Justin Bieber ‘Secret’ Footage Released on Twitter (Hoax)

“Beauty and a Beat” pool party video!

As promised by Twitter user @gexwy, the Bieber video was indeed released at noon today though instead of personal footage, the footage was nothing more than “Beauty and a Beat,” his new music video with Nicki Minaj.

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj “Beauty and a Beat”

@Gexwy, (no one knows who he is) tweeted out three YouTube links of supposedly private videos of Justin Bieber partying and hanging out with friends — as proof he had the stolen electronics.

In several of the tweets, @gexwy threatened a racier, private video that he was sure Justin wouldn’t want released, stating that if his unknown demands were not met, he would be release the footage at noon Friday (aka today).

“I got more. so much more !! TOMORROW. u’ve been warned. should of listened.”

Justin replied:

“@gexwy no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong.”



  • Diggity

    I don’t like you anymore Justin, you must think your fans are stupid to have us fooled into thinking there really was a hacker and having everyone sending death threats to the fake hacker!. I hope you grow up soon!

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      u soo stupid ……….. you don’t know justin anymore but I know and I will never NEVER leave him

      • TyrandeWhisper

        It’s “You are so stupid” and please try to spell. Anyway, Justin has lost a lot of fans today because of this stunt.


        I also never live Justin .


        I’m sorry , need be LEAVE NOT LIVE .

    • the real biebah

      why do I have a feeling that u didn’t actually use to love him either or u must be a stupidectioner.

      • Jazmyn

        Yeah i mean if u leave justins side then ur seriously NOT a TRUE BELIEBER! I know justin too and i love him, hes music and hes style too, but i mostly love him for his personality and for that person he became and maybe there is a reason why he said that we should send death treats to that fake hacker!! TRUE BELIEBER!!!

    • the real biebah

      OMG.the video reached 5 million views in just one hour…..wow are we beliebers amazing and by the way for the ppl who are saying that it was immature of justin to pull this prank then u are just very extreamly seriuos ppl who don’t have the taste of fun.ur life is sour #GOOO BELIEBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make justin proud.

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        let’s go guys !! breake the record !!! BELİEBERS ROCKS <3

      • the real biebah

        am the most proud belieber evr!!!

    • Belieber94

      Why dont you like Justin anymore? Justin did not do any of this. The person that stold his laptop did so. There was personal footage on there and that gexwy person is taking videos from Justin’s laptop and posting them online. It is not Justin’s fault, I swear. He did not fool us. This was clearly not a joke. And it was a real hacker who did it.


      wow. i think your just a new fan. you better get to know him first, before commenting like this.

    • brittany bieber

      ok now u was never a fan if u dont like him cuz of this i love jb nomatter wat

    • JayJayPoo

      justin would never do anything that STUPID i cant believe ur not a belieber if u liked hi at first keep wat u have and move on

    • Eve

      u don’t understand! It was something like a réclame of the music video!

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    Justin your TRUE BELİEBERS will never leave you !!!!! I will never leave u , I swear no matter what I will always be your side you are my everything,my family and its never gonna change !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 u re my hero tomorrow

  • mary skies

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  • ivan

    we should be happy he is not being blackmailed and it merelyis an ingenious prank. Justin, you are the man! one smart dude!

  • ivan

    for every disloyal half-hearted fan he looses there there be many others he will gain. I already see this happening in comments connected to this video in tumbir, etc

  • MaliaBieber101

    BEST prank EVER! :D

    • Belieber94

      Why is this a prank? A person stold his laptop and showed the personal footage. So, i don’t know why you would call this a prank.

  • MaliaBieber101

    5 million views in ONE hour?! THATS CRAZY!! Belibers go HARD!(:

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    I don’t want him to lose his fans , any of them he lose broke his heart ……….
    he is the same person we love . we can’t leave him because of prank. We are his family and true BELİEBERS will always love him no matter what :) !! and I love him sooo much

    • Belieber94

      Im still a Belieber. I still love him

  • tamara


  • sarin

    Look if everyone leaves JB i will never leave him no matter wat happens even though he quits singing or if he breaks his leg hand and etc forever and loses his beauty i will stay on his side and i will continue loving him forever<3 u JB

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      this is a true belieber thing :))

      • Jazmyn

        Yeah it is #BelieberThing ❤❤❤

  • bieberbabe19

    beliebers stick to the end, those who left are fakers

    • Marley

      That’s more stupid then when I heard that Selena could actually dance. Just because people fall out of love for an artist doesn’t mean they were fake from the beginning. Grow up.

