Justin Bieber Sued by Crazy Man Claiming to be Selena’s Dad

Justin and Selena – vanity fair after party! 2011

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit from a crazy Michigan man who claims he is Selena’s father and is suing Justin Bieber. Among the things the lawsuit alleges are:

— Justin Bieber got his “daughter” Selena pregnant and owes him $426 for the subsequent abortion. The impregnating occurred in the man’s bedroom, on a Canadian bear rug.

— The man was s0d0mized with a firework by Usher Raymond while Raymond blared Kate Perry’s (sic) “Firework” song. That … is one way to interpret the song.

— Justin gave Selena an STD and then stole the man’s credit card to buy c0caine for himself and “Sean P-Ditty Combs” to use in a drug-free school zone. Whatever that means. Also, we were unaware drug dealers took credit cards.

— The lawsuit concludes that America must boycott Justin Bieber’s music.

Wow.. pathetic! this man needs some medication.

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