Justin Bieber: Find My GOLD Shoes Neo Contest!

To celebrate this 2 year partnership, adidas NEO and Justin have launched a competition to find his exclusively customised adidas NEO gold trainers online in the ‘Find My Golden Shoes’ challenge. Fans can win the chance to meet Justin in Miami as well as loads of other daily NEO goodies.

The golden trainers are currently being worn by Justin throughout his worldwide ‘BELIEVE’ tour.

Here’s how it works:
Each week for 5 weeks there will be a picture of Justin’s gold shoes hidden online with a special code. Every day Adidas NEO will give clues on the Facebook on where you can find them. Once you find the code, go back to the Facebook and enter the code. Adidas Neo will announce 2 lucky winners every week. Here’s the link to the game: http://a.did.as/UVHJhR

You can also see footage of Justin Bieber announcing his partnership with adidas NEO below:

Here’s the link to the game: http://a.did.as/UVHJhR

  • Mrs.Bieber

    First I won!

    • audrey

      please i really need it so bad i cant find it anywhere!

      • Andrea


        Good luck ;)

    • Tristin

      How did you know if you won or not?

      • grace

        what dose “the code” mean?

    • shannon bennett

      please tell me im only 6 i love bieber xx

    • alyssa

      i won the golden shoes

      • SAMMY


    • emly dupas true belieber

      can you still with these ?

    • ashlimessier

      i need to play it how do i get on it cant find the game

  • Wilmarie Alicea Diaz

    Me encanta

  • rayssa vitória

    justin bieber eu te amo nunca vou te esquecer a lova you um bjjjjjjjjj e tambem pra selena gomez !!!!!!!!!….. beijos te amo muitoooooo

    • cannyjb

      he vo no se te entende nada amiga

  • Jingjang Sangma

    I will

  • essie j

    so swag baby 8-)

  • cassie

    I live in miami. come here Justin!

  • jbsonlygirl123

    how do we find the code?????? im on the website but idkk where 2 go frum there

    • grace

      its on facebook there r codes

      • gracie

        there isnt codes on facebook if there is add me on facebook gracie pleitgen

  • katie

    I FOUND ITT!!!!!!

    • Monica


      • Marcial

        WHEREEEE !!!

      • mario

        where did you found it tell us plzz

  • MaliaBieber101

    You have to be 16 or older…FML!! ;'(
    & I know the code and everything….:(

    • Bieber Luver

      no you don’t i entered and im not….

      • Bieber Luver

        oops..i just found out, you have to have someone over 21 enter for you if you are under 16….

    • ;)

      Yeah Im 15 and it let me enter :)

      • JDB lover

        yea me too. It didn’t say sorry you are too young or anything to me

    • MaliaBieber101

      Thanks(: do u just put the code in on Facebook?

      • JDB lover


      • MaliaBieber101

        OKAY:( i just did it again and im TOO YOUNG..it says 15 years or younger are not allowed & im 13. oh well, who cares its not like i was gonna win…

      • Laila Gray

        Please Tell me the code im 12yrs old and i love justin bieber to death just like you do and i really want to meet him. PLEASE GIVE ME THE CODE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!♥

    • Bieberlover

      please help me find it omg i will do anything

      • JDB lover

        look at my comment at the bottom it won’t let me copy and paste to this comment


      whats the code



  • heart6

    cant find the code .-.

  • angel golden

    i will totally

  • JDB lover

    Can someone PLEASE explain how to find the codes because I still don’t understand?

    • JaylaBieber

      Me either.

      • jbwifey1


  • brittany bieber

    i need someone to explain the code i still do not understand

    • grace

      its on facebook and there are clues that come as photos eveyday and the clues help u find where the code is


    seriously wat do i do

  • JDB lover

    I got the first code but that is because someone being nice put it on youtube, but I still don’t know how to find it

    • gracie

      wht is the name of the video

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    luv u justin

  • brittany bieber

    how do i find the code? what do i do can someone please tell me?

    • JDB lover

      so the clue was: it is hidden on a platform founded by david karp. Search: platform founded by david karp. It comes up with he made TUMBLR. So then search: adidas neo label tumblr congrats you found the winning code. click on the link & then the code is right there. Then go and punch in the code and fill out your information!!!!

      • alexa

        i don’t get where i have to go?

      • SAM


  • alexa

    where do i type adidas neo label blahblah…..

  • MaliaBieber101

    THIS IS THE CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!: 9o1D3nj6

    • Michael

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • rebecca

      is that really the code or r u lieing

  • JDB lover

    yea me either someone put the code on youtube in the comments

  • Bieberlover


  • dazzlingbieber


    I went on the Tumblr and can’t find the code? ANYONE OMFG.

  • JDB lover

    9o1D3nj6 that is the code

    • Elizabeth

      Where Did You Find That ?

      • JDB lover

        I didn’t someone put it on youtube

  • ruth

    where i can found the code? or put the link or everry day write the code here.

    • JDB lover

      I put the code up and so sis someone else

  • Jsha bieber

    CONFUSEing :)

  • Elizabeth

    Im On The Paqe But I Don’t Know What To Do Now BeliebersHelpBeliebers

  • Destiny Luvs JB

    I FOUND IT!!!

    • Justin Bieber

      You did not ….. Did you really

      • Andrea

        9O1D3NJ6 :)

      • nsns

        i put the code and it says Confirmation Code does not accept the value 9O1D3NJ6 why?

  • Bieber love me 173

    I can’t find it can you guys tell me how ?

  • Justin Bieber

    I need those shose

    • Mrs. Bieber 1234

      Please help me Justin how do I sign up?

  • gold shoes !!

    hey guys folloe me on twitter and ill give you the code .it says im too young so ill give it to someone who can do it ;D @MelissaMSigala :D https://twitter.com/MelissaMSigala