Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj “Beauty and A Beat” Music Video

Justin Bieber’s official music video “BEAUTY AND A BEAT” ft. Nicki Minaj.

Break 1D’s youtube VEVO record (8.2 Million views)!!!
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Youtube & @VEVO slow at counting views.

“The suspense is killin us, too! You know how these things go…numbers take a couple of days to tally. Should know Monday. #BAAB24hrRecord”

“Traffic has been crazy! We will know by Monday, but we’ll keep number crunchin’! #BAAB24hrRecord”

UPDATE OCT 15, Monday:
Justin Bieber breaks One Direction record!!

  • Claudiaa

    speechless..its just PERFECT

    • Jsha bieber

      Right iam speechless too.

      • The REAL khloe99

        You know this is the most unique and creative video I have ever seen in my entire life Proud to be a Belieber and you know they should have an award for most creative/unique video

      • Jsha bieber

        Really unique.

    • Jsha bieber

      Justin ur the best,No one can be like NEVER EVER EVER :) Ur makin history for the world. :-D GoD BLESS U. Iam really proud of u.

      • narmadha

        u r right jashy.he is the best.as always.UKR?

      • Jsha bieber


      • emily

        bless Justin, u r so dam FIT i dream about u every day i`m so proud of u

      • Laurie

        It is a very cool video, way to go Justin, challenging yourself, keep going you will make it to the top

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I guess Justin lied about someone stealing his camera. He did this as a publicity stunt. For the past week Niki Minaj and Justin said to look out for a surprise, the same day the camera was “stolen”. I still love him,but he shouldn’t lie to his beliebers!

      • ms.jb47

        wow he didn’t lie u know when they shoot videos they have cameras all around him throughout the whole video they probably just gave him a camera that is water proof did u ever think about tht luv u jusin :)

      • Belieber94

        He was just punking his Beliebers. He’s a prankstar

      • myra

        hi im myra

      • JessLovesBieber

        that wasnt fake!

  • the real biebah

    hahaha justin showed 1d who’s the boss again.
    in the first minutes of live while we’re young it had 304 view and 15,000 likes.
    and now justin has 306 views and 64,000 likes.
    beliebers are the best.
    no hard feeling for directioners or 1d

    • always belieber

      yeah beliebers are all around the world i luv justin bieber and 1d booooooo……………

    • TyrandeWhisper

      Actually you need to know more about the YouTube viewing algorithm and second not everyone who watches YouTube content has a YouTube account to like.

      • the real biebah

        I know that am just showing that the 304 or 306 are not the right views sooo…

    • vagiabelieber

      are you scary 1d? yea? you must be afraid of JUSTIN BIEBER ALWAYS……. beliebers are all around the world!!!! :) When americans hear the word one they understand the number, when 1directioners hear the one they understand the 1d BUT when BELIEBER hear the word ONE they understand ONE TIME!!! :) now are 1directioners afraid? {of course!}

      • Semi belieber

        Vagiabelieber love ur comment damn true!!!!!!

      • narmadha

        :D :D :D :D

    • daydreamer

      Well.beliebers think hes the best.but hes losing to lady gaga fans,theyre wining for biggest fans in the EMAs.Beliebers gotta win!

  • jullia

    haha one direction ……its so officila that jb is much much much better than u lousers SO……………….

    • jonelle

      don’t give disrespect to 1d justin might be better than them but you don’t have to give disrespect. i love 1d ad bieber but hey thats just me they all are sexy i mean c’mon u can’t disagree with hot guys like 1d and justin bieber

      • jonelle


  • Kiya Biebs

    OMB! That was pure heaven! I loved. And Nicki and Jutsin getting a little something something in lol! SERIOOUSLY though best video!! Love it and saw my boo Ian Eastwood too! GOODNESS BEST VIDEO EVER MADE BY MAN! Oh did you guys see me in the background?

    • jonelle

      ummmm… u spelled justin’s name wrong
      #not a true belieber

      • jonelle

        how r we supposed to know how u look like liar

        im just sayin

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    beliebers !!! let’s make this video 10 million views in 24 hours !!!!!!!! show the WORLD WHO WE ARE !! FAMİLYWORK # <3

    • the real biebah

      yes yes yes plaese beliebers just rewind it.

