Justin Bieber, Emma Stone – The 2012 HALO Awards

Justin Bieber, Emma Stone, Tyra Banks and Josh Duhamel are honoring teenagers who give back to their communities.

Nickelodeon announced Tuesday that each star will pay tribute to a teen volunteer at the fourth annual TeenNick HALO Awards. It is presented to young people who are “helping and leading others.”

TeenNick HALO Awards honoring incredible teens doing extraordinary things.

Nick Cannon, who created the awards show, will serve as its host and executive producer. It is set to tape Nov. 17 at the Hollywood Palladium and air as a 90-minute special on November 19.

The four honorees come from across the country and range in age from 16 to 19. One started an organization to help outfit low-income teenage girls. Another makes and distributes gift bags for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

More info: www.teennick.com/halo

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