Justin Bieber Fansite BieberFever Sued for Collecting 100k Children’s Info

A company running the OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL fan website BieberFever.com has been sued for illegally collecting the personal information of its underage members, including birth dates and cell phone numbers, reports Eonline.

From Eonline.com:

The Justice Department filed Tuesday in a federal court in Manhattan, accused operator Artist Arena of gathering the information of more than 100,000 members under the age of 13 without their parents’ consent.

The lawsuit is seeking $16,000 in damages for each violation, as well as an injunction against site operations.

Despite its one-time stable of sites, Artist Arena currently only runs BieberFever.com, which hypes a yearly membership fee of $99 as well as plum access to presale tickets to Bieber’ shows.

Artist Arena could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE from Washingtonpost.com

The operator of fan sites, Artist Arena has agreed to pay a $1 million fine for illegally collecting information about underage users, a violation of child online privacy laws.

The Federal Trade Commission said that its investigation of the company, Artist Arena, revealed the it had collected the names, addresses and other information from children under 12 without asking for parental permission.

Note: Justin wasn’t aware that the company collecting information from children under 12 without parent’s permission.

Watch the video:

  • Lokani

    How can anyone do that to kids. That’s kinda of harsh for people to do that, most kids dont understand what there doing when they give out personal information.

    • MekoBieber

      i got the address to this website from a video which Justin posted and i got the address from the back of his believe album! Of coarse there would be nothing wrong with giving your info out because Justin loves his beliebers and i trust he would make sure that there would be no harm! Its not like its some random site which we found, its Justin’s site himself!
      Love you always biebz <3

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    IKR you dont know whos out there looking at your cell phone numbers

  • JaylaBieber

    Are you serious? Why would those kids give out their personal information anyway?

  • Lana

    This is why kids need to be taught about cyber safety in school :/

    • Alisha

      U r right

  • Real Jsha bieber

    Our fansite JBZ.COM is the best fan site in the world. #PROUD to be a member of jbz :)

    • Susie

      ikr! but JBZ posts a lot of stuff i think r not right, but still….nobodys perfect.

  • Sarah Susan

    OMG! they are ruining the name of justin biber……


    thatz why parents need 2 watch wat their kids r doing on internet..:( n teach not give their details to websites they don’t know.. :-@.

  • JessLovesBieber

    they honestly shouldnt be sued because you arent required to do phone number and all that ive had mine for 4 months and im fine… its the 12 year olds faults for putting there phone number and stuff with out permission -.-

  • essie j

    thank god i’m a member of justin bieber zone :D

  • linseyann

    hi justin bieber do you love your fans

  • shannonnixon6

    you dont need to put your number on that website, i’ve been on it for 4 months and im 16 and i didnt put my number on, yea i put my address so i can get my membership package delivered to my house but the parents would have signed them up to the website cause what 12 or under is going to have a bank account with $99 that they can get out yearly so the parent of them children should have read the terms and conditions and not just tick the box saying they have read them

    • JessLovesBieber

      thank u lol im not the only one who thinks that

  • Aprilxoxoxo

    Okay can someone please explain to me, what’s going on? I have been a member of BieberFever for almost 4 months and I did put on my number ( because it did say that they might call you if something unexpected happens or what ever) and also my address so that I can get my membership package but most of the information is required so I dont get the big sue deal? I’m 17 btw. So is BieberFever giving out my information or what????

    • IL_Jelena

      hopefully not…

    • shannonnixon6

      no you wont be apart of the sue deal, its just cause children under 12’s details are on the site so they are suing them, but i dont really think they should cause the parents would have had to put the details in and they would have agreed to the terms and conditions and also it would be their parents bank details cause i dont think a 12 or under has that amount of money

  • swags up thats whats up


  • IL_Jelena

    u guys have problems..
    whoever created that site, nd got a whole bunch of innocent beliebers info…
    is just wrong..
    who in their spare time thinks about “oh im gunna collect kids info online with a fake bieber fever website.” ?????
    and yes i agree with the yunger ppl being stupid and putting their info online… but even if they did, this site came across as trusting nd it kinda tricked ‘em…
    i rlly dnt have much else to say but,
    “Really people?”

    @IL_Jelena follow me belieberss…. plz

  • kayla

    I love you Justin Drew Bieber!!!!