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Justin is such an idiot. But, he’s my idiot. :D

    • Belieber94

      Why’s he an idiot?? Justin isen’t the one who leaked the stuff to the world. The person who stoled his laptop did, and It had personal footage. This isent a joke or prank played by Justin!

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Why does it say “#PRANKMUCH” at the end? #Confused :(

  • jessica mcwilliams

    why did u do that to nicki minaj justin biebr u know if selena saw this she wouldnt be happy and it might reck ur relashioship with selena and you were humping her so u know if ur gf aka selena would of saw that u guys would probley be OVA so u might want to watch out casue she might watch it.

  • selena gomez

    shes right bf u need to stop doing videos with otha girls and do videos with me orelse it wil be ova cause u keep on making videos with other girls and no music videos with me so babby just next time put me in the video ok and for ur info u need to not go under cause ur har got messed up at the end when u hade went undaer water at the end it got all messed up.

    • Lokani

      Justin Is amazing, hes truly talented and amazing. Nicki Is very talented. Love Justin’s music. He’s sweet on the eyes. I just wish Justin would put Selena in his videos. But a clone of her in it.


      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i’m glad justin did this, even though that gewxy or wtf his name is, released it, justin still didnt care abt him, he’s just a piece of sh!t . it must be really hard for justin, i mean he always has so many haters, and stuff, its reallly hard, i know, i can never understand what it’s like……even though i try to as best as possible. i love you justin , ignore the haters, and look for the good in everything. i love ya!

    • #Believe In Biebah

      What De Fuq Did I Just Read? :O

  • ani

    no shold boher him

  • ani

    sorry bother him

  • #Believe In Biebah

    I don’t understand. Is Justin playing a prank? Is he the hacker? If not, why does it say “#PRANKMUCH” at the end? Please help…

    • Love Katie 14

      I don’t know either i’m soooo confused did his laptop get stolen or not and did this guy put this up or not? Please help if you know.

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Just becuz it says “#PRANKMUCH” at the end doesn’t mean Justin was lying about the hacking thing!

  • Mrs.Bieber


  • brittany bieber

    I wish you were here
    yea I wish you were here
    Music is better
    And lights are brighter
    When you are near
    Am I making it clear
    The music is better
    And right.now.just wish you were here
    Oh oh right now
    I just wish you were here
    Oh oh
    Right now I just wish you were here ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • ivan

    scooter and justin have confirmed it was an elaborate prank to both show up his critics and promote his video-absolutely ingenious! Also, Justin himself said the pics are photoshopped fakes. they were around in celebrity nude pic sites for a long time. Justin apparently used them as part of the prank.

  • gexwy


  • britneylovesjustinbieber

    hey justin bieber if u readed this i just want 2 say I LOVE U AND UR MUSIC UR VERY HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SWEEEEETTTTT!!!!!

  • Nicole

    The GEXWY really is Justin???

  • Mahima

    Once A Belieber Always A Belieber..
    I’ll Always Be By Justin’s Side And I’ll Never Leave Him No Matter What… So Whatever…
    Oh And BTW, The Video is SO SeXY.. <3 hahah :P

  • krabby patty

    I had some kinda an idea that justin was @gexwy. gexwy’s writing style was so much alike like justin’s.

  • belieber0101

    ok i agree with Jazmyn,that if you are leaving Justin’s side you were never a true Belieber and i will not EVER stop being a belieber.#TrueBelieber #I’mABelieberAndI’mProud!!!!!


    People! Justin IS the same person as @gexwy !! He was pranking us.. it was an idea for their BAAB video to have more viewers.. Believe it, Justin was really pranking us!

    • Susie


  • rachel

    Sexy omfg i love him i love him ohhhhh YOUR AMAZING JUSTING <3

  • leslie

    te kiero muxo justin te amo ilove