Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne & Ryan Gosling Are Distant Cousins -Family Tree pic

Researchers at Ancestry.com have discovered some extremely surprising news: Justin Bieber is cousins with Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne! Not only that, but he’s also related to Celine Dion!

According to a family tree provided by Ancestry.com, Bieber and Gosling are 11th cousins once removed while Bieber and Lavigne are 12th cousins. They share common relatives Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire who were born in France in early 1600s and moved to Quebec, CANADA after getting married in 1637.

Genealogist Lesley Anderson says:

“Discoveries like this are rare, so the fact that some of Canada’s top entertainment industry stars are all related is especially fascinating. There’s something special about discovering a shared connection, and to be able to go so far back in history to do so is one of the most satisfying aspects of family history research.”

Here is Ancestory.com’s aforementioned family tree:


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    Second! omg I wish I couldn’t believe this but there is evidence. But, congrats Justin on finding his distant cousins Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne.

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    Hmm…no woder they look alike but justin is very hansome. Let me tell you something bliebers i dont like the way justin acts to this ugly selena cuz i hate the girl infact i dont like anything about selena i just love justin not selena please someone should advice him to have a new girlfriend.

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    Saw that Avril and Ryan were related but I didn’t know they were related to Justin. My mind has been blown. Talent clearly runs in this Canadian family.

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    Wow, thats crazy! But how do we know somebody didnt just make it up?Has JB said anything about it yet?

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    cool justin and avril are cousins amazing :D the family of talent people

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    Very awsome there great grand parents have a very nice generation and a family of very talented people.luv them all

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    I would have never known that they were realatives!!!!!

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    woww its so nice to knew that justin have some ancestry from my country (quebec canada) yeahh

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