      • jonelle

        no problem i already watched it like 46 times already

      • jonelle

        and again

      • jonelle


      • narmadha

        and again

    • SWAGGY

      of course! IVE WATCHED IT 178 TIMES 2DAY!!!!!!!!!! GO BELIEBERS, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justins swaggie

    Why did Justin do this stupid prank? does he think his fans are stupid that they would attack a pretend hacker?!. I thought he was against cyber bullying too? because if that would true he wouldn’t be sending all the fans over to a “hacker” that isn’t real and sending this fake hacker death threats and all. This is so stupid and very immature of Justin! GROW UP!. Oh wait i forgot, boys grow up slowly =-/

    • the real biebah

      if ur not a fan ! why are u calling ur self JUSTINS SWAGGIE.

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      Agree with real biebah ……….. you re not a real belieber

      • vagiabelieber

        yea!!! stop calling yourself Justins swaggie

      • Justinsswaggie

        fuk you bitch, don’t make me rip your shit you little fuking ho bitch.

    • TrueBelieber56

      it was just a prank,& if you cant handle pranks from the prankster(justin) then you could just leave.

      • SWAGGY

        if the prank ur talking about is that dude stealing his camera and laptop, a REAL belieber would know it really happend. YOU must b a hater.

    • Belieber94

      Ur not a Belieber. And Justin was just punking his fans. #GetOverIt

  • MaliaBieber101


  • M.M

    It was a weird video no offennce still love u Justin and nicki

  • Christine

    Duuddddee!!! Thats the most epic video legit party!!!!!! :)))

  • i’ll never leave justin bieber never

    best video in the whole world xx so prou justin

  • StopHatin

    OMG…WHE it goes body rock when he’s with nicki…OMG…his body…just..kifigkuhiu!!!

  • Victoria


    • jonelle

      lol ikr thats soooo (secute)

  • ivan

    I saw the fake pic of him originally in the Hollywood Exposed site some time ago but never paid it any mind. There are real and fake pics of celebrities such as Nick Jonas, one member of New Direction, josh hucherson. and others so this pic of him did not come from his computer. Nevertheless, I am happy it was a prank-he fooled the haters lol

    • jonelle

      its not a prank its real sombody took his laptop and camera at the concert in Tacoma i know because i was at the concert

      • TrueBelieber56

        it was a prank,NOT real.nobody stole his computer nobody stole his camera.it was just prank to all the media & Beliebers.go check his tweets if you dont believe me.

  • Belieber94

    I like the music video

  • love jb

    first i started to like 1d but the video make me chang my mind

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Canadian Belieber

    i like this video seems like alot of fun!!! That was good prank props to JUstinnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • belieber4ever

    how’s the name of this place? name of this waterpark? i musst go there!!! best video ever!!! justin so sexy.! SWAGY!!

  • JaylaBieber

    So much sexiness! Haha :P loved Nicki’s part. Played it over and over. <3

  • Lokani

    Justin is amazing director. He’s very talented and truly very sweet on the eyes. He’s such amazing dancer. Of course he loves to flirt with pretty girls. He’s one of the hottest recording artist ever.

  • jonelle

    i absolutely love this video especially when nicki grinded on justin only if that was me grinding on him

    #why lord

  • sup

    man how i love that video

  • TrueBelieber56

    OMFG the way Nicki & Justin grinding on each other shgjtgffhsfgdf such a Sexy vid.

  • ivan

    what he does in the video is much less than justin timberlake or others simulating sex on the screen while married or dating-it’s called acting. Additionally this was absolutely brilliant on his part .He made a fool especially of his haters and gossip sites who publish distorted stories about him and considered him stupid. Enjoy the video-he did it for us.

  • Nicole


  • destiny

    why did he do that to niki when he said let me fell your body rock i thote he was dating selena

    • Jbsnumber1fan

      It’s just a music video calm down. He’s still dating Selena it’s not
      Like he was makin out with her it was just grinding .

      • jessica

        but still

    • TrueBelieber56

      it’s called acting

      • Jbsnumber1fan

        Exactly my point

      • jessica

        i know but still

    • jessica

      me to but i guess he likes nicki too but hes dating selena idk but if i was selena and i saw that i would be pretty pissed

      • Belieber94

        It was acting.

      • Bieber gymnast

        Yeah plus he said he likes nicki’s ass (literally) in an interview. Now that’s not acting.

  • Jbsnumber1fan

    Oh yea and BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!! Omfg I love it!!! This video should get an award for most creative. I’m so proud of Justin!!! Belieber forever and always<3

  • sarra zwawi

    the best one i hope that beliebers make it #10million SWAGGIE

  • Megan V

    UH OH him n nicki gettin freaky don do dat jb you got me all bothered ova here dont dod dat!!!!!

  • diana castillo

    I love the part when Justin bieber says I want to feel ur body rock :)))))))