Video: Justin Bieber Falls on Stage, Saved by Carly! Saskatoon Concert!

Justin Bieber looks into Carly Rae Jepsen’s eyes as they sing her duet “Beautiful” in concert at Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, Canada on Tuesday.

At the end of the song — as they were coming down the steps, Justin missed one and fell back two steps, losing his balance. The quick-thinking Carly grabbed Justin in the nick of time and saved him from falling on his bum in front of thousands of fans.

Watch the video:
Not the best video, but you can hear him FALLS around 2:10

  1. I was there lol. He dropped his microphone on the step. He picked it up and then later on in the song he fell backwards because he tripped on a cord. So the sound in the video, was him dropping his mic lol.

  2. poor justin. it seems like he’s always falling or doing something crazy. that what I adore about him. he’s very sweet but a bit clumsy.

  3. OMB, our poor little Ju Ju bear! Never has the best luck on,stage. You know falling…. falling again bottle thrown at his head puking fainting back stage after walking into a glass wall. Gosh can’t this poor guy have a break? I luv Justin,so much. Btw Carly is a sweet girl for helping him. I don’t care if she is so much older than him they would make a cute couple!

  4. Someone was laughing. -.- It`s not funny. He could have broke his leg AGAIN. Just be happy Carly came to the rescue.

  5. Totally heard like 20 girls laughing behind the camera. F*ck them. On subject, my love for Carly just grew a thousand times bigger.

  6. You guys act like he’s some fragil little puppy or something. HE IS A GROWN ASS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A grown sexy ass man that’s for sure.

  7. Kid: “Mom! Tell me a story how did you and dad met.”
    Me: “Once upon a time, Justin and I fell in love and lived happily ever aft-”
    Justin: “LIES! She stalked me and then kidnapped me!”

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