Justin Bieber Sued by Crazy Man Claiming to be Selena’s Dad

Justin and Selena – vanity fair after party! 2011

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit from a crazy Michigan man who claims he is Selena’s father and is suing Justin Bieber. Among the things the lawsuit alleges are:

– Justin Bieber got his “daughter” Selena pregnant and owes him $426 for the subsequent abortion. The impregnating occurred in the man’s bedroom, on a Canadian bear rug.

— The man was s0d0mized with a firework by Usher Raymond while Raymond blared Kate Perry’s (sic) “Firework” song. That … is one way to interpret the song.

— Justin gave Selena an STD and then stole the man’s credit card to buy c0caine for himself and “Sean P-Ditty Combs” to use in a drug-free school zone. Whatever that means. Also, we were unaware drug dealers took credit cards.

— The lawsuit concludes that America must boycott Justin Bieber’s music.

Wow.. pathetic! this man needs some medication.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • JaylaBieber

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Lmao. B!tches be crazy nowadays.

    “Justin gave Selena an STD and then stole the man’s credit card to buy c0caine for himself and “Sean P-Ditty Combs” to use in a drug-free school zone.” This man is trying to jive. Bro, he is f*cking rich! Why would he need someone else’s credit cards?

    • sandy

      yeah right

    • Sal Bieber

      obviously ..He has no sense ….

    • 1d+jb forever

      i know 4 a fact that my husband would never com that it his mistress it hes got me,he should dump her 4 me right

    • Its pinche Rosalina

      Dude like wat is up with old ppl and smokin so much weed now a days?! He must hav been sniffin tht cocane shit or smokin weed. I mean i dont do cocane but i do less dumber shit wen im high! xD

    • Xanjalovesjb

      Totally agree!!! some people are just attention seeking whores

      • Belieber

        this thing is laughable :D its so epic hahahaha

      • Emily biebs

        People can’t just come up with rumors that make a bit sense atleast ..LMfao!

  • Ash

    - I read this on OceanUP.com and busted out laughing. LML. Who ever believes this bullsh*t is just plain stupid. The story it self is stupid and that man is pathetic.

  • MaliaBieber101

    What the hell is this guy smoking?! Everything in the damn book….r u serious right now?! Wow…

  • missbieberriffic


    • JaylaBieber

      Male version of Mariah Yeater. Just another attention seeker trying to find their way in life but suddenly realized they can’t get a job if they’re high all the damn time.

    • Xanjalovesjb

      Ha ha yeah the male version of mariah yeate…. but the shitty things is some of the papz fall for this kinda crap.

  • MaliaBieber101

    And then at te bottom it says “wow…he needs some medication” nooo…he needs to stay OFF that medication!

    • Jsha bieber

      He need some kicks on his *%@¤$^

    • janice

      justin bieber

  • Georgia

    that guy is high…

  • ivan

    I worked in a law office and think this is one of the most ridiculous suits ever-it should be thrown out by the judge or he should be fired. This is what I mean by the Media. They never report the good things he does, only alleged scandals. Now, in his Beauty And The Beat video comments section haters are spreading the false story that he has cancer. There is no end to their hate.

  • Marlene

    WTF this guy is F#ck*n stupid !! Justin would never do drugs !!

    • Jsha bieber

      Yeah we know he would never do drugs, that man is bloody bullshitt. :)

    • K.Bieber

      wow obviously this man has no idea what the f*ck hes talkin about, like dude really get a life!

  • titaa

    eso no puede ser justin y selena no son asi y el q sabe de su intimidad yo digo q no es padre de sel nono

  • LALA!

    O.O What the hell is wrong with people these days?!

    • kahani

      i know right. PPL these days are plain crazy. Justin isn’t that stupid to do that. besides justin isn’t that stupid to do drugs. his career is way more important to him then getting high.

    • Jsha bieber

      Justin is so famouse,handsome, rich n more over he has so many fans so in these days People are tryin to show justin in a bad way. :)

      • sandy

        we know how he is…this stupid mone maker is out of his mind

    • LALA!

