 10 tattooo’s justin!!!!!

  • Lesli

    Oh, that’s his Hooters tattoo? Great…

    • K.Bieber

      HAHA yeah

  • Jsha bieber

    Wow hes lookin C0ol.

    • Alisha

      Yeah! Super coool

  • Diana♥JB&1D

    His tattoo looks awesome ;D I will love him no matter how many tattoos he gets!

    • oxBelievexo

      Me too ;)

  • JaylaBieber

    Is his tattoo on his arm or what?

    • MaliaBieber101


    • K.Bieber


  • AmberSimmons

    i love ur tat justin

    • Lokani

      I love how Justin gets tats like his dad. His dad has Alot of tats on his body.

  • demmi3h

    *kwl tatoo j.b*

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    he look nice

  • yup

    Wow, better watch it, when you turn 80 and your skin starts sagging those tats will not look good anymore. I can never understand why people go over board with tattoos. But hey it’s his provocative i guess, just think what it will look like when you’re 80.

    • K.Bieber

      ha ha saggy and baggy lol

  • Jay

    Wow,,jb tats,nice

  • JammyBelieve

    Justin is having some tattoos.. But I cant argue with him its his choice and I respect whatever JUSTIN DOES

  • essie j

    justin is looking fab 8-)

  • oypa bieber

    i love this tatto

  • IL_Jelena

    i agree.. when yu get old they r always guna b there.. lol

    but idk wat the point is.. from hooters?? of all resturaunts.. lol

    but its justin.. he can get as much tatts as his heart desires nd i’ll still love him!! <3



  • IL_Jelena

    tattoos r sexy tho ;)

  • Justin bieber original

    Hey i want to chat with my fans beliebers today is halloween happy halloween fans beliebers peace from justinbieber original

  • Justin bieber original

    Thanks for all coments:)

  • Justin bieber original

    Oh thank you dear oypa you are just sweety girl:*

  • Justin bieber original

    Wow thank you i am bieber:)

  • sastika belieber

    justin’s always awesome n his tattoos are too..I LOVE tattoos bt kinday afraid about infection u knwanywys BE CAREFUL JUSTIN WE LOVE U BABy..

  • Lisa

    I dont really care but he keeps getting tattoos of random things and its so stupid!

  • Murph

    Like Father Like Son

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Luv his tat, it makes him look hot ;-)


    wow justin lotta tattos but you look hot/sexy no matter what so do it i love you please dump that bitch selena shes using you for your money

  • Yvette

    Juju pls stop with the tatoos :/ their’s too many already. about 7 or 8? just pls stop with the tatoos.your already beautiful just the way you are <3 your tatoos just makes your skin dirty and your skin is like perfect. so pls stop. i love you okay. i just want whats best for you. <3 luv yah justin <3

  • Chinese

    Justin baby I live in the lou and have full sleeves where did u get ur tat? I lov it! Promise I won’t copy just want 2know who inked u

  • mrs. queen tonya bieber

    i don’t if i would have gotten thru to justin at his concert my family wouldn’t take me to see justin in st.louis, mo, i like it that he got a tattoo in st.louis, mo love it wish he would get a tattoo for me nothing wrong with getting a tattoo justin bieber, justin sorry i couldn’t come to the concert oct.27, 2012 i love you justin bieber mrs. queen tonya bieber !!!!