Justin Bieber Hits 3 Billion Youtube Views

Justin Bieber has made history by becoming the first person to reach 3 billion YouTube views. Justin is breaking his own 2011 record of becoming the first person to break 2 billion views on YouTube.

His latest clip ‘Beauty and a Beat’, which features Nicki Minaj, helped push him past the milestone after it became the most-viewed video during its first 24 hours online.

TOP 5 Artists on Youtube
1. Justin Bieber –3,003,583,454
2. Rihanna –2,861,793,081
3. Lady Gaga –2,296,166,559
4. Eminem –2,087,513,418
5. Shakira –1,756,793,456

  1. Justin I trying to see you I stay in Houston I know you are coming so I want to see you sooo badly I don’t love you I’m in love with you Justin and I have twirler & Facebook you know me from twirler tresea1 that me Justin kisses bye Justin :)

  2. even though i went it his concert at the staple center this year, i want it go next year but my Mom said nobecause hes goonna be old and nobody is gonna like him anymore. but i will always believe in justin!

    your wife,
    jocelyn bieber

  3. hii JUSTIN i love you and i am your BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 :) i think of u all day and nigh i see you in my dreams too. i love BEING A BELEIBER!

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