      Damn there is always someone that is trying to make Justin look bad but Bro. At the end of the day you have Beliebers telling you how stupid you are. P.s follow me on twitter: @cupcake1237

  • MaliaBieber101

    & it says I’m unsure if drug dealers take credit cards! What kind of drug dealer takes credit cards? Hahaha:D I think we all know this is FAKE!

    • Jsha bieber

      Lol hes phony.

      • kahani

        yes he is. selena even said it herself on a tweet that she know who her dad is. not some creep pretending to be. thats such creepy.

  • Sparkle

    Bitch must have have a lot of time on his hands. LOL. he must be so freaking board. U know a persons board when they start making fake stories that arent true. he needs to go shit ina whole.

  • Sparkle

    Can’t stop laughing. Bitch must be so freaking board. He needs to go shit in a hole.

  • TrueBelieber56

    i swear Bìtches are crazy!!!

  • Sparkle

    Opps already said that. lol.

  • cassay.swaggy

    uuuuummmmmmm wat do i say,i believe justin did not do those things i say we now justin.i say justin will not do those things justin knows if he does that it will mess with his job justin is NOT STUPID he knows what he has 2 do I BELIEVE IN JUSTIN DREW BIEBER . that dude is wack iknow that is selenas dad

  • Alisha

    Wtf!! A lawsuit…….this is so stupid. I mean nobody will believe on this crazy story. (Sucker)

  • Gloria;D

    Wow that was stupid and how would justin be the father of selena when slena is older than justin

    • Jsha bieber


    • 2crazy4bieber

      He wasn’t claiming Justin to be Selena’s dad.. he was saying HE was Selena’s dad lol. But the whole story is ridiculous

      • Jsha bieber


  • manda

    Bullshit! I don’t think justin bieber would do that, the boy is amazing.

    • Jsha bieber

      OhhMG!!! LAMBO This is CraZy 0_¤ man. Justin is not her(slutena’s) dad,he is younger to selena.The man who had said that all,is really mad,Dumb A%*.

      • 2crazy4bieber

        No! He was claiming to be Selena’s dad not Justin being Selena’s dad lol

      • Jsha bieber

        What a shitt lol most of the people r thinkin that he claimed justin to being selena’s dad hehehe includin me fdl

  • ivan

    Some people file lawsuits against celebrities hoping they will settle so they can extort money from them. Michael Jackson, and others had to spend money to get rid of false accusations which may be hard to disprove. However, Selena, Usher, and others can show this guy is a loon by showing he is lying if necessary.

  • Nicole


  • trent

    man this world is full of nut jobs when i read it on tmz i was laughing istericaly. there are some crazy people out there. and who in there right mind would take a case like these? i thought obsessive fans where crazy i guess i was wrong.

  • Jsha bieber

    F*%¤ing stupid.

  • Andrea harper

    He’s the one on cocaine. CRACK that is! He needs to stay off that pipe. STOP BEAMING UP “NUTCAKE”!!

  • ivan

    vote for justin at PeoplesChoice.com for best artist, etc

    • Jsha bieber


    • xoBelieberox

      I did.

  • 2crazy4bieber

    Some people… they make me laugh. He knows he has to PROVE he’s Selena’s “dad” and WHY WOULD JUSTIN NEED HIS POOR ASS CREDIT CARD! lol

  • Mrs.Bieber

    this sounds so dumb this guy has no life

  • Jsha bieber

    Hey guys,may i have ur attention please…… Do u guys want an award show at jbz for us like…….’JBZ FANSITE AWARD SHOW’ for the memmbers of Jbz???

    • Weee r beliebrs

      yes i want.

    • Alisha

      Yaa,it would be nice :)


      @Jsha bieber, yeah sure, dat would be cool :)

    • essie j

      sure :D

  • Weeeee

    Hmmmm 0k.

    • Weeeee

      @jsha bieber ^

  • sastika belieber

    who the hell will believe in such a BUL*sh**T???!!! what a stupid jerk that man is saying himself sely’s dad uggh!!??? n who does he think JB to steal his bloody credit card?? wtf is this ahh!!!! so disgusting!! ppl alwys trynna ruin my JB’s life means they dnt get their life at ol..they jst want attention what a sh**t?? no matter wht ,,,we beliebers wont stop fighting #STAYSTRONG #SupportingTILLlastBREATH love u justin

    • Jsha bieber

      i